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VGA screen fonts manager. Allows you to pick and choose fonts.
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VGA screen fonts manager. Allows you to pick and choose fonts.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ANTIQUE.FNT 4096 1477 deflated
BROADWAY.FNT 4096 1380 deflated
COURIER.FNT 4096 1397 deflated
FRESNO.FNT 4096 1314 deflated
GREEK.FNT 4096 1283 deflated
HEBREW.FNT 4096 1370 deflated
MEDIEVAL.FNT 4096 1407 deflated
README.DOC 1329 677 deflated
ROMAN.FNT 4096 1407 deflated
SANSERIF.FNT 4096 1238 deflated
SCRIPT.FNT 4096 1585 deflated
STANDARD.FNT 4096 1269 deflated
THAI.FNT 4096 762 deflated
VGAFONT.EXE 33754 24612 deflated
VGX.COM 4353 193 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

VGA FontMaster 1.1 requires a VGA/EGA system with all 12 function
keys for operation. The fonts should stay resident, however some
applications, such as word processors, will revert to the standard
font. When FontMaster does work with a program, it may be removed
apon exiting because of the interrupt removal by some programs.

FontMaster 1.1 requires no memory for operation. It will directly
program the video card. It is also totally harmless.

You must execute VGAFONT.EXE in it's directory because it needs to
use the font files, so putting it in the path isn't enough! You must
be in the directory where it resides to execute it! Also, the font
files are not my making. They were taken from the public domain
from an unknown author. The VGAFONT.EXE program is simply a user
interface for the choice of fonts, and is my program. After you choose
the font with the function keys, hitting any non-function key will
drop you to DOS.

VGAFONT.EXE was compiled with Microsoft's Basic Professional
Development System Version 7.0 on January 20th, 1990 @ 6:00pm.

Duane A. Allred
534A Van Houten
El Cajon, CALIF

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