HD Utilities

HDUTIL Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
154XBCOD.ZIP20378Jan 26 1993Adaptec's info on the 154xB series SCSI Controllers.
154XCODE.ZIP20408Jun 15 1992Adaptec driver upgrade for licensed users.
174XCODE.ZIP173092Oct 28 1992Adaptec SCSI Micro code for 174x controller. (1/11/93).
1SEAGATE.ZIP145997Jun 7 1991Complete specs for ALL Seagate drives, including MFM, RLL, ESDI, and SCSI.
1SEGATHX.ZIP267850Jun 11 1992Latest (6/92) specs covering all Seagate drives (MFM, RLL, IDE, & SCSI). Complete with all setup info and pics.
1SGATHTX.ZIP221592Nov 11 1991Seagate Tech Support's instant look-up drive Desk Reference.
2270V13A.ZIP10021Jun 17 1993DTC 2270 VLB IDE controller drivers version 1.3.
2NDHRDSK.ZIP7599Oct 17 1986Installing that 2nd hard disk.
33DFIX.ZIP12131Jul 31 1987TSR that switches multi-track HD requests to single track.
34F-DOS.ZIP240091Oct 27 1993Fast SCSI drivers for UltraStor 34F and 14F host adaptors. With 3rd floppy support.
3650.ZIP12403Mar 19 1991Product and Service information about Miniscribe 3650 - 40 meg hard drive. Includes set up, jumpers, technical description and how to interpert flashing LED errors.
3DRVS260.ZIP69470Aug 20 1993Allows you to use 2 disk controllers, therefore 4 drives, if you register, 3 drives otherwise.
3SEAGATE.ZIP342181Oct 19 1991This is the entire seagate data base for trouble shooting, drive types, board types, cable requirements, and much more in HYPERTEXT format. This is the same data used by Seagate Customer Service Reps.
4-HDRIVE.ZIP3130Sep 13 1988Text file explaining how to run four drives off of two HD controllers. You must use WD controllers with their Super BIOS.
4000E.ZIP40909May 16 1990Maxtor's product information and technical information on their 4000 series of ESDI dirves. Quite informative whether just setting the drive up or satisfying a desire to understand how it works.
8000E.ZIP27360Feb 13 1991From Maxtor's BBS. A technical manual and board layouts for their high capacity ESDI drives in the 8000 series. Very thorough.
9380ES.ZIP39224Mar 12 1991Miniscribe product and service information downloaded from Maxtor BBS relative to the 9380 ESDI and SCSI drives. Very informative for electronic types who prefer more than just a jumper map.
AC20.ZIP84490Jun 21 1993AutoChek v.2.0. Latest version of utility that will automate your disk maintenance activities. Easy to use and flexible.
ADAPETEC.ZIP2789Mar 13 1987Text on Adapetec HD card.
ADCACH.ZIP10099Feb 24 1990ADCache is a TSR hard-disk cache that uses EMS memory. Very small, and very fast. It has been tested as being faster then most other caches.
ADJUST.ZIP42236Apr 30 1988Will allow you to format an XT's drives out beyond the recommended settings.
ALLGUIDE.ZIP30108May 23 1991Seagate controller information for MFM, IDE, and SCSI. This text out lines the board layout and jumper settings for all Seagate's controllers.
ALLIDE.ZIP156378Apr 30 1992Specifications on all Conner IDE hard drives.
ALLSCSI.ZIP74225Apr 30 1992Manuals for all Conner SCSI hard drives.
ALL_QA.ZIP32000Dec 14 1994Lots of good information on older Hard Drive interfaces
ANALYZE.ZIP21837Jan 23 1987Check out your HD's efficientcy.
ANYDRIVE.ZIP12769Mar 12 1993Use any hard drive with any BIOS.
ASPIID10.ZIP37812Jul 7 1994ASPI-ID v1.0 - A SCSI hard disc drive utility which uses the common ASPI device driver to issue a full and informative SCSI Inquiry and Mode Sense command.
ASPIUT.ZIP22369Jan 25 1993ASPISECT: Util to save/restore raw SCSI sectors to/from and ASPI, USPI SCSI device.
ASWC174.ZIP140708Feb 9 1993Adaptec EISA utility for 174x controllers.
ATDRTABL.ZIP1104May 7 1987A list of all the drive types for an AT.
AUTOPARK.ZIP5089May 3 1986Timed head parking utility - very unobtrusive...
AUTOR11.ZIP22091Jul 3 1992Auto Restore for Patri-Soft's Stowaway. AR is a TSR that automatically restores archived files. Program requires Stowaway 1.9 or greater.
B154XG.ZIP17582Jan 31 1994Adeptec AHA154 bin files for upgrading the BIOS to support >1gig SCSI drives. Need an EMPROM Programmer.
BACKST.ZIP4553Jun 4 1987Shows status of files last bkup'ed.
BACKUP.ZIP229949Mar 2 1991Excellent program that uses PKZIP to help backup files onto another volume. Allows you to do easy archiving to a secondary storage device.
BADCLU.ZIP39956Apr 25 1990Scans for bad clusters on hard disk and marks them. Includes C source.
BIOS-DRV.ZIP1603Dec 21 1987Hard Drive configurations for Phoenix and Award BIOS's.
BKUP.ZIP61541Nov 1 1988An ok backup/restore prg with menu.
BKUPCAL3.ZIP9793Dec 7 1987BKUPCALC scans a disk drive and calculates the amount of space required to perform full or modified backups. C source included.
BOOT11.ZIP10736Sep 23 1991BootSave 1.1 saves/restores the master boot sector on the hard disk. Protects against damage to the partition table or boot sector.
BOOTANY.ZIP36075Oct 29 1990An excellent bootstrap loader which will allow multiple OS's to exist on a single drive. Includes complete ASM source code.
BOOTPICK.ZIP2395Jul 28 1985BOOTPICK will update the Master Boot Record on your harddisk to give you a choice, at boot time, between two operating systems.
BT106.ZIP6084May 31 1987Changes floppy's boot sector so that boot process "falls thru" to hard d.
CACHE3.ZIP11725Nov 15 1986A quick and dirty disk cache program.
CACHSTAT.ZIP15979Aug 1 1987IBM PS 2 Cache Statistics Program (VG ).
CAFIX1.ZIP1059Jul 15 1993Patch to CacheAll evaluation disk cache to fix "Unable to load COMMAND.COM" under DOS 6.
CALCDISK.ZIP6429Jan 23 1987Figures out how many diskettes you need for HD backup.
CAV10E.ZIP214951Apr 13 1993CacheAll (TM) Eval copy - caches everything (CD, HD, etc..) Works with Novell, reduces network traffic significantly. Auto-Configure.
CAVIAR.ZIP17668Feb 25 1993Western Digital Caviar Hard Disk Drive Documentation and Installation instructions direct from WD BBS.
CD10.ZIP43050May 10 1991Utility that helps check disk caches for speed improvements.
CDB_10.ZIP128794Nov 5 1993CD Benchmark version 1.0 - Limited for commerical use, but free to personal users. Find out your CDs transfer rate/access time.
CDISK11.ZIP8751Jul 29 1986Check your Hard Drive.
CDTA.ZIP14283May 11 1992CD ROM tester. Determines data transfer rate and access speed.
CD_FACTS.ZIP11670May 24 1992CD ROM information.
CHAIN217.ZIP8795May 28 1989Lists all the clusters allocated to a file.
CHGTYPE.ZIP2545Dec 11 1990This file can be used directly to define the parameters for a Seagate ST1144A drive as drive 1 when your BIOS does not support a user defined drive type. Source is included for a TSR that defines the drive in RAM.
CHKD12.ZIP14747Jul 24 1992A fast replacement for DOS CHKDSK.
CHKFRAG2.ZIP21408Aug 13 1989PC-Mag hard disk tester for fragmentation of files. Includes the full C source code for Turbo C and Microsoft C.
CHKSIZE.ZIP30213Jul 2 1992Checks the number of floppies needed to backup named directory.
COMBI113.ZIP46853May 3 1993Combination RAMdisk and disk cache, which dynamically allocates memory for both of these purposes. Includes C source code.
CONR-IDE.ZIP900Nov 21 1992Conner IDE drive performance specs and BIOS setup parameters.
CONTIG.ZIP8839Jan 19 1989Check hard drive for fragmented files.
COPYX15.ZIP101406Dec 17 1991CopyX will copy a group of files from your hard disk to a group of floppies in the most efficient manner.
CTLREF32.ZIP6230Apr 1 1990Hard disk controller reference.
DBACK.ZIP2309Nov 26 1988Back up HD fat to floppy disk.
DBFLOP.ZIP3790Mar 30 1991Keeps from booting from a non-DOS disk in drive A.
DERMON11.ZIP10537Apr 30 1990Disk ERror MONitor vers 1.1. A TSR that records DOS disk errors (seek, timeout, etc). Includes full ASM source code.
DF.ZIP17918Sep 7 1988Gas guage for your hard disk..graphically shows amount of space left.
DFA13.ZIP23265Nov 21 1986Speed up Disk I/O.
DFREE30.ZIP23736Jun 25 1993The ultimate disk space interpreter.
DI214.ZIP2947Dec 20 1990DiskInfo Ver 2.14 - now supports DOS 3.31 and higher. Get information about your disk; cluster size, bytes per cluster, sectors per track, etc. Works with disks partitioned larger than 32MB.
DISCACHE.ZIP7280Jan 11 1987Disck caching in conventional, EMS or extended memory.
DISKFLAG.ZIP27760Mar 11 1989Say good-bye to 'Insufficient disk space' messages! Run DISKFLAG from AU.
DISKINFO.ZIP7195Aug 8 1988Display info about your HD, cynlders, clusters, etc.
DISKLIT.ZIP1939Oct 21 1989Uses your Caps Lock light as a hard drive light monitor.
DISKLITE.ZIP1944Oct 21 1989See hard disk activity on the Caps Lock keyboard light.
DISKPACK.ZIP24402May 2 1986Optimize usage of h/d.
DISKPARK.ZIP1683May 4 1985Park hard disk (XT).
DISKPX.ZIP49876Dec 23 1989Diskpix is a program to graphically display the state of all the hard disk drives in a system or network. It presents pie-chart displays showing the amount of free space on each drive.
DISKSCAN.ZIP5040Apr 8 1986Anaylize your Hard Drive.
DISKTA.ZIP15915Sep 26 1987Disk Tach displays the percent of free space available on your HD in graphic format. Tells you your free disk space at a glance.
DISKUSE.ZIP52793Feb 13 1990Handy program that will display graphically the space that each of your directories use. Quickly lets you see those directories that are too large.
DISKUSG.ZIP6611Sep 12 1990DiskUsg displays the the amount of disk space on all drives installed and available in both megabytes and bytes.
DISWIZ.ZIP67402Jul 29 1988Very easy to use Hard disk utilities in a well done package.
DMD212.ZIP14597May 4 1991Disk Meter Deluxe - Graphical display of free RAM and disk space.
DOG317.ZIP54749Apr 17 1992DOG version 3.17. Defragments your HD quickly and easily.
DOS6PREP.ZIP100432Jun 22 1993CheckIt PRO Diagnostic Applet for Testing Hard Drives.
DPATH.ZIP1953Feb 20 1986Path command that allows reading of .d or .ovl files across HD Dir's.
DQWIK110.ZIP122691Aug 20 1993DiskQwik v1.1: Device Driver exclusively designed for AT/IDE Hard Disk Drives that activates the drive's MULTIPLE SECTOR BLOCK TRANSFER MODE. This little gem can boost the drive's Data Transfer Rate by 45%. Req: 286+CPU.
[email protected]66539Apr 30 1993Micrometric UTILITY to display various information about drives. Works on a network too.
DRIVEBUY.ZIP25937Mar 3 1991Good discussion by two authors on current hard drive products.
DRVTALL.ZIP13109Nov 14 1989A comprehensive data book listing the specs for almost all the popular hard drives. Excellent information. 10/89 edition.
DSIZE20.ZIP17243Aug 5 1988DSIZE reports the total amount of bytes that each of the directories on your HD uses.
DSKCMD-A.ZIP54467Aug 17 1987Disk Commander Utilities Part 1.
DSKCMD-B.ZIP89060Aug 16 1987Disk Commander Utilities Part 2.
DSKCMD-C.ZIP112868Aug 16 1987Disk Commander Utilities Part 3.
DSKFLG31.ZIP38055Oct 26 1989DISKFLAG v3.1, alerts you when disk space is below a preset level. Now with color & pop-up menus. QB source available with registration.
DSKMETER.ZIP30124Jul 15 1991Show graphically how much disk space is used.
DSKMON.ZIP6821Oct 5 1986Keeps track of HD activity.
DSKTL260.ZIP69941Feb 24 1992DiskTool 2.60 -- A good disk hex editor. Like the Norton utilities.
DSKTRK.ZIP11797Oct 26 1988Watch movement of hard disk.
DTSEA122.ZIP441111Jul 26 1993Disk Technician vs. 1.22, Factory Test program for Seagate drives. Includes Seagate's Technical Support Desk Reference program which lists Seagate drive specs.
DTST20.ZIP15382May 1 1990Hard disk sector tester - find "slow" sectors, source included.
EASYDIAG.ZIP46784Jun 9 1989Great Diag tool for Western Digitel HD controllers. By WD.
EDDTV400.ZIP53362Mar 15 1988Extended AT drive table v4:reqs EPROM burner.
EFFIC.ZIP14803Jul 16 1986This is a utility to check the efficiency of your hard disk.
EMCACHE.ZIP9168Jul 1 1987Updates cache program that uses EMS. Read and Write cache.
ERRMON.ZIP9382Aug 15 1985Monitor & report disk errors.
FASDCH11.ZIP22742Jul 28 1988Enhanced hard disk "chkdsk" like utility v1.1.
FAT109.ZIP13892Jan 16 1990For a given sector or cluster, shows which file occupies it.
FATBAK11.ZIP2466Jan 19 1987MAke a hard copy of your hard disk FAT table. Good!.
FATFIX.ZIP8821Feb 24 1989Compares your HD's FAT 1 to FAT 2 and allows adjustment.
FATMAN32.ZIP23722Jun 2 1987FAT table management program.
FATREPR.ZIP23570Jun 15 1985Utility to repair help FAT tables.
FDSDA.ZIP85565Jul 20 1992FDSDA is a Diagnostics utility designed to give users and developers a means of testing the Future Domain SCSI host adapters and a wide range of SCSI devices.
FILL30.ZIP34265Aug 7 1988Vg copy/move for hd to diskette.
FINDINIT.ZIP16267Jun 14 1991FInds debug initialization data for Seagate drive controllers and host adapters.
FINDT121.ZIP59159Dec 13 1991Display BIOS hard disk table and find best match for Seagate drives, 12/13/91.
FINDTYPE.ZIP80891Jun 13 1991Two text and an exe file from Seagates BBS used in determining the best choice of BIOS parameters for non-standard drives: IDE, ESDI, RLL and ones your BIOS table just doesn't match. Good help in text.
FIPS12.ZIP106197Nov 10 1994FIPS v1.2 is a program to non-destructively split DOS-partitions. You will need a defragmentation program to move your data to the beginning of the partition. FIPS is free under the GNU General Public License.
FIXFAT.ZIP6569Oct 26 1987Text file discussing HD FAT restructuring.
FIXMBR21.ZIP12756Jan 8 1992Fix Master Boot Record.
FLASH.ZIP86455Dec 30 1986Fancy hard disk file backup utility -Many features.
FLASH120.ZIP6210Mar 4 1992This is a new version of the keyboard flashing routine for disk access. Option is provided for speaker beeping also.
FLEXP300.ZIP220667Jul 26 1993FLEXIBAK Plus v3.00. Hard Disk Backup. Features compression, selective backups and a unique backup method where you only have to take a full backup once.
FLOP2TPD.ZIP29850Feb 24 1993Pre-processor for Colorado tape drives.
FNINIT.ZIP16245Jun 14 1991This is a hard drive bios prep finder from Seagate.
FORMAT.ZIP2294Apr 26 1991How to low level and high level format RLL, MFM, ESDI, and SCSI drives.
FRE34.ZIP28882Dec 11 1989A pop-up window that shows free disk space on all hard disk drives.
FREE489A.ZIP4078Apr 23 1989Free disk space, etc. Nice display.
FREE7.ZIP22129Jan 14 1991Very fast multi-drive free disk space reporter. One line per drive.
FREESP11.ZIP14030May 7 1992Show free space on disk, including STACKER disk.
HARDINFO.ZIP2788Nov 6 1988Information on 132 hard disks.
HARDOFF.ZIP1451Nov 3 1986Turns HD on/off.
HD0392R5.ZIP43873Feb 26 1992Up to date technical information on hard drives.
HD312.ZIP59549Feb 24 1987Hard disk tester.
HDA100.ZIP8431May 2 1990Hard Disk Alarm Version 1.0. TSR program that sounds an alert when disk space runs low.
HDAT.ZIP12365Jun 15 1986Low level hard disk formatter for IBM PC/AT's and compatible.
HDCACHE.ZIP6196Jul 26 1985Makes a cache for HD.
HDDIAG.ZIP8619May 17 1986Check out your HD, Good.
HDI.ZIP300162Jul 14 1991The most complete source of hard drive information ever. Has complete listings of drives, BIOS tables, optical drives, and controllers. Allows you to add/edit as well.
HDINTLV.ZIP24702Jul 8 1987Optimize HD Interleave Factor; Better than INTLEAVE.ARC now on Board.
HDISK.ZIP24303Mar 20 1986Find out the interleave on your HD.
HDLIST.ZIP6564Apr 12 1991Displays AT BIOS parameters for Hard Drives. Shareware, U/L by author.
HDLIST1.ZIP1470Dec 2 1991Simple, convenient 2 page drive parameter (heads, cyl, sec) listing of every Seagate IDE, MFM, and RLL hard drive as of 10/9/91.
HDMAP31.ZIP30228Apr 22 1990Create a map of all files and directories on a hard disk. The ouput is an ASCII text file.
HDPARK.ZIP2055Jun 11 1986Parks hard disk.
HDPREP45.ZIP26408Mar 17 1987Hard Disk Preparation V4.5 --- Low Level Formatter.
HDSNIFF.ZIP5668Apr 6 1988Detects parameters of hard disk l.l. format.
HDTABL.ZIP10898Jan 1 1987Reads HD parm table fr. controller.
HDTST535.ZIP139234Jun 17 1991Very complete and comprehensive HD tester. Works with DOS 3.31, 4.0, and 5.0 large partitions. Many handy features and options.
HDTYPE.ZIP6316Nov 25 1987Print out HD type table from BIOS. Includes C source code.
HDUTIL.ZIP9020Apr 11 1986Hard Disk Utilities, Controller, HD diagnostics, Low and high lev format.
HH-SIZE.ZIP8353Aug 21 1988Show space req.s by file groups on all size disks (TC-source incl).
HITS.ZIP31195Sep 9 1992A command line utility to display the success rate of SMARTDRV.EXE.
HRDDISK.ZIP9924Aug 4 1992How To Fine Tune Your Hard Disk. Four Easy, Inexpensive Ways To Make Your Hard Disk Bigger And Faster.
HTMU.ZIP12436Mar 22 1989Hard Disk Table Modification Utility for AT BIOS ROM v1.00.
IAU19.ZIP66975Sep 16 1988Excellent program that changes your HD interleave.
IDE-FMT.ZIP36682Dec 2 1984Provide info and format capability on your IDE drive.
IDE-IDNT.ZIP18049Dec 29 1991Find out what your IDE hard drive is formatted for. No more guessing. If you work on hard drives, this will eleiminate alot of guess work.
IDEDIAG.ZIP7933Mar 2 1991IDEDIAG -- Shows IDE drive characteristics and specifications. Includes C source code.
IDEFAQ00.ZIP11035Sep 15 1994Interesting information concerning IDE drive technology.
IDEID30.ZIP30304Mar 8 1994IDE Identify v3.00: Returns info on all IDE hard drives attached to your (286+) system. Shows head, cylinder, and sector counts for CMOS setup parameters.
IDEINF.ZIP4157May 27 1991Returns information on IDE drives. Includes serial number, cylinders, heads, sectors, etc.
IDEMAXTR.ZIP6322Jun 27 1992Maxtor Hard Drive jumper settings and specs.
IDESLEEP.ZIP9841Jan 8 1994Puts IDE drives into sleep mode (powers them down) after a period of non-use.
IDE_INIT.ZIP31583Nov 13 1992Low level format program for Maxtor IDE drives.
ILEAVE.ZIP34822Feb 13 1988Adjusts HD Interleave Factor Without Losing Data.
ILEAVE16.ZIP56421Jun 24 1988Hard Disk interleave checker/reformatter. v. 1.6.
IN2000M.ZIP20657Sep 11 1991Updated text version of the installation manual for the Always Technology IN-2000 SCSI host adapter. Downloaded direct from the Always BBS.
INTLEAVE.ZIP1728Feb 7 1987Speed up your hard disk by changing the interleave factor.
INTRLV.ZIP13245May 4 1987Test and change your HD interleave setting.
INVIS.ZIP11582Dec 16 1986Allows HD boot-up with disk in drive 1.
IOLOGE.ZIP10937Aug 1 1991Memory Resident: log all DOS I/O activity to a disk file.
IOMON.ZIP4344May 19 1986Monitor Hard Disk Activity.
ISPFMT.ZIP36392Dec 2 1984ISPFMT is a utility from Westen Digital for their 20/40 MB IDE hard drives. It allows low-level formatting and maintenance of defects.
JAM119SW.ZIP148559Jul 21 1994JAM 1.19, shareware (cheap) stacker like transparent disk compression, driver is only 32K of memory, fast defrag, 2:1 compression (and better), worth the download.
LLFDFMT.ZIP3291Dec 31 1984Low level format XT hard disk.
MAGLOCK.ZIP39487May 1 1986Complete hard disk security system.
MAP10.ZIP11914Aug 10 1989Map disk usage on multiple Hard Drives.
MAP6.ZIP49793Jun 9 1991Map drives in Dos (A through Z).
MAPDISK.ZIP26416Dec 28 1987Generate disk maps (files, extents) from floppies and hard disks.
MAXTEST.ZIP276835Apr 22 1991Test program for Adaptec 1540 SCSI adapter.
MAXTORHD.ZIP26439Jun 27 1992A hard to find reference on maxtor drives, jumper settings etc.
MAX_IDE.ZIP37958Mar 11 1993Feb '93 list of Maxtor IDE drive set-up specifications. Includes jumper settings.
MBACK230.ZIP207394Apr 29 1993MegaBack version 2.30 from Patriquin - A GREAT backup program designed to make your backups quick and easy. MegaBack has point & shoot exclude, disk synch, interruptable full backup, data compression, full/incremental back
MC7FMTP.ZIP32760Nov 30 1988Low level format program for MicroChannel compatible ESDI HD controllers. Includes the WD1007V-MC1 controller.
MICROPOL.ZIP40955Mar 27 1990A description of Micropolis hard drives in text format and includes board layouts and jumper settings. It covers the older mfm drives as well as their current line of edsi drives.
MINI3650.ZIP12381Mar 19 1991Miniscribe 3650 Tech Specs.
MONITOR.ZIP3815Aug 1 1987Monitor serves a simple but very useful function: it visually demonstrates when your hard disk is being accessed.
MSCON.ZIP8068Feb 16 1990Shows percentage of HD space used.
MSCOPY26.ZIP147261Apr 1 1991Mass-Store Copy - "Make copies of optical disks while using only one optical drive!" Copies: Bernoulli Box, Erasable Optical, "Super Floppies", WORM disks, or removable/portable hard drives while using only one drive.
MTSMI15.ZIP131330Mar 10 1993This file contains various device drivers for the mitsumi cd rom drives.
NEWCHK.ZIP23940Mar 11 1988EGA graphical chkdsk.
NEWPARK.ZIP3348May 3 1986Parks multiple dissimilar hard disks - like SHIPDISK but very fast!.
NEWSPACE.ZIP147740Nov 12 1989This is a TSR that will automatically compress and decompress data files as you us them. Gives you more disk space than you really have.
NOHARD.ZIP10976Nov 30 1986Disable hard disk entirely until reboot.
NOPIRATE.ZIP96919Oct 19 1993Nopirate Version 1.2 from DesignerWare. Stop software piracy and save your company BIG money in fines. Stop the F.B.I in their tracks. Tell the SPA you have NOPIRATE and your company does NOT allow software piracy.
OFLOD1.ZIP269802Apr 5 1991Migrate Files from Hard Drive to Floppy and keep track where they are. Can schedule migration manually or automatically. Recall Files by looking them up in online catalog. Nice Hard Drive Disk Space Saver. Part 1 of 2.
OFLOD2.ZIP112849Apr 5 1991Part 2 of 2 of File Migration System.
OPTIMISE.ZIP17236Aug 9 1987Optimise HD- low level format- ASM.
OPTIMIZE.ZIP3714Dec 14 1985Optimize the files in the current directory.
OPTUNE.ZIP72319Oct 17 1988Tune-up your HD for maximum performance. Demo by Gazalle.
ORG.ZIP73115Feb 22 1992Shareware disk unfragmenter. An extremely fast and competent program. Better than most commercial equivalents.
OWNER161.ZIP10059Apr 21 1987Owner version 1.61 is a program that enables the user to easily determine what file a specified cluster belongs to.
OZ110.ZIP87766Apr 27 1992An Ounce Of Prevention - File Protection and Recovery System for DOS.
PAM11.ZIP12240Aug 23 1989Shows graphically the HD utilization for all logical drives.
PARKA102.ZIP2408Apr 17 1987Parks all hard disk heads - tells where they are parked - returns to dos.
PART.ZIP16541Jan 1 1991Partition Changer. Use to make changes in partition table.
PASBR21.ZIP89806Jan 28 1991Point & Shoot Backup/Restore is a hard disk backup and restoration program.
PASSWRD6.ZIP6905Feb 17 1987Latest ver of program to password PC.
PC-PARK.ZIP3040Jun 13 1986Parks hard disk on XT/AT.
PCKWK319.ZIP16532Nov 23 1988Shareware version of a great disk cache program.
PCLOK22.ZIP60997Jan 2 1988Add password protection to HD.
PCPARK2.ZIP709Jan 24 1989Hard disk parking utility from PC magazine.
PDTIMPRK.ZIP7463Sep 2 1987Program for parking heads.
PERSDATA.ZIP1174Sep 23 1991Recent info on the now defunct Perstor disk controllers.
PFDISKTC.ZIP23775Apr 30 1992Pfdisk compiled with Turbo C for making non-dos partitions. Includes full C source code.
PKANYD.ZIP6677Dec 9 1987Park any hard disk (it says) C: and/or D:.
PLUG12.ZIP29571Aug 1 1987Disk Utility V1.2 Plugs holes on HD.
PRESZ104.ZIP56795Oct 22 1994Move and resize all DOS partitions without deleting data.
PS16DATA.ZIP34143Dec 1 1989Collection of files from Perstor BBS in Tempe Arizona. Includes tech manual and installation programs for their line of 16-Bit Controllers (As of June 1990).
PS8DATA.ZIP26130Sep 14 1989Collection of files from Perstor BBS in Tempe Arizona. Includes tech manual and installation programs for their line of 8-Bit Controllers (As of June 1990).
PWDISK.ZIP22156Jan 6 1986Hard disk password protect.
QC1.ZIP259806Jan 8 1990QuickCache II V4.2. Part 1 of 2. Extremely flexible disk cache programs, plus a few extra programs to make use easier.
QC2.ZIP262611Jan 7 1990QuickCache II V4.2. Part 2 of 2. Extremely flexible disk cache programs, plus a few extra programs to make use easier.
QICBAT11.ZIP262445Oct 22 1993Generates batch files for Colorado Tape drives.
QUICKPC.ZIP27130Jun 8 1991QuickPC 1.12 will enhance the performance of your PC with disk and screen speed up.
RAMIT150.ZIP19545Mar 31 1987Speeds up Hard drive if using 8-Bit controller on 16-Bit bus.
RLL.ZIP11189Oct 14 1986Information you should know before installing an RLL drive using an Adaptec 2070A hard disk controller.
ROINFO10.ZIP18210Nov 19 1988Information about Seagate and Miniscribe drives. Cylnders, heads, etc.
RROPT11.ZIP13894Sep 23 1989OPTIMALY - optimized copy/move files to floppy disk.
RS_TOOLS.ZIP191541Mar 2 1989New! MicroFirm HD Utility pkg, v2.01B 2/88.
SBACKUP.ZIP13568Nov 3 1986Small utility that backs up your HD.
SBLITE20.ZIP147745Sep 8 1992SitBack Lite is the simplest backup and storage management program on the market today. The program consists of 4 powerful and indispensable backup and storage management utilities. SitBack Lite makes backup as easy as i
SCAV31.ZIP14222Oct 6 1988Mark disk bad spots.
SCSI-2.ZIP92816May 4 1991SCSI-2 Definitions & description.
SCSI_FMT.ZIP96941Aug 7 1992Adaptec SCSI low level format program. Aug. 5, 1992 upgrade for SCSI devices including optical disks.
SDETECT.ZIP9120Nov 20 1991Detect presence of a Stacker volume from within your program. With C & ASM.
SEAG_HD.ZIP526958Aug 28 1994Latest specs on all Seagate drives (8-28-94, valid as of 10-01-94). Includes mfm,rll, ide, esdi, scsi, pcmc, ipi drives and controllers.
SECCOP40.ZIP138463Jun 8 1993Second Copy, Automatically copies important files for safekeep. It periodically monitors your disk directories for your data files and makes a second copy of those files to another disk or network drive.
SECUR105.ZIP20198Mar 26 1991Prevents access to hard disk, even if a boot floppy is used.
SECURDSK.ZIP34936Oct 7 1994Keep you data private, and away from prying eyes. Securdsk will erase all unused space on all of your drives.
SFLOCK15.ZIP204117Nov 12 1992SafeLock 1.5. Disk/File encryption facility. This one will keep the amateurs out of your information.
SGATFMT3.ZIP67528Sep 28 1993Hard drive format utility for Seagate drives.
SGTFMT2.ZIP72940Jan 8 1993Seagate's low-level verify/format program works on some IDE drives.
SHERIFF.ZIP47628Mar 26 1987Drive C: Passwords.
SHO24.ZIP11621Apr 10 1990Bar graph display of HD space. Gives a gas guage type display.
SHOWDISK.ZIP6346Sep 20 1990ShowDisk is a utility which, when a drive is accessed, displays the letter of the drive in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
SHOWF250.ZIP29196May 18 1993Showfat v2.50 - Showfat is a diagnostic utility which graphically displays the physical layout of the files on a disk or HD.
SHRPCK.ZIP14509Nov 25 1987PC-Kwik HD cache. This version is only a demo of the commercial program. However, the commercial program is excellent, I recommend it.
SK470S.ZIP321159Oct 18 1994Hyperdisk disk cache and utilities, v 4.70.
SLIPFLOP.ZIP3179Dec 27 1991Allows system to boot from HD with a floppy in drive A. ASM source code included.
SLOBACK.ZIP15581Aug 12 1986Hard Disk backup prg., sort of like FASTBACK.
SMART-12.ZIP25481Sep 30 1991A smartdrv.sys utility. It can display status, increase the size, enable and disable the cache.
SMARTPMT.ZIP1210May 18 1993TSR to flush smartdrv cache to disk.
SMETER.ZIP64104Jan 28 1993Update for StacMeter for Stacker 3.0. D/l'd from Stacker BBS.
SMON13.ZIP3500Jan 22 1988Monitor disk activity, displays cylinder, head, etc excellent.
SOFSCAN.ZIP29199Sep 28 1990Scans hard disk for soft errors. Detects possible problem spots.
SPACE.ZIP7409Feb 12 1989Gives total disk space, free space, % of free space.
SPACE11.ZIP22031Feb 10 1992Utility to show the free space on your hard disk.
SPACWARN.ZIP37851Apr 27 1988Alerts you if your free space on drives reaches a "low" point.
SPDBAK20.ZIP55803May 27 1992Hard Disk defragmenting utility.
SPINTEST.ZIP2721Aug 31 1988Determine data transfer rate and current interleaving of hard disk.
SRVRBCK.ZIP229782Jun 16 1991Excellent backup utility that backs up from a HD to another HD or WORM. Uses data compression (PKZIP/PKUNZIP).
SSTV201.ZIP28969Oct 21 1986Latest Version of PD Disk Optimizer, very fast !!.
ST225.ZIP8690Jan 6 1987Some ways to optimize the performance of your Seagate ST225 Hardisk.
STACTECH.ZIP91743May 10 1993Stac's tech notes for Stacker 3.0/3.1 for DOS/Windows.
STACUD.ZIP129409Jan 12 1993Newest versions of defrag programs for stacker.
STACUD2.ZIP128877Jan 6 1993Updates for Stacker 3.0 to Unstack.exe and Sdefrag.exe. From Stacker BBS.
STAC_REP.ZIP12789Mar 13 1993Stacker REPAIR utility (from STAC BBS) *** DANGEROUS ***.
STOW220.ZIP255883Jun 30 1993Stowaway v2.20. Archive and Restore files on your hard drive. Several easy ways to manage free space on your hard drive.
T128228.ZIP124975Jan 9 1992Device drivers for Trantor Systems T128/T228 SCSI cards.
TAPE-DIR.ZIP13624Oct 28 1991Utility from Colorado's BBS that reads and prints the directory from a 120 or 250 meg tape. Faster that the 'tape search' command.
TAPEUTL2.ZIP20165May 21 1994Two utilities to use with jumbo tape program. TAPEFMT & TAPERASE. Both will label a tape with todays date. Useful for batch file / menu processing.
TDTIMPRK.ZIP7463Sep 2 1987Another head parking program.
TESTDISK.ZIP49513Nov 5 1991Tests hard disk transfer rate at various data block sizes. By Columbia Data Products - the SCSI Resource.
THEREF43.ZIP174535May 2 1993Guide to hard drive, floppy drives, optical drives, drive controllers, and host adapters.
TIMEPARK.ZIP2112Jul 20 1988Timepark for hard disk, neat and SMALL.
TIMEPRK4.ZIP9266May 2 1989Auto park your hard disk.
TP20BE.ZIP58459Mar 2 1993File directory util to retreive and manipulate dirs from backup tapes by the Colorado Memory Systems Jumbo (120/250) tapes.
TPARK1.ZIP3661Mar 19 1986Parks hard disks after X num`er of minutes of non use.
TRAPDISK.ZIP5456Sep 18 1986Sort of like Bombsqad (actually a modified verson of Bombsqad). Good.
TSHOOT.ZIP6321Apr 29 1991Common problems, with solutions, from Seagate concerning their controllers, and hard drives.
TYPDR.ZIP6149Mar 28 1988Determine your current HD type contained in your CMOS. C source.
TYPED.ZIP29384Mar 28 1989Displays AT drive types your bios supports. From West. Digital.
TYPENEUM.ZIP7857Jul 8 1988Displays the drive types that YOURAT BIOS supports.
UPDATE10.ZIP23811May 2 1991This program allows you to automatically keep your floppy files updated from the hard disk, or vice versa. Great for people who sometimes work from 2 machines, and can't always remember which version is most recent.
UPGRADE.ZIP161809Sep 1 1994Patch file to upgrade Adaptec's EZ-SCSI to version 3.03.
UPS11.ZIP11599Nov 7 1989Hard drive head parking utility. Works on AT type hard drives only. Includes TP 4.0+ source code.
USERDIAG.ZIP35754Mar 15 1989Western Digital HD Diags and low level formatter.
VACUM.ZIP5056Jan 24 1987Retrieve data from bad disk (ignores bad sector errors).
VEMM.ZIP29516Mar 18 1987Virtual Expanded Memory Manager Utility (uses hard disk for EMM).
VERDISK.ZIP6630Aug 8 1985Verify your disk.
WD1006PT.ZIP3577Mar 11 1990Patch for WD 1006 SR-2 controllers.
WD1006V.ZIP9279Dec 10 1990Western Digitals manuals for the 1006 family of controllers. It includes both MFM 1:1 and RLL 1:1 set up instructions.
WD1007V.ZIP17523Nov 9 1990Western Digital's installation and description of their ESDI V series Hard disk floppy disk controller.
WD1009V.ZIP19618May 5 1991Western Digitals new high speed intelligent EDSI HD controller. This board is available in both EISA and ISA designs. Claims up to 25 Mhz transfer rates. Some setups permit > 2 floppies and > 2 HD's in a single machine.
WDAT-IDE.ZIP83254Feb 12 1992Installation information on Western Digital (only) IDE Drives.
WDATIDE.ZIP26706May 29 1991Installation information for the Western Digital line of AT IDE controller cards.
WDFIX31.ZIP70569Dec 4 1992Detects and remaps grown defects on Western Digital IDE drives. Ver. 3.1, 11/17/92. From Western Digital's BBS.
WDFMT.ZIP26792Feb 24 1993Low-level format utility for Western Digital IDE drives.
WDFMT250.ZIP49266Aug 2 1990Western Digital low level formatter for HD. Source code is included. C and ASM.
WDFORMAT.ZIP21714Feb 7 1988Western Digitals low level hard disk formatter. Exe date 11/87. Can be used for ESDI hard drives and allows skewing etc for optimal performance.
WDINFO.ZIP72223Dec 8 1992Text Files On Various Western Digital Hard Drive Products.
WDPAT102.ZIP3601Mar 11 1990Relocates the signficant part of the WD-1006-SR2 controller BIOS to low memory. This allows QEMM to map RAM over the BIOS, resulting in more, less fragmented, high memory.
WHAT_IDE.ZIP75410Mar 19 1991Information/Utility on IDE drives.
WIN_DISK.ZIP84260Aug 11 1992Driver for FUTURE DOMAIN cards to allow 32bit disk access while in Windows v3.1, only for FUTURE DOMAIN SCSI cards. Direct from the Future Domain BBS.
WPHD.ZIP1804Jan 6 1986Format protect hard disk with sysop note and descriptive text.
YAPARK.ZIP5509May 20 1988Yet another park utility w source.