Dec 162017
Check your Hard Drive.
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Check your Hard Drive.
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Contents of the CDISK.DOC file

This is the 1.1 version of cdisk. I would like to thank all
of the people who found that 1.0 did not work with hard disks.
This has been corrected with this version. It was a quick fix
and will be expanded in the future. In the 2.0 issue I will
distinguish between hard disks and floppies. This version
assumes that you have 2 (or 1) diskette(s) drive and one or more
hard disk drives. It makes no attempt to identify ram disks.
The next version will try to keep track of what drives are where
and of what type.
Please remember that cdisk is still in beta test. The next
version may correct any errors that you find. If you have a
problem to report please leave a message at PC-ROCKLAND at
(914) 353-2176.
A final version will be out as soon as 2.0 is finished and
evaluated. Thanks for the help.
Keith Graham

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