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IBM PS 2 Cache Statistics Program (VG ).
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IBM PS 2 Cache Statistics Program (VG ).
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Contents of the CACHSTAT.DOC file

CACHSTAT.EXE - V1.00 - Gets Disk Cache statistics for IBMCACHE program.

This program works ONLY with IBM's IBMCACHE program: the one that
comes with the PS/2 Models on the Reference diskette.

CACHSTAT will first determine if IBMCACHE is installed - if not, it
will simply exit with a message to that effect.

If IBMCACHE is installed, CACHSTAT locates the Cache's internal
statistics area, prints the latest data stored there, (including
the cache program's version number and installed configuration), and
calculates Cache Hit Ratio and Average # of Sectors Read per DISK
Read Request.

Two additional options are available: /e and /r.
/r will reset the cache statistics and flush the cache.
/e will show the cache sector-error-list pointers, and the top
of the error list. All zeros indicates no errors.
I've never seen any errors here.

This program represents an extensively modified and expanded version of
an early IBM sample program that showed how to access the stat area.

Jack Wright 74176,3256 CIS 7/27/87

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