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Latest (6/92) specs covering all Seagate drives (MFM, RLL, IDE, & SCSI). Complete with all setup info and pics.
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Latest (6/92) specs covering all Seagate drives (MFM, RLL, IDE, & SCSI). Complete with all setup info and pics.
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Contents of the WHATSNEW.TXT file

Seagate Technical Support Disc Drive Specifications


This file will be maintained starting April 1992.

04/17/92 ST325N SCSI drive added.
UltraStor BBS added and their Tech Support # corrected.
ST01/02 SCSI host adapter v3.3 board layout added.
Added reminder to all decks to be sure to register
the HyperHelper program.

05/18/92 Added ST-42400N.
Correct spindle speeds on ST11200 family.

06/01/92 Added a "user link" which allows anyone who cares to
attach/expand their own technical info to the Desk
Reference. The user file must be called USER.HTX and
must, of course, be prepared in accordance to
HYPERHELPER. The USER.HTX file distributed from
Seagate is merely a dummy screen.

06/05/92 Lots of new BBS numbers added to the phonelist section.

06/08/92 Added "Print/Export" to the top of each deck. This
allows a complete card to be saved to a plain ASCII
file. If PRN or LPT1 is given as the file name, then
it will print. This was active on previous releases
but omitted from the menu. One note of caution... if
the data is being read from a server, then the user
will need rights to create and delete in that
subdirecory in order to make use of Print/Export.

06/11/92 Corrected 3-pin power assignments on ST3144 family.
Added ST-9052A.

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