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OPTIMALY - optimized copy/move files to floppy disk.
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OPTIMALY – optimized copy/move files to floppy disk.
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Contents of the OPTIMALY.DOC file

OPTIMALY - optimized copy/move files to floppy disk.

The intent of this program is to produce a batch file which will do the
actual copy/move operation. This was done to preserve compatibility with
various command processors (4Dos especially). For example, 4Dos includes
file descriptions when it copies (and moves). Thus, if you have a large
number of files to be copies/moved to a floppy disk, the file descriptions
will also be included. In fact, the amount of space available on the
floppy accounts for a description file and actual cluster sizes required.

You may specify COPY or MOVE as the command directive. If you have an
executable MOVE command (as 4Dos does) or an external MOVE.COM or MOVE.EXE
program, you can have OPTIMALY use it instead of copy. I prefer this when
creating my backup floppies as I know that what is left (not moved) is still
to be dealt with. OPTIMALY will not include files which are themselves
larger than the destination diskette. These files will be reported to you
upon completion.

To make a complete optimization, including the actual copy/move, you may
want to use another batch file to put all the pieces together. An example
of such a control file is included (OPTIMIZE.BAT). Of course, you may
want to hard-code any of the parameters you wish to standardize (e.g., the
command directive).

The syntax is straightforward. If you forget it, you need only start
OPTIMALY without any parameters and it will show you the syntax. By the
way, the syntax was constructed to form a logical sentence:

(read as... Optimally copy everything in the current directory to drive A:)

Although I maintain the copyrights, I grant free use and distribution
provided no changes are made to the program or documentation (feel free to
add other batch controls or descriptions for possible applications). Also,
no fees other than standard costs for reproduction/supplies may be attached.
These files may be included with other packages PROVIDED I AM NOTIFIED prior
to the distribution and have opportunity to respond.

Robert W. Reed
425 Fairgreen Ave
Casselberry, Fl 32707

(407) 695-6837 voice
(813) 796-5627 DataCom BBS, Tampa
(602) 279-0230 ToolShop BBS, Phoenix
(703) 978-6360 Your Place BBS, Washington D.C. area

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