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Monitor serves a simple but very useful function: it visually demonstrates when your hard disk is being accessed.
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Monitor serves a simple but very useful function: it visually demonstrates when your hard disk is being accessed.
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Contents of the MONITOR2.DOC file

+ Monitor - Version 2.0 |


Program Monitor2.Com is a memory resident (*TSR) written entirely
in assembly language. The program occupies only about 2k bytes of
memory when resident so it is easily installed in even the most
conservatively memoried systems. Monitor serves a simple but very
useful function: it visually demonstrates when your hard disk is being
accessed and when your floppy disk(s) are being accessed. This can be
extremely handy when using internal hard drives that have no visible
LED indicator of activity.

Program Description:

Monitor intercepts Bios interrupt 13 and determines for which
disk drive the interrupt request has been generated. If a floppy disk
is involved, Monitor will display an inverted letter F in the upper
right hand corner of the screen each time the floppy disk is accessed.
If a hard disk is being accessed, Monitor will display an inverted
letter H in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Copies between
floppy disks and hard disks are particularly fun to watch. The
program attempts to update the screen in a hashless manner by waiting
for retrace to occur on the video screen before updating the activity
flags. Monitor may be installed and de-installed using most of the
popular public domain and commercial TSR control programs. Monitor
has been extensively tested with a large variety of other TSR and non-
resident software in an attempt to maintain compatibility. Thus far
the program has proven to be very un-obtrusive in its impact on the
operation of other software. If you have conflict problems please
send a description of the problem to TurboWare.


Monitor2 may be installed by your Autoexec batch file at system
startup but under no circumstances should it be installed more than
once unless you are using a TSR loading and un-loading program to
control Monitor2. Multiple copies of Monitor2 in memory will slow
down your hard and floppy disks and eat up ram memory unnecessarily.

The only option available for use with Monitor2 is the @ sign
character. This character may be specified on the command line at
initial load of Monitor2 to force the program to use white as the
background color for the activity flags on the screen. This is
particularly useful to users who have a monochrome monitor connected
to a color graphics adapter. Since the normal colors used by Monitor2
are green and red, they may not show up very well on a monochrome
screen. To make the status flags more visible the user should select
black and white operation by placing the @ sign on the command line as
Monitor2 @

This will prevent the use of color in displaying the F or H for floppy
or hard disk activity.

It would be nice if software could be guaranteed to work properly
under all conditions and configurations of hardware and other software
but it simply cannot be done, so as with other products you may have
obtained either through the Public Domain or commercially there must
be a disclaimer of warranty and so the following disclaimer is made:


Monitor2.Com is distributed on an AS-IS basis and TurboWare
specifically disclaims all other warranties, expressed or implied.
Furthermore, TurboWare will not be liable for any damages whether
consequential, direct, indirect, special, implied, or other similar
damage claims, including but not limited to loss of profits whether
real or anticipatory or any other damage whether private or
commercial. TurboWare makes no warranty of fitness of use or purpose
for this program and use of same is solely the responsibility of the


Monitor2.Com is a supported product of TurboWare and will
continue to be so in the future. Technical problems, enhancements and
suggestions may be addressed to TurboWare at the address below.
Registered users are the only users who will receive notifications of
new TurboWare products as well as notifications of upgraded versions
of their registered products. Registration is $5.00 for Monitor2 and
affords the user the benefits of technical support by mail and update

In addition, assembly source code for Monitor2 is available from
TurboWare at $20. This source code is not public domain nor shareware
and the user is not allowed to share the source code with others.
Furthermore, users are prohibited from modifying the source code for
the purpose of distributing modified versions of Monitor. Any
enhancements to Monitor2 will be welcomed by TurboWare and considered
for inclusion in the supported version. The source code is made
available to encourage others to learn how to write TSR type programs
and aid them in learning assembly language. The code is fully
commented and explains exactly how Monitor2 works.

(*TSR) - Terminate and Stay Resident

TurboWare Inv #: IMON2xxxx
P.O. Box 9476
So. Charleston, WV

TurboWare: MONITOR Version 2.0 Invoice

Name: _________________________________________________

Company: ______________________________________________

Street Address: _______________________________________

Apartment / Mail Stop: ________________________________

City: _________________________________________________

State: ________________________ Zip: ________________

I am requesting:

( ) Registration for Monitor2 $5.00 _________

( ) Source code/registration for Monitor2 $20.00 _________

Total: _________

Please allow two weeks for handling of orders for source code.
Your registration number suffix (xxxx) will be assigned at
registration time.

Please remit total to:

| TurboWare |
| P.O. Box 9476 |
| So. Charleston, WV |
| 25309 |

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