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An ok backup/restore prg with menu.
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An ok backup/restore prg with menu.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

BackupMaestro Version 2.07

Several new features have been added to 2.07. 3.5" diskettes are now
supported with both 720kb and 1.4mb capacities. Use of the B: floppy
drive for backup is now supported. An additional main menu selection
allows you to format floppies without doing any backup or restore

To use B: as the backup device simply type BM B: at the command line.

BM tries to assume the most obvous floppy diskette format. On an AT
it will normally attempt to write a 1.2mb floppy. On a PC it will
write a 360kb floppy. On a PS/2 model 30, a 720kb 3.5" format, and
other PS/2 models a 1.44mb 3.5" format. Should it become necessary
to override these defaults it may be done from the command line as
BM /Mx

where x is:

H - 1.2mb 5.25"
D - 360kb 5.25"
1 - 1.4mb 3.5"
7 - 720kb 3.5"

These parameters may be specified in combination with the drive

BM B: /M1

would use the B drive as the backup device and use a 3.5" 1.4mb

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