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Lists all the clusters allocated to a file.
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Lists all the clusters allocated to a file.
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Contents of the CHAIN.DOC file

CHAIN : File Chain Program
Version 2.17, 25 May 1989
SMG Software

(C) Copyright 1986,1989 by
Steven Georgiades
All Rights Reserved

This program enables the user to easily determine which clusters a
specified file occupies. The first cluster on every disk is considered
to be #2 (Don't blame me! That's the way DOS defines it!). If a file
occupies a number of contiguous clusters, this program will not list
each one seperately, but will list them as a range.

Command Format:

CHAIN [d:][path]filename[.ext]


CHAIN SAMPLE.BAK (Will tell what clusters belong to the file
SAMPLE.BAK on the current drive in the current

CHAIN A:TEMP (Will tell what clusters belong to the file TEMP
on the currently selected sub-directory of
drive A)

CHAIN \FRED (Will tell what clusters belong to the file FRED
in the root directory of the current drive)

Revision History:

Version 2.00 First Released Version

Version 2.14 Fixed some minor bugs

Version 2.15 Fixed bug that would cause erroneous results
on an AT with a 30 Meg Hard Disk

Version 2.16 Added Usage Message

Version 2.17 Fixed bug that caused all subdirectories
to be reported as having zero clusters.
CHAIN now reports only the physical size
of a subdirectory and the logical size
and waste report is suppressed. A message
also informs the user that the filespec
belongs to a subdirectory.
Fix by David Gwillim 28 May 1989.


This software is hereby released into the public domain, and may
therefore be freely copied and distributed within the following

1). It is distributed in its original, unmodified form, including
source code and documentation.

2). No fee is charged for use, copying or distribution.

3). The program may not be included with other goods or services
supplied for a fee, unless written permission to do so is
obtained in advance from the author.

This program is provided AS IS without any warranty, expressed or
implied, including but not limited to fitfulness for a particular

If you have any questions or comments about this or any other SMG
program, write to me at the following address:

Steven M. Georgiades
SMG Software
701-H South Hayward Street
Anaheim, CA 92804

If you are using this program and find it of value, your contribution
in any amount ($5.00 suggested) will be greatly appreciated. Make
checks payable to Steven M. Georgiades.
Thank you.

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