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FLEXIBAK Plus v3.00. Hard Disk Backup. Features compression, selective backups and a unique backup method where you only have to take a full backup once.
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FLEXIBAK Plus v3.00. Hard Disk Backup. Features compression, selective backups and a unique backup method where you only have to take a full backup once.
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Contents of the README.DOC file


1) Running FLEXIBAK Plus:

From the "C:\>" prompt, type "CD \FLEXPLUS" to change to
the FLEXPLUS directory followed by "FLEXPLUS" to run

2) The Quick Start Guide:

To enable you to start backing up in the minimum time possible,
refer to the file QUICKST.DOC which will guide you through
setting up and taking a backup. There is also a section
describing how to restore your data if necessary.

3) Upgrading From Previous Versions:

Version 3.00 is compatible with all previous v 2.0x releases of
FLEXIBAK Plus, but not with any earlier versions of FLEXIBAK
Plus. Consequently, if you have been running a version 1.0x
release, you will need to go through the setup procedures again
and take a new full backup. To make this process easier, you
should first run your existing version and produce a File Specs
Report. This will allow you to more easily duplicate the setup.

4) File List:

The following files should be present on your distribution disk.
If they are not, then you should contact Nildram Software as you
have an incomplete version.

INSTALL.EXE - Installation program
INSTALL.FIL - Installation program script
INSTALL.DOC - Installation instructions
INSTALL.FP - FLEXIBAK Plus program and documentation files
INSTALL.REG - For registered users only!
VENDOR.DOC - Info for Shareware Vendors and BBSs
HISTORY.DOC - Version history
DEALER.DOC - List of dealers for FLEXIBAK Plus worldwide
README.DOC - This file
REGISTER.DOC - Registration form
DESC.SDI - File description for use by Wildcat BBSs
FILE_ID.DIZ - File description for use by PC Board BBSs

If you are a registered user, and you wish to give away a shareware
copy of FLEXIBAK Plus to a friend or colleague, you can copy all of
the files, except INSTALL.REG to a disk, and give it to him/her.
This will then be a standard shareware copy. You may not, under any
circumstances, give away copies of the file INSTALL.REG.

5) BBS Support:

FLEXIBAK Plus is supported on the following BBSs:

i) Shareware Support BBS, UK - (0442) 891109/890807 HST/V32 etc.
Leave messages addressed to the SYSOP.

ii) Runway BBS, USA - 215-623-6203 HST/V32 etc. Join conference
77 (Shareable Software International) and address messages to
Bill Dickson.

iii) Compuserve - UK Version is available in UKSHARE Lib 10, USA
version in IBMSYS Lib 6. Leave messages in UKSHARE forum 10 or send
as private Email to Adrian Mardlin 76004,3436 (UK) or Bill Dickson
76226,2652 (USA).

iv) FLEXIBAK Plus is also uploaded to over 200 BBSs in the USA, and
over 20 BBSs in the UK. Look for PC Board or Wildcat BBSs running
at 9600 bps or better - you should find it there.

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