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Screen Blanker that displays a user specified message.
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Screen Blanker that displays a user specified message.
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Contents of the README.BAT file

echo off
echo .
echo .
echo This program allows you to type in a one-line message to be
echo displayed on the screen. It is useful if you are away from your desk or
echo if you would like to leave a message for someone at home while you're
echo away. The screen colors change randomly to avoid "burn-in".
echo .
echo To run, simply type "SM" at the DOS prompt. You will then be asked
echo to input your name, a one-line message, and the time you expect to
echo return. You may just press ENTER if you don't want to leave a time.
echo .
echo A return message can also be left. Pressing any key will cause the
echo prompt "Do you want to leave a return message?" Just input a "y" and
echo you will be able to leave a one-line return message. Press ENTER to
echo resume the original message display. To retrieve the return message,
echo enter an "r" at the return message question.
echo .
echo The message screen also displays the time the messages were left,
echo the current time, and the date. After you have read the return message,
echo if any, you are given the option of ending the program or restarting
echo with a new message.
echo .
echo If you like this program, send $5 to:
echo Jerry Wilson
echo P.O. Box 73
echo Edinburgh, IN 46124
echo .
echo If you do, I will send you the QuickBASIC source code. Thanks.

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