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Very easy to use Hard disk utilities in a well done package.
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Very easy to use Hard disk utilities in a well done package.
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Contents of the README.DOC file

Computer Creations
3538 Walker Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111

July, 1988

Dear Shareware User,

I have spent two years perfecting the most convenient, versatile,
and economical disk and printer manager on the market. It's called
Disk Wiz, and I'd like to share it with you.

Disk Wiz's major feature is that it loads into RAM and remains in
the background until called up at the touch of a key to allow you
to use it without having to exit the program you're working in. For
instance, if you're speadsheeting, Disk Wiz's pop-up feature lets
you jump out of the spreadsheet into Disk Wiz to pull up a letter
containing figures needed in the spreadsheet, print the letter out
or view it on the screen, and then go back to the spreadsheet to
insert the numbers. Disk Wiz returns you to your exact place in the
original program. All in a matter of seconds.

Disk Wiz is far superior to similar programs. It performs more
functions, uses less memory, and costs less money. Disk Wiz is also
easier to learn and simpler to operate.

Disk Wiz works on IBM(R) and compatible computers using PC or MS
DOS 2.0 or higher. There are 2 versions of Disk Wiz on every
distribution disk to accomodate different hardware. Plus, there is
even a non-memory resident version for those with small memories or
not-so-compatibles. Also, Disk Wiz can be customized for the
Invoking Keys combination, Screen colors, and Special Printer Codes

Disk Wiz has many, many desirable features.

* It takes the hassle out of managing hard-disk files and floppies.

* It eliminates typing file names and commands over and over.

* It has a printer control feature that allows users to switch
printers and to send special printer codes such as letter quality,
condensed print, smaller line spacing, etc.

* It has a versatile editor and typewriter mode for quick notes and

* It use less than 43K of memory. (Similar programs usually use
twice as much!)

* It saves time and frustration every day.

* And much, much more.

You'll be glad to know that the Disk Wiz Shareware manual is a
straight ASCII text file. There are no tabs, formfeeds, graphic
characters or extra blank lines. You can load it into any word
processor and read it or print it out in any fashion you see fit.

A 15-minute tutorial program called DWIZDEMO will take you through
Disk Wiz and teach you enough to use it without referring to the
manual for most operations.

For only $5, you can order a Shareware copy of Disk Wiz direct from
me without risk of viruses or trojans. In the Shareware Version,
the program's pop-up is not included for obvious reasons. However,
this will not prevent you from fully appreciating Disk Wiz as a
stand alone program.

I know that when you see how many times a day you use Disk Wiz as a
stand alone program, you will want the convenience of having it as
a Pop-Up program, available at the press of a key. Of course, when
you order the whole Disk Wiz package, you get the invaluable
Customization program and other useful utilities, as well as an
easy-to-read printed manual.

Disk Wiz regularly sells for only $25, plus $3 for postage and
handling. It may well be the biggest bargain in computer software.
Disk Wiz has been favorably reviewed by Sally Price in InfoWorld
and by Herb Friedman in Hands-On Electronics. In June of 1987,
InfoWorld had this to say about Disk Wiz: "Versatility, power &
simplicity come wrapped in RAM...Valuable utility for business and
home." Hands-On Electronics, which featured Disk Wiz twice, called
it a "lovely program that sneaks up on can't do
without it." We know you'll think as highly of Disk Wiz as the
experts do.

To order the complete Disk Wiz package, call 1-800-654-7684 and
charge it to your VISA or MasterCard. Or order by mail and send a
personal check. Either way, we'll ship immediately. We won't wait
for the check to clear. (Sorry, no purchase orders or COD's.) You
can't lose. Disk Wiz is fully guaranteed. If you're not completely
satisfied, simply return the manual and registration card within 30
days for a full refund. Erase the disk and keep it for your

Please remember that a tremendous amount of effort and money goes
into developing a software program. And no one gets rich from
selling programs through the shareware plan. If you like the
program and continue to use it, you are obligated to pay the full

If you have any questions, please call me personally during regular
business hours at 901-327-9210.


Ted Wood
Computer Creations

P.S. I'm frantically interested in BUGS! A free Disk Wiz to the
first report of any bug found (with the bug fixed, of course.)

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