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Nopirate Version 1.2 from DesignerWare. Stop software piracy and save your company BIG money in fines. Stop the F.B.I in their tracks. Tell the SPA you have NOPIRATE and your company does NOT allow software piracy.
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Nopirate Version 1.2 from DesignerWare. Stop software piracy and save your company BIG money in fines. Stop the F.B.I in their tracks. Tell the SPA you have NOPIRATE and your company does NOT allow software piracy.
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Contents of the NOPIRATE.DOC file

Welcome to Nopirate!

Created By:
108 Hutchinson Drive
North East PA. 16428

Copyrighted 1993 All rights reserved

* Note: DesignerWare is a subsidiary or Bt Labs.


Nopirate may only be used and distributed under the following

1) You may use the program for a period of up to thirty
days to determine its suitability for your needs. If you continue
to use it after a period of thirty days you MUST register your
copy by completing the enclosed registration form and sending it
along with the appropriate payment to the address listed on the

2) When you register your copy of nopirate, you will
a) The latest release.
b) The support utilities for nopirate.

3) You may distribute the Shareware version provided
that no fee is charged, except for a nominal "diskette" fee or
"connect time" charges. In any event, the entire fee shall not
exceed $10.00.

4) You may not distribute nopirate in modified form.

5) If you distribute nopirate, it must be in the
original archive form as released by DesignerWare. You may not add
or modify any files.


Because nopirate is distributed as "SHAREWARE",
there is absolutely no warranty, to the extent permitted by
applicable state law. Except when otherwise stated in writing,
DesignerWare and/or other parties provide the program "AS IS"
without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied,
including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of
merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The entire
risk as to the quality and performance of the program is with you.

Should nopirate prove defective, you assume all the cost
of all necessary remedies, repair or correction.

In no event shall DesignerWare be responsible in any way
for the behavior of modified versions of the program. In no event,
unless required by applicable state law, will DesignerWare or any
other party who may distribute the program as permitted above, be
liable to you for damages, including any lost profits, lost monies,
or other special, incidental or consequential damages arising out
of the use or inability to use (including but not limited to loss
of data or data being rendered inaccurate or losses sustained by
third parties or a failure of the program to operate with any other
program) nopirate, even if you have been advised of the possibility
of such damages, or any claim by any other party.


Nopirate is a program that is designed to help companies
prevent the illegal copying of software. It tracks all .EXE and
.COM files loaded on a PC. It also displays a banner indicating
company policy regarding software piracy.

More and more companies are being faced with the task of
managing several, if not hundreds, of PC computers. With users
becoming more familiar with PC's, companies are faced with software
'migration'. Licensed copies of software get copied and moved
around and sometimes multiply throughout the company. Users have
PC's at home and software may migrate to and from home. What ever
their intentions are, a company can soon be faced with a serious
problem. Before you know it a trade organization, like SPA, comes
knocking on your door, with or without the Federal Marshals, and
bang your in the middle of legal litigations. Your faced, with the
burden of proving you legally own each copy of software installed
on each PC. You face the possibility of fines, which could result
in hundreds of thousands of dollars and in some cases may even
result in criminal charges and jail.

What nopirate helps you do is keep a handle on your installed
software and notifies your employees of your company policy. It
also helps you in the case of a software audit, by proving your
company is aggressively taking actions to prevent software piracy.


0.5 - Original test version.

1.0 - First Share release.

1.0a - Same as 1.0, 1.0a was mailed and 1.0 was
electronically uploaded to BBS's.

1.2 - Added DOS errorlevel 1 to return status if Nopirate
detects errors. Changing the password no longer
changes the file date and time which would cause
Nopirate to report an error. Made a few changes to
the install program to improve performance. Added
/V /F /Q, /V shows the current date and run cycle
of the program. /F forces the program to run,
overriding the active day of the week and active
run time. /Q displays errors to the screen without
requiring keyboard input to continue.


Nopirate installs itself on the boot disk of each PC and
records a signature into a database file for every .EXE and .COM
file loaded (found). It is called from the autoexec.bat file each
time the computer is booted. It then searches for each .EXE and
.COM file loaded and compares that to a previously saved database
file. If the signature of the .EXE or .COM file has changed or
there are NEW .EXE or .COM files loaded it reports the problem and
blows the siren. This has the following effect:

1>. Notifies you if someone has loaded software.
2>. Visually displays a message to your employees
stating your company policy.
3>. Gives you a quick inventory list of all software
installed on each PC.
4>. Helps report the tampering of .EXE and .COM files
like in the case of computer viruses.


In the registered version nopirate can also be configured to
run occasionally, for example every third, fourth, etc time. It
can also be configured to randomly run. You can add serial numbers
to each nopirate database and nopirate. You can also use nopirate
to put a serial number on each .com and .exe file to track its


nopirate.exe The nopirate program.
install.exe The install program to properly install
nopirate.doc Documentation.
order.doc Ordering form.
readme.txt If included, any late minute changes.
pcbrand.exe * Serial number maintainer utility.
finddf.exe * Displays the stored database of .EXE and .COM
files and prints listing to printer.
findpass.exe * Find and decode the banner information and
password of an installed nopirate.exe.

* = Are only included in the registered version.


Q. Does nopirate.exe run as a TSR?

A. No. TSR programs have a tendency to create problems with
other programs. Nopirate is a normal executable program
that is run at the DOS prompt.

Q. If nopirate.exe is NOT a TSR how does it stop illegal
copies of software from being installed? and/or being

A. When nopirate is installed or updated, with /u, it
records all .exe and .com files into a database. It also
records the time, date, and size. If these change or
.exe and .com files are found that are not in the
database it reports it. This keeps programs from being
installed or altered.

Q. Nopirate is called from the autoexec.bat, it seems easy
enough to defeat doesn't it?

A. Yes. Nopirate is put in the autoexec.bat and is NOT
installed as part of the DOS kernel. This does have a
few drawbacks. First of all lets start off by saying any
copy protection scheme can be defeated by someone and
nopirate is no exception. Expert DOS users could boot
from floppy, alter the autoexec.bat, or just rename the
program. But, nopirate is NOT a copy protection program.
It is a management tool that makes your users aware of
company policy and notifies them, and you, if something
has changed. You must make it your company policy NOT to
remove or defeat nopirate. Nopirate does use encryption
on itself, uses a password, and hides itself from must
novice PC users.

Q. What does putting a serial number on the software do?

A. The registered version of nopirate allows you to assign
a 1-15 character/numeric serial number to the end of .exe
and .com files. This is usually the serial number of the
PC for which it is installed. If someone copies the
program to another PC you can use this serial number to
determine where it came from (kind of like putting radio
collars on migrating moose).

Q. Does putting serial numbers on .exe and .com files cause

A. Some programs like stacker do not like this type of
modification and may not run properly. But, the normal
DOS programs like Word Processors and Spread Sheet
Programs work just fine. That is why you need to keep
back-up copies and thoroughly test each .exe and .com
branded with a serial number to ensure it works properly.

Q. What programs should I brand with a serial number?

A. Normally DOS files SHOULD NOT be branded and would serve
little use. This is especially true since most PC's come
with DOS anyway. The programs you need to brand with
serial numbers are your Graphics, Spread Sheets, Word
Processor, etc packages.


First off, nopirate is NOT FREE. It is distributed as
Shareware to allow you to evaluate it and determine if it's right
for your organization.

Once registered you will receive a registered version with a
few more options and some additional support utilities. You will
also be notified of any software bugs, fixes, and future releases.

Also, as a registered user you may request DesignerWare
consulting to help with inventorying, installing, and advising on
how best to protect yourself from trade organizations like the SPA.


1>. First make a backup copy of nopirate and its support

2>. Nopirate should be installed from a floppy diskette. If
not already done, copy nopirate.exe and install.exe to a
floppy diskette.

a>. Warning: DO NOT leave the install program and the
original nopirate.exe on your installed PC's.
Users could reinstall it and defeat your purpose.

3>. Run install and follow the prompts. Install will create
the proper nopirate.exe program.

a>. Disk drive - This should be the boot drive for

b>. Set Password - This is the password that will be
set in the installed version of nopirate. Running
nopirate /u or nopirate /b will require this
password. Make certain you remember what you set
it to.

Note: Install will not let you install nopirate
without setting a password. Password is case
sensitive and must be at least 4 digits long.

c>. Update Banner - When nopirate runs it will display
a banner. You should put your company name and
software policy in the banner.

d>. Set the counts for nopirate to run on. Default is
one. This tells nopirate to run and display itself
every time executed. To make nopirate check every
third time set this to 3. Valid numbers range from
1-30. This makes the program become active
periodically. Use 0 to make it run randomly.
NOTE: REGISTERED version only!

e>. Update Autoexec.bat - The install program will put
the command to run nopirate in your autoexec.bat.
It will then make autoexec.bat read only. Use the
DOS attrib command to set it back for writing if
you need to edit it.

f>. Please enter files to ignore - You can tell
nopirate to ignore certain .exe and .com files.
You can also ignore an entire subdirectory or an
entire disk drive.


It copies nopirate.exe to and then sets the
password and banner information in is
then copied to your boot disk as nopirate.exe. The install program
will make nopirate.exe a hidden and read only file. A hidden
subdirectory called 1234 678.exe is created and a read only hidden
database file called nopirate.dbf will be created inside the
subdirectory. Your autoexec.bat will be modified, if so desired
and then it will be made read only.

Example: nopirate /s

/C = Forces nopirate not to determine if there is a
color monitor and assumes monochrome.

/R = Reserves less memory. Normally nopirate reserves
all but 64k for database. Using this option forces
nopirate to reserve all but 16k. Try this switch
if you cannot load all the files.

/S = No siren, normally nopirate will use the PC speaker
to sound a wavering tone. This makes nopirate
silent on errors.

/1 = Less encryption. Normally nopirate keeps the
database encrypted to prevent users from changing
it. Using this option limits the amount encrypted
and leaves some data not encrypted.

/2 = Even less encryption. See /1

/N = No encryption on the database file. This should be
only used for testing and debugging.

/U = Update and/or create the database file containing
all the .exe and .com files found. If you also use
/1, /2, or /N to create a partially encrypted
database file you will also need to use them to run
in non-update mode.

/P = Set the password for nopirate.

/B = Set the banner on the screen for nopirate.

/Z = Runs without clearing screen. Must also be used
with another option. This is used by install.

/I = Use /I to automatically feed a password.
This is used by install to force /U.

/V =* Verbose mode used to display active time and date.

/F =* Force execution regardless of day of week or count.

/Q = If errors are found just display them and don't
wait for the keyboard.


Problem: When nopirate runs it reports errors and I know it should
have found the files in its database.

Solution: Run nopirate again with the /u option to create a new
database. If you are creating the database with /1, /2,
or /N you will also need to use it without the /U option.

Problem: I have a CD drive and nopirate reads it and reports the
files on it.

Solution: Run nopirate with the /U option to create a new database
and tell it to ignore the CD drive.

Problem: I want to run nopirate after my network drives are
loaded, but I want certain directories ignored.

Solution: Run nopirate with the /U option to create a new database
and tell it to ignore drives and subdirectories.

Problem: How can I make nopirate run faster?

Solution: Create a database using /1 or /2 this requires less
encryption and will load faster -- BUT this is not
recommended because it compromises security. You can
also try running nopirate after disk caching is installed
in your autoexec.bat. Try ignoring certain drives.
Partition your disk into more than one drive ignore large
data drives (Buy faster PC's ). Nopirate has been
optimized to run as fast as possible and shouldn't take
only a few seconds. Increase the pop-up time to make
nopirate run only every 3rd, 4th, etc time (registered
version only).

Problem: I have told nopirate to ignore a subdirectory, but I see
it still searches that subdirectory.

Solution: Ignored subdirectories are still searched only the .exe
and .com files are ignored. This prevents ignoring a
subdirectory and someone creating subdirectories under
the ignored subdirectory.

Problem: I have a program that gets modified on a regular bases
and nopirate must constantly be updated to stop it from
reporting the program. An example of this is if I change
the password on nopirate after running the /u option.

Solution: Tell nopirate to ignore that file when you install
nopirate or when using the /U option.

Problem: We have PC's that are used for programming and we are
always creating .exe and .com files that are being
reported by nopirate.

Solution: Put all your development onto a separate disk drive
(partition the disk) and/or into a subdirectory and tell
nopirate to ignore them.

Problem: I have several hundred PC's how do I install the program
without constantly typing in banners and passwords?

Solution: Use the install program. It creates a file
with all the proper information in it. The install
program will look for this file and if found will ask if
you wish to use it.

Problem: I'm trying to run nopirate and I get a message telling me
that it is not installed.

Solution: Nopirate.exe must have been created with install. Run
install to create an installed version.

Problem: I have installed nopirate and have forgotten the

Solution: Re-install nopirate or use findpass.exe to tell you the

Problem: Nopirate.exe reports a file is in error but, no one has
changed the file.

Solution: Some programs write to themselves like nopirate. If the
byte size changes, file time, or file date then it is
reported. You may have a virus loaded that is changing
files. Use a anti-virus program to determine there isn't
a virus then tell nopirate to ignore those program.

DWMSG 001 Error opening database file.

Solution: Reinstall program or run update by using /U.

DWMSG 002 Error cannot determine dbf file.

Solution: Reinstall program or run update by using /U.

DWMSG 003 Database file to big to fit into memory.

Solution: Try using /R to increase memory allocation.

DWMSG 004 Memory allocation error.

Solution: Report the error to DesignerWare.

DWMSG 005 Error reserving memory.

Solution: Report the error to DesignerWare.

DWMSG 006 Error storing record.

Solution: Report the error to DesignerWare.

DWMSG 007 Error memory sorting.

Solution: Report the error to DesignerWare.

DWMSG 008 Error walking directory tree

Solution: Reinstall program and ensure it is being run
prior to network drives.

DWMSG 009 Not Used.

DWMSG 010 Error while reading file.

Solution: Update using /U or reinstall.

DWMSG 011 Max record reached only 5000 can be loaded.

Solution: Tell nopirate to ignore certain drives.

DWMSG 012 Warning all files not found.

Solution: This message is not given if subdirectories or
disk drives are being ignored. Update nopirate using /U.

DWMSG 013 Not used.

DWMSG 014 Cannot find database file. Not properly installed.

Solution: Use the /U option or reinstall.

DWMSG 015 Trying to update a banner or password and a installed
nopirate.exe cannot be found.

Solution: Make certain nopirate is in the root directory
of the installed drive. Reinstall nopirate.

DWMSG 016 Trying to run an non installed version.

Solution: Install nopirate using the install program.

DWMSG 017 Trying to brand or set password and a non installed
version if found.

Solution: Make certain nopirate is in the root directory
of the installed drive. Reinstall nopirate.

Critical errors are in the range 1-255:

01 = Unknown unit.
02 = Drive/Device not ready.
03 = Unknown internal command.
04 = CRC error.
05 = Bad structure requests.
06 = Seek error.
07 = Unknown media type.
08 = Sector not found.
09 = Printer out of paper.
10 = Write fault.
11 = Read fault.
12 = General DOS failure.
255 = Attempting to write to protected media.

Non critical errors are greater than 256.

257 = Invalid function call.
258 = File not found.
259 = Path not found.
260 = To many files open. No DOS handles left.
261 = Access denied.
262 = Invalid handle.
263 = Memory control blocks destroyed.
264 = Insufficient memory.
265 = Invalid memory block address.
266 = Invalid environment.
267 = Invalid format.
268 = Invalid access code.
271 = Invalid drive.


Name : __________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________



Current version 1.0a of nopirate 1 @ $ 69.95
(Diskette with programs and documentation)

Number __________ X 69.95 = $ __________

* Commercial site license for the use of nopirate are
available. Valid for up to 50 computers (Includes one diskette
with program and documentation) cost 1 @ $ 2,795.50.

Number __________ X 2,795.50 = $ __________

Please add $5.00 for shipping and handling.
(Please add $10.00 for overseas orders.)
Shipping & Handling $ ___________

Total enclosed $ ___________
Check disk format:

______ Diskette format 5.25 ______ Diskette format 3.5

Terms: Check drawn on a U.S. banks in U.S. funds.
International bank or postal money order in U.S. funds.
Purchase orders accepted from larger corporations. All
foreign orders must be prepaid. Sorry, no C.O.D orders
accepted. Prices are subject to change without notice.
For fastest deliver use money order or certified check.
Make checks payable to DesignerWare.

Mail to:
108 Hutchinson Drive
North East Pa. 16428

Information on Site Licenses/Corporate Site License:

This is a license for use of the software within your
company, and is not transferable. This allows internal use and
copying of the software by as many users/machines as stated for
(See the order form). You can use the program in a network,
timesharing, multiple Cpu or multiple user arrangement.
Distribution, repackaging, or reselling of the software to third
parties is not allowed.

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