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Stac's tech notes for Stacker 3.0/3.1 for DOS/Windows.
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Stac’s tech notes for Stacker 3.0/3.1 for DOS/Windows.
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Contents of the 1101.TXT file


Title: 10 Great Reasons to Upgrade to Stacker 3.0 for Windows & DOS!

Index #1102 - 10/26/92 (619) 431-6712

With Stacker 3.0's great new features and enhancements, you get more
control, added flexibility, and even better performance from your
computer! And, with Stacker 3.0 you get up to 10% greater compression,
and it's 25% faster than Stacker 2.0!

1. New Stackometer. Think of it as a gas gauge for your computer. It's
a brand-new on-screen Windows tool that will change forever the way
you manage your disk drives. In its full-screen state, it gives you
unprecedented feedback and control over your hard disk, with an
accurate display of your compression ratio, disk space, and
fragmentation level. When you minimize your Stackometers down to
icons, you can monitor the space on all your disk drives as you work.

2. New Flexible Setup gives you more control and more choices. Now you
can set up from Windows or DOS. If you choose Express Setup,
Stacker 3.0's unparalleled intelligence will "read" your system
configuration and stack every drive automatically. Choose Custom
Setup, and you make all the decisions. Or start with Express Setup
and fine-tune later. It's all up to you.

3. New Stacker Tuner gives you unequaled flexibility in managing your
system. Trade off between space and speed anytime your needs change.
If you choose greater compression, you'll get up to 10% more disk
space than with Stacker 2.0. On a 200 MB drive, that 10% increase
means 40MB of additional disk space--plenty of room for more
applications. And on today's faster machines, the difference in
speed is imperceptible.

4. Double Password Protection. Stacker 3.0 for Windows and DOS is the
only data compression software that lets you protect each drive with
two separate passwords--one read/write password, and one read-only
password. It's peace-of-mind security for big corporations, small
companies, or anyone who shares computers, laptops, or disks.

5. New Stacker Anywhere. With Stacker Anywhere, you can stack a floppy
or any other removable disk and take it to a computer that's not
running Stacker. Then you can actually read from and write to that
drive, floppy, or cartridge. No other data compression software
offers you that flexibility.

6. Compress Bigger Drives than Ever Before. With Stacker 2.0 you could
double a 256 MB drive 512 MB. That was good. But this is better:
with Stacker 3.0 you can double a 1 gigabyte drive to 2 gigabytes.
Now Stacker 3.0 can help you get the most out of the big drives.

7. Enhanced Stacker Optimizer. Now you'll enjoy a substantial
improvement in speed. And we've added a new Quick Defrag option for
even faster optimization. A new on-screen visual display shows you
precisely what's going on. Plus, you can launch the Stacker
Optimizer right from the Stackometer in Windows.

8. New Stacker Preview. Before you actually stack a disk, you may want
to see how its capacity will change. Now Stacker includes a preview
program that you can run on any unstacked disk to show your
compression ratio even before you set up.

9. New UnStack allows you to return your system to its original
unstacked state.

10. Enhanced Transparency and Compatibility. Handling Windows swap
files is now completely automatic. With automount, floppies and
other removables are easier to stack, because they're ready to use
instantly, anywhere. And whenever you change your configuration,
Stacker 3.0 automatically updates your system files. Stacker works
more seamlessly than ever, whether you're using Windows or DOS.

Upgrade now to Stacker 3.0 for Windows and DOS--the only data compression
software that gives you more control, flexibility and performance!

Call ** 1-800-225-1128 ** To Order Stacker 3.0 for Windows and DOS

* Stackometer, Stacker Tuner, Stacker Anywhere, and Stacker Optimizer are
all Trademarks of Stac Electronics. Stacker is a Registered Trademark of
Stac Electronics.
Copyright 1992, Stac Electronics

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