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Seagate Tech Support's instant look-up drive Desk Reference.
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Seagate Tech Support’s instant look-up drive Desk Reference.
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DESKREF.BAT 14 14 stored
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FONELIST.HTX 8806 6332 deflated
MISC.HTX 60021 44439 deflated
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README.1ST 1226 669 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The decks in the Seagate Technical Support Desk Reference were created
with a registered copy of HyperHelper.

4. HYPERHELPER COPYRIGHT NOTICE. Hypertext files created
using HyperHelper may be used, given away or sold without
additional license or fees as long as all copies of such
decks bear the HYPERHELPER COPYRIGHT NOTICE, which is to be
displayed in the last card of the deck (known as the ABOUT
CARD). The notice must include the following language:

This deck was created with HyperHelper, a product of
Azarona Software, P.O. Box 13433, Denver, CO 80201
HyperHelper 2.01 Copyright (c) 1988-1990 by Azarona
Software. All rights reserved.


The HyperHelper version offered on this BBS, HHV20.ZIP, is the
shareware version as distributed by the author. The registered version
offers many more features including a compiler to create your own
HyperHelper decks, and a TSR version that allows a versatile system
for instant lookup of Seagate drive specifications and information.

The executable program HH.EXE is found within the HHV20.ZIP file.
Please be sure to read the registration and ordering information
contained within HHV20.ZIP.

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