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Hard Disk backup prg., sort of like FASTBACK.
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Hard Disk backup prg., sort of like FASTBACK.
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Contents of the ARCHIVE.DOC file

ARCHIVE.EXE is a file backup and restore utility similar to FASTBACK.
It is not as fast as FASTBACK since it does not format diskettes "on the fly"
like FASTBACK does, but its copy operations are very fast if you have
preformatted disks. Information on how to use ARCHIVE is available in the
program itself. Syntax for using ARCHIVE is:


where d is the drive you wish backed up. To obtain the help screens once in
ARCHIVE, select ARCHIVE INFO from the Main Menu. I have used this program
in a limited way and have had no problems with it. I can recommend it to
anyone not wanting to spend the fortune a copy of FASTBACK requires.

Bill Clark
SLHUG PC Librarian
August 12, 1986

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