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Updates cache program that uses EMS. Read and Write cache.
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Updates cache program that uses EMS. Read and Write cache.
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Contents of the README file

EMC110 is version 1.10 of EMMCACHE. For users of EMMCACHE, the following
is a summary of the significant differences. More detailed information is
contained in the accompanying file EMC110.DOC.

1. The use of DOS memory has been reduced. The base size of the
installed program is slightly larger, but the amount of DOS memory used for
each page of expanded memory has been cut in half. EMC110 also releases its
copy of the DOS environment.

2. The cache can be resized, disabled and uninstalled. These features
work in a DOS shell as well as in a Desqview window.

3. Caching is done on both read and write.

4. Since the DOS 3.3 disk BIOS supports multi-track reads, corresponding
support has been added to EMC110. The information required for this support is
obtained via subfunction 8 of interrupt 13h, and EMC110 refuses to cache disks
which are not reported by this subfunction. As a result it is possible that
disks which were cached by EMMCACHE will not be not be cached by EMC110.

5. The one known bug in EMMCACHE has been corrected. Requests for data
transfers directly between disk and expanded memory weren't handled correctly.

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