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Driver for FUTURE DOMAIN cards to allow 32bit disk access while in Windows v3.1, only for FUTURE DOMAIN SCSI cards. Direct from the Future Domain BBS.
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Driver for FUTURE DOMAIN cards to allow 32bit disk access while in Windows v3.1, only for FUTURE DOMAIN SCSI cards. Direct from the Future Domain BBS.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Future Domain Corporation (FDC)

Products: Future Domain SCSI 32-Bit Disk Access (FastDisk) Driver
Version: 1.1

1. General Product Overview

The Future Domain SCSI 32-Bit Disk Access (FastDisk) is a Windows
V3.1 Driver that supports SCSI disks with the Future Domain line of
adapters. This driver improves the performance of disk accesses
under Windows V3.1 Enhanced Mode.

This version supports the following Future Domain adapters;

Sixteen bit: TMC-1650/1670/1660/1680/1760/1790/1795 MCS-600/700
Eight bit: TMC-845/850/860/875/885/850M/860M/885M

This version supports the following Future Domain VLSI integrated circuits;

Sixteen bit: TMC-1800/18C50
Eight bit: TMC-950/9C50A

2. Installation

Run the installation program INSTALL.EXE from the Program Manager File
menu. This will copy all the Future Domain files into a directory you
specify. It will also install the Future Domain FastDisk icon on
the Control Panel window.

To actually install the SCSI FastDisk interface, you need to
double-click on the FastDisk icon that appears on your Control Panel
window. This program should guide you through the installation of
the Future Domain 32-Bit Disk Access (FastDisk) driver and the other
drivers it depends on.

If you have a 950 VLSI adapter, the installation will also ask for
the Memory Base Address and the IRQ Level used by the adapter. Be
prepared with this information before running the installation of the
FastDisk interface.

3. FastDisk Support On More Than Two Fixed Disks

By default Windows V3.1 can support only a maximum of two fixed disks
with FastDisk. This support is usually enough with majority of the
users but in situations where more than 2 fixed disks are installed
it will be beneficial to have FastDisk (32-Bit Disk Access) support
for more than 2 fixed disks. If you have installed our Future Domain
driver FDDEVICE.SYS (included in our The Disk Maestro software
package) to support more than 2 fixed disks under DOS you
are greatly encouraged to install our modified INT13.386 driver on
your Windows V3.1 system. This INT13.386 driver replaces the one
provided by your Windows V3.1 Retail Product and enables FastDisk
support on all drives supported by FDDEVICE.SYS. This by default will
be installed by INSTALL.EXE and the item name is 'Enhanced INT 13H

4. Precautions

First, each of the Future Domain adapters require a valid IRQ number
assigned to it and this number does not include 0 (zero). We require
you to have a non-zero IRQ for each of the Future Domain adapters in
your system for the SCSI FastDisk to work.

Secondly, be careful in assigning the IRQ value to your Future Domain
adapters. Make sure that none of them will conflict with any other
hardware/peripheral in your system. The reason behind this is that if
one of your hardware/peripheral (like the mouse installed in COM port 1)
has the same IRQ as one of your Future Domain adapters, when Windows
starts up your mouse will not work.

Lastly, if you have Future Domain's CD-ROM Driver installed in your
system please see the "Compatiblity Issues" help topic in the
FastDisk Installation Program.

5. SMARTDRV V4.0 Incompatiblity with Disk Maestro V6.0, V5.X

The disk caching utility SMARTDRV.EXE V4.0 is incompatible with the
disk driver FDDEVICE.SYS shipped with Future Domain's The Disk
Maestro V6.0 or V5.X product. An updated FDDEVICE.SYS that resolves
this problem is available in release V6.1. Call 1-800-879-7599 to
order a Disk Maestro V6.1 upgrade package.

6. One Final Note

The first time that you run INSTALL.EXE, it will store the following
lines in your WIN.INI file:

[SCSI FastDisk]

where is the path you have indicated the Future Domain files
will be copied to. Please do not remove these lines.

7. Customer Service

Write or call:

Future Domain Corporation
Customer Service
2801 McGaw Avenue
Irvine, CA 92714

Monday - Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM (PST)

Software Upgrade Orderline (800) 879-7599
TS Hotline: (714) 253-0440
FAX Hotline: (714) 253-0429

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