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This TSR will place a clock on your screen. Very good.
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This TSR will place a clock on your screen. Very good.
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Contents of the CLOCK.DOC file


CLOCK.COM is a short, resident program that will display BIOS
time in the upper right hand corner of your screen (with green
digits and red colons if you have a color monitor).

It is page responsive, and time will be displayed independent of
whichever video page is being displayed on the screen, e.g. when
using an editor like BRIEF. It is completely independent of
other resident programs like SIDEKICK, and it makes no
difference whether it is installed before or after any other
resident program.

The time display will automatically move to another location if
the area is being used by your application program.

CLOCK will chime every hour in an intelligible way using long and
short beeps, long beeps representing 5 hours. Examples: 11
o'clock will be two long and one short beep; 8 o'clock one long
and three short beeps.

The chiming operates in the background and will cause no
disruption of your normal activity. CLOCK is updated every
second only, thus stealing negligible time from your operation.

The display may be turned off/on remotely by the TOOLBOX utility

If you like this program you are asked to contribute US$15 or
UK10 by check to

Gunnar Richwell
Olav Kyrresgt. 2
N-0273 Oslo 2

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