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Set VGA monitor to 25, 28, 43, or 50 line modes.
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Set VGA monitor to 25, 28, 43, or 50 line modes.
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Contents of the VIDMODES.DOC file

These 4 utilities came from my need/desire to be able to quickly change
video modes. Sometimes I would exit LIST and still be in 50-line mode, or
I would want to start BRIEF in a mode other than 50-lines. With these
command line routines, I can just type the number of lines I want displayed.

Put these in a directory in your path and call them as needed.

25.COM -Sets the screen to the default 25x80 mode
28.COM-VGA only - sets screen to 28 lines x 80 columns
43.COM-EGA/VGA only - 43 lines x 80 columns
50.COM-VGA only - sets screen to 50 lines x 80 columns

Note: Setting the display to more than 25 lines does not affect functions
like the DOS DIR command. DOS will still think there are only 25
lines. Some programs sense the video mode and take advantage of the
whole screen (like Vern Buerg's LIST.COM or the BRIEF editor), but
as in life, there are no guarantees. Enjoy.

Steve Busey

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