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Alsclock is a handy clock/calendar program for your PC.
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Alsclock is a handy clock/calendar program for your PC.
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Contents of the ALSCLOCK.DOC file

Alsclock is a handy clock/calendar program for your PC. It was written to
be used when your machine is on all day but is not always in use. It covers
up previous data and provides a service. It makes your expensive paperweight
into an expensive clock and calendar. Heh heh!

To use the clock all that is required is to have your machines internal
clock and calendar set correctly.

The Alarm function does not beep but plays the Star Wars Theme. It can be set
with an Upper case A ( I repeat UPPERCASE A ) It uses the standard format
for time HH:MM:SS H= Hour M= Minute S= Second

To return to DOS, press and hold the space bar ( It must be down for a few
seconds till the interrupt can be caught ).

This program is being distributed under the shareware concept and is NOT
in the public domain. Please distribute this program to anyone who has an
interest in it. All I ask is that this notice go along with the EXE file.

If you find this program to be of some use to you, Please send a contribution
What ever you are comfortable with. To:

Al Chapman
Blackhawk Computers
1607 W 4th Street
Waterloo,Ia 50702-2911

If you have questions or comments, I can be reached at my Bulletin Board

Blackhawk BBS (319) 235-6716 1200/2400/9600 HST
6 Conferences 235 Meg online PCBoard 12.0 E/3
Sorry we are not PC Pursuitable but we are easy to get to 24 Hours a day.

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