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A smartdrv.sys utility. It can display status, increase the size, enable and disable the cache.
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A smartdrv.sys utility. It can display status, increase the size, enable and disable the cache.
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Contents of the SMART.DOC file


Version 1.2


Copyright (c) 1991 by Data Software, Inc.
All Rights Reserved.

Last updated: September, 1991

This file will provide you with the information necessary for
running and using the Smart Utilities, as well as information
about what SMARTDRV.SYS is and how to use it.

Smart Utilities v1.2 User Documentation i

[SMARTDrive is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.]


1 Part 1: Program Information . . . . . . . . .1
1A What is SMARTDRV.SYS?. . . . . . . . . . .1
1B What is Smart Utilities? . . . . . . . . .2
1C Program Commands . . . . . . . . . . . . .3-4
1D Author/Publisher Information . . . . . . .4
2 Part 2: Registering Information . . . . . . .5
2A The Shareware Concept. . . . . . . . . . .5
2B How to Register. . . . . . . . . . . . . .5
2C Benefits of Registering. . . . . . . . . .5
2D Miscellaneous. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .5

1 Part 1: Program Information:


If your compter has a hard disk drive with extended or
expanded memory and Microsoft DOS version 5 or 4, you can
use the device command and a "smart drive" device driver
named SMARTDRV.SYS to turn part of this additional memory
into a rapid access storage area known as a disk cache.
A disk cache speeds up your system because information
that your computer reads from disk into memory remains in
the cache. Your computer doesn't have to re-access the
disk every time you need to retrieve information, thereby
reducing the amount of time it takes for your computer to
access the data. The command line form of the device
driver to create the disk cache in your CONFIG.SYS file
is: device=smartdrv.sys /A

SMARTDRV.SYS is the name of the file that contains the
device driver program. If the program is not in the root
directory of the current disk, precede the name with a
drive and path, i.e. C:\DOS\SMARTDRV.SYS

The is the size you want the cache to be in
kilobytes. It can be any value from 128 to 8192 (8
megabytes). If you do not specify a number, SMARTDRV.SYS
defaults to 256K. When the cache is created, DOS rounds
the number you selected to the nearest multiple of 16, so
if there is not enough memory to create the size cache
you specified, then SMARTDRV.SYS creates a smaller one
using the maximum amount it can as close to what you
requested. The is the minimum size you want
your cache to be. This does not have to be specified.
(NOTE: To use the SMART UTILITIES v1.2, you should not
set a minimum cache size).

Smart Utilities v1.2 What is SMARTDRV.SYS 1

The /A command creates the cache in expanded memory.
SMARTDRV.SYS defaults to extended memory unless you use
this command. If your system uses both, choose the one
that is larger on your system. If they are the same,
then the best way is to omit the /A and create the cache
in extended memory. Please note that since the
SMARTDRV.SYS program uses either extended or expanded
memory, then the command line in your CONFIG.SYS file for
the SMARTDRV.SYS should appear after the command that
identifies your extended or expanded memory manager.
Also, when you specify the size, leave enough memory for
other programs that also run in extended or expanded
memory. If you're not certain how much of this memory
you have (or have available), use the MEM command to ask
DOS to report your memory usage.

For any additional information concerning the use of
SMARTDRV.SYS, consult your DOS manual.

1B What is Smart Utilities?

Smart Utilities is a set of utilities to use with the
SMARTDRV.SYS disk cache that comes with MS-DOS versions 4
and 5. Since the program is loaded through your
CONFIG.SYS file at boot-up, the only way you have been
able to change the size of your cache or disable it was
to edit your CONFIG.SYS file and re-booting. Not
anymore! With these utilites, you can clear your cache
of all existing data, enable/disable the SMARTDRV.SYS,
reduce/increase the cache size, or simply display the
current status of your cache, all straight from the
command line prompt!


To use the Smart Utilities, you SHOULD NOT set a minimum cache
size! See 1A What is SMARTDRV.SYS for more information.

Smart Utilities v1.2 What is Smart Utilities 2

1C Program Commands

To use the program, just type "Smart" at the command line
prompt. You will see a help screen like this:


Valid Options:
[DI] Display Information

SMART I 1024 - increases the cache by 1024K
SMART DI - displays current status

The commands are self-explanatory, but here is a list of
possible commands:

SMART F - This will flush the disk cache buffer; it clears
all of the current information in your cache,
making room for new information to be stored

SMART D - This will disable the SMARTDRV.SYS cache, which
is necessary for some programs, etc.

SMART E - This allows you to enable SMARTDRV.SYS after it
has been disabled as shown above.

SMART R X - This will reduce the size of your cache by
whatever number you put in place of "x". This
number can be any number from 1 up to the full
size of your cache.

SMART I X - This command increases the size of your cache
by whatever number you put in place of "x".
This number can be from 1 to the highest
possible cache size you can have (that you put
in your CONFIG.SYS).

SMART DI - This will show you the current status of your
cache (whether it is enabled or not, what size
it is, the cache hit rate, etc.)

Smart Utilities v1.2 Program Commands 3

Each time you enter one of these commands, you will be shown a
screen that shows the status of your cache after the command
was issued. This screen gives the status of your cache (on or
off), what version of SMARTDRV.SYS is running on your system,
the cache hit rate (this tells you what percentage of disk
accesses you are saving by using the cache), track buffer hit
rate, current cache size and minimum cache size.

1D Author/Publisher Information:

Data Software, Inc. has been in the software business since
1986. Data Software is owned and operated by Robert Reynolds.
Data Software strives to continuously bring better software to
users, especially specific software that makes life a little
easier when dealing with computers on a daily or weekly basis.

Please feel free to contact Robert Reynolds at any time if you
have any questions, comments or suggestions. He can be reached
by mail at the following address:

Robert Reynolds
Data Software, Inc.
P.O. Box 10364
Conway, AR 72032

Or by voice or electronically at the following sources:

Phone: (501) 327-0388
FAX: (501) 329-7037
Orders Only: (800) 637-3475

Prodigy: USERID#: STDT60A

Smart Utilities v1.2 Author/Publisher Information 4

2 Part 2: Registering Information

2A The Shareware Concept

Shareware is based on a "Try-before-you-buy" concept. You are
given a thirty day trial period to test out the program you
have to see if it is something you find beneficial and useful
to you. If you continue to use the program past the initial
thirty days, you are required to send the author the
registration fee listed above and in the order form on the
disk. Shareware enables you to spend your money only on
programs you feel are beneficial to you; if you continue to use
the program, then obviously the program is of some benefit to
you so you should register it.

2B How to Register

If you find Smart Utilities useful and continue to use it past
the thirty day trial period, you are required to register it
with the author (see Section 1D). To print an order form,
load the REGISTER.NOW file into a word processor or text editor
and print the document.

If for any reason you are unable to get the order form to
print, then send $9.95 plus $2.00 shipping/handling to the
address listed in Section 1D. (All money is in U.S. funds)
Foreign orders need to add $8.00 for shipping/handling.

2C Benefits of Registering

By registering your copy of Smart Utilities, you will receive
the current enhanced version of Smart Utilities and free
technical support. The enhanced version contains many
functions not available in the standard shareware version and
is easier to use with batch files.

2D Miscellaneous

For distribution information, see the VENDOR.DOC file. This
contains all the necessary information for any groups,
organizations, or businesses who wish to distribute Smart

Smart Utilities v1.2 Registering Information 5

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