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CD ROM tester. Determines data transfer rate and access speed.
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CD ROM tester. Determines data transfer rate and access speed.
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CDTA -- CD-ROM Timing Analyzer

This CD-ROM timing analysis program measures the data throughput on
your CD-ROM drive and controller and also guesstimates the amount of time
required for the drive "head" to move from one place to another on the
disc, i.e., the access time.

The numbers computed by CDTA may not match manufacturers specs. For
instance, CDTA assumes that you may not have more than 450 MB on the CD-ROM
disc currently in the drive. So the access time test won't push the head
out past where the data ends. When the manufacturers do their testing,
however, they probably use a 660 MB disc and so their computation of access
time will be higher than the one CDTA comes up with. So, as a final step,
CDTA adds in a 50% fudge factor. In any case, the numbers CDTA
produces should prove useful in comparing one drive to another.

So far, I've gotten the following numbers:
Read rate Access time
Philips CM-100 15K bytes/sec 1036 ms
Genstar 3000 30K bytes/sec 694 ms

A second purpose of CDTA is to test out your drive/controller and disc.
If your system fails the first test, the sequential read test that starts
at sector 1000, then you have a hardware problem (or perhaps a dirty disc.)
Ditto if it fails the second test, assuming that you are testing with a 450
MB disc. (Two discs that will work with CDTA are the Software Toolworks
Encyclopedia and the Ramsoft Pixure I GIF disc.)

While I've copyrighted CDTA, it can be distributed freely as long as no
modifications are made. (If you would like to see something modified,
please drop me a line.) CDTA is freeware, not shareware, so no registration
fee is required. However, if you would like to send me a few $$$ for my
BBS, I won't mind.

Eric Balkan
14704 Seneca Castle Ct
Gaithersburg MD 20878
BBS: 301-294-0756

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