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CD ROM information.
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CD ROM information.
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CD-ROM Conference Common Answer Guide (was Sheet)

October 5, 1991 - Volume I - Number 1.17

compiled by Ted Tang
(please distribute freely, released to the public domain)

FREQ: CDROMFAQ from 1:154/386

Only compress using PKZIP and name file as CDRFvnnn.ZIP where
v=volume and n=number, please.


No, you cannot convert your CD audio player into a CD-ROM drive.

But, Bill Hemmings of 1:300/11 claims:
I should get a nickle for all the times the question has been asked
"can I use a cheap ordinary cd-rom drive for computer data". And a
dollar for all the wrong answers. Because, it turns out, it not
only can be done, but it's cheap. I'm not going to go into the
details here, because my opinion is that it's not worth the
trouble. But for those on a REALLY short shoestring, check out the
July/ August issue of 'Midnight Engineering'. Everything you need
to read the digital data stream is there. You'll need a device
driver, however, to interface to DOS. You can order the magazine
from 303-225-1410 if you can't find it on the newstand. Tell 'em I
sent ya. Maybe they'll give me a free issue. Or something.
Bigfoot's RBBS - Tucson,AZ - HST - (8:902/1) or (1:300/11.0)

[I read the article. It sounds like it would take a lot of
technical expertise to get the computer to control the CD player.
The experiment was for playing around with digital music, not
reading CD-ROM discs.]

I have a large collection of CD-ROM support & information files.
You may either FREQ: HARDWARE for a list or call my BBS and
download on your first call. See credits below.

Is selling a BSR CD-ROM drive which is actually a Sony drive. 380
ms, 8 K buffer, $399. But is it really SCSI? No one seems to know
for certain!

drive: CDU 6201-20 external
CDU-531 internal
interface: CDB-242 interface BUS -OR-
DTC3280A "SCSI" Controller
8-bit, pseudo SCSI?

Doors/BBS Usage
Most CD-ROM databases, including encyclopedias, do not permit you
to install on a BBS for public access.

Experiencing disc read errors? Try cleaning the lens with a CD
lens cleaner available at any audio store and clean the disc.
Disc access slow? Try increasing MSCDEX buffers.

Microsoft Bookshelf
IME is selling them for $59.

Microsoft CD-ROM Extension
Non-removable TSR that configures your CD-ROM drive to behave like
a network drive/device. Supposedly, you can get the latest version
on Compu$erve. Otherwise, it is available from your dealer but not
Microsoft. With DOS 5.0, you must use SETVER. Here's a brief
summary of command line options-

MSCDEX [/E/K/S/V] [/D: ... ] [/L:] [/M:]
option: /E Use expanded memory for cache
/K Include support for Kanji character set
/S Network server support
/V View setup on installation
/L:[C-Z] DOS drive letter to use
/M:[4-xx] Cache size, 16=32K
/D:[name] Device driver name

[I don't know how multiple CD-ROM drivers would be defined]

Tandy CDR-1000 CD-ROM Reader
access time 800 ms, data rate 150 Kb/s, Mitsumi brand, no internal
cache, drawer loading. Passed by Sierra for multimedia. Price


Means "Compact Disc Read-Only Media". It is exactly the same thing
as the audio CD except for just music, it also contains data.
Introduced in 1984.

CD-I - Interactive
A Sony-Philips developed consumer oriented CD based video and audio
system combining hardware and software. A home consumer version of
CD-ROM, with music, pictures, and partial-screen motion video that
plugs into a TV set and stereo. CD-I gives a variety of high
quality digital pictures, including still photographs, graphics,
and animation; and it delivers four grades of sound from AM quality
for narration to CD digital audio style high-fidelity for music.
However, moving video is currently only possible on 40% of the
screen. CD-I is designed to deliver interactive entertainment
(anything from encyclopedias to games). CD-I offers ease of use by
having a microprocessor built into the CD-I player, which hooks up
to a TV set and stereo system and plays audio and video CDs as well
as CD-I specific applications (no microcomputer is required). The
user interacts with the program using a pointing device such as a
joystick or mouse.(1)

CD-ROM XA - Extended Architecture
A CD that is a hybrid of CD-ROM and CD-I proposed by Philips, Sony,
and Microsoft. This technology requires a microcomputer and gives
CD-ROM users the ability to access some of CD-I's audio and video
features, and CD-I users the ability to play some (but not all)
CD-ROM XA discs.(1)

CD-ROM WO - Write Once
Aka "Frankfurt Group Proposal" Proposed successor to the ISO
9660:1988 standard to support CD-WO hardware and X/Open or IEEE
POSIX file systems. Contact Sun Microsystems.

Sony has marketed a re-writable CD-ROM system for in-house
publishing. Cost $20,000

Available from Commodore.

Magnetic media utilizing optical tracking. Not CD-ROM compatible.

Rock Ridge Group
Proposed extension to ISO 9660:1988 to provide for X/Open or IEEE
POSIX file systems. Contact HP or Sun Microsystems.

Means "Write Once Read Many". Not CD-ROM compatible.


Access Time: rated time it takes for the CD-ROM drive to seek to
the requested position on the disc, usually 300-1500ms. See
stroke for max access time spec.

Audio: most CD-ROM drives have stereo audio capability and simply
require software to play a CD-Audio disc; such drives will
usually have a headphone jack, volume control, and/or line out
jacks; some have such jacks directly on the interface card.

Buffer/Cache: The CD-ROM drive hardware cache is the internal
buffer size. It ranges from 0-64K. For software cache,
see Microsoft Extension.

Caddy: provide extra protection to CD-ROM disc at additional cost.
Some people complain they rattle. Not all drives use a caddy
(top or drawer loading).

compatibility- Sony/Toshiba/Amdek/Chinon/Apple type
Access type
Philips type

rumored best price: EduCorp $5.50/10

Data transfer rate: 150-171 Kb/sec depending on interface.

Device driver: hardware specific software that handles low-level
calls to CD-ROM hardware.

Young Minds driver
"Universal driver". Allows the DRM-600 to automagically
change cd-roms if you need to use a different disc.

Error correction technique: CIRC, EDC/ECC

Interface: CD-ROM drives are either proprietary serial or SCSI.

Jukebox: Pioneer DRM-600/610 CD-ROM Changer (6-cd jukebox unit)
only one known in existance.

Repair: CD ROM Doctor. He currently repairs all makes of Toshiba,
and is now expanding into various SONY Models and Hitachi
Models - currently 1703 and 1503S. He generally charge s
$100.00 for a cleaning, adjustment, and small repairs. He
also has a 2 week turnaround time which beats repair by
manufacturer and he is both friendly and professional.

Stroke: measurement of arm movement from inner to outter track, in
CD-ROM drive case, the laser. See access time.

Data Discman
By Sony. A hand-held "Electronic Book" that plays 8-cm optical
discs in both CD-ROM and CD Audio format and includes built-in
retrieval software along with a high-resolution LCD display to
provide a completely portable, self-contained database access
device. Capable of holding around 200 meg of information.

The Wall Street Journal says that Sony yesterday announced November
availability of the Data Discman in the US. Size of a thick
paperback book; weight about 2 pounds. Suggested retail of $549.95
which includes 3 starter disks: Compton's Concise Encyclopedia, the
Wellness Encyclopedia, and the World Travel Translator. More than
20 disks will be available by December 25, including the Bible, a
wine guide, and a moview review guide, all selling for between $30
and $130.

The US model is different from the Japanese model with a larger
screen. Sony says that there will eventually be different versions
with varied prices and capabilities.

Capacity: 540-720 megs per side (CD-ROM discs are rarely double
sided) depending on format.

Coating: polycarbonate material (plastic)

Disc or disk: Use "disc" to refer to optical media and "disk" for
magnetic media.

foreign file access, HFS- compatible on Mac.
High Sierra Group (HSG)- HS allows 4 path tables per byte
ordering vs 2 ISO 9660 allows. ISO 9660 date formats have
an additional field for offset from UTC. Pseudo
compatible with ISO 9660. Docs supposedly available on
ISO9660- international standards organization, ANSI standard
recording format for CD-ROM discs. Single case 31(8+3)
character file names; limited 8 subdirectory depth.
Compatible on PCs, Mac, & Sun.
Kodak- photo/image storage
red book- CD audio specs (44.1 Mhz)
yellow book- ???

Life: 25+ years

Medium: information is pressed on alluminum as pits or lands.

Archival disc
Century Disc. Gold medium in between very hard tempered glass
using mineral based protective coating. Designed to last 100-3000


Alde Vol. 3 No. 1
Carrs PDSI-004
CD-ROMs in Print, 1991 ed, $125.00 (7/31/91)

Grolier's Encyclopedia (aka Software Toolworks) 1991 ed
Meridian CDNET software 4.1
Microsoft Bookshelf 1991
Microsoft CDROM extensions v. 2.20
PC-SIG Library, 9th ed (1991) $295 (2)
RBBS-In-A-Box (RIAB) Vol 3.1 No. 1
ROM1, ROM2: 18,000 ZIPped files; 100 subdirectories, $80 each
Rock Ridge 1.09
Silver Platter software 2.01
SUN User Group CD-ROM, 1991 ed

Books, Magazines, Conferences & Groups

"" Internet Usenet conference

"Brady Guide to CD-ROM" by Laura Buddine & Elizabeth Young

"CD-Rom Collection Builder's Toolkit" Softcover 190 Pages. $29.95
from Online Inc.

"CD-ROM End User Magazine" (defunct?), Helgerson Associates, Inc,

"CD-ROM Extensions Information Packet" Microsoft

"CD-ROMs in Print 1991: The Book Version" Comprehensive
international coverage of over 1,400 CD-ROMs. Up to 25 items of
information on each CD-ROM in the Optical Product Directory. A NEW
Macintosh Title Index. Annually in November. ISBN 0-88736-587-6

"CD-ROMs in Print 1991: The CD-ROM Version" Provides detailed
information on the 1630 Cd-ROMs currently available. Each record
in this database has up to 26 items of information. $175.00 CD-ROM
ISBN 0-88736-732-1

"CD-ROM Librarian Magazine" includes monthly update to "CD-ROMs in

"CD-ROM Local Area Networks: A User's Guide," edited by Norman
Desmarais. Just published by Meckler Ltd. It's 175 pages and
costs 21 pounds... no U.S. price listed, but Meckler has an office
in Westport, Conn. ISBN is 0-88736-700-3

"CD-ROM Professional Magazine" Pemberton Press, Inc, Adam
Pemberton, president/publisher, rate: $86/year (bimonthly)

"CD-ROMS: Breakthrough in Information Storage" by Frederick Holtz
Tab Books, 1988, TK7882.C56H65

"CD-ROM USERS GROUP" They have special offers to members.
Membership is FREE. They recently had a 7-PAC of CD-ROM discs for
$69. Numerous PC titles to choose from.

"CDROM" Fidonet Echomail conference; Bob Hall, moderator

"DISC Magazine" (defunct?), Helgerson Associates, Inc

"Ebsco CD-ROM Handbook" Ebsco Subscription Services

"Information processing - Volume and file structure of CD-ROM for

information interchange" from ANSI, ECMA, or GED

"MS-DOS Extensions" Microsoft Press

"MS-DOS CD-ROM Extensions Programmer's Reference Manual" Laser
Magnetic Storage Intl. Specify document number 75117166C. $11

"Nautilaus" monthly CD-ROM publication designed to provide a
multi-disciplinary forum to present and discuss multimedia
applications. Linda Davies, Ph.D., contributing editor for the
Macintosh version, and Sharon Summers Ph.D for the Windows 3.0

"optiC-Digest Magazine"
rates 3 months 4 months
base $39.95 $49.95
int'l +$45.00 +$60.00
CN +$15.00 +$20.00

"Special Interest Group on CD-ROM Applications & Technology"
(SIGCAT) User group sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey which
is devoted to the investigation of CD-ROM technology. Free

"USGS Library/SIGCAT CD-ROM Compendium" U.S. Geological Survey
Open-File Report 91-40. Great listing of lots of government


Data Index Preperation: You do this
Input medium: disks, ANSI labeled tapes, discs
Pre-Mastering: Conversion to your data & data files to a file
system (ISO 9660, High Serria (now obsolete), or Mac HFS) This
is $100 to $500 per setup. Meridian Data, Inc & Young Minds
sells in-house pre-mastering software.
Mastering: This makes a pressing master. Varies from $800 for 2
week turn-around to $2,300 SAME DAY SERVICE!
Replication: $1.30/disk. Add $.35 per disk if in a jewell box.
Minimum pressing run of $300 (about 230 disk).

3M Optical Recording
American Helix
Devon Corporation
Digital Audio Disc Corp
Disc Manufacturing, Inc
Discovery Systems
Disk Manufacturing Inc
JVC Disc America Company
Nimbus Information Systems
Optical Disk Mastering
Technetronics Inc


3M Optical Recording, 612-733-3000

Alde Publishing
6520 Edenvale Blvd., Ste. 118, Eden Prairie, MN 55346
800-727-9724; 612-934-4239
FAX: 612-934-2824

American Helix, 717-392-7840

American National Standards Institute
1430 Broadway, NY, NY 10018
TEL: 212 642 4900

Bureau of Electronic Publishing, Inc.
141 New Road, Parsippany, NJ 07054
toll-free 800-828-4766
international 201-808-2700
fax 201-808-2776

Carrs-Night Owl
219 Potomac Ave, Buffalo, MY 14213
fax 716-886-0545
bbs 716-881-5688/5380/5182 (2)

CD ROM Doctor, Rick Thomas
18642 El Carmen, Orange, CA 92669
Telephone: (714) 538-3077

CD-ROM Inc, Roger ???
Attention: Department CRS
1667 Cole Blvd, Suite 400, Golden, Colorado 80401

CD-ROM USERS GROUP, Fred Bellamy, Info-Mart Sales
PO BX 2400, Santa Barbara, CA 93120.
voice: 805/965-0265
fax: 805/965-5415

(call voice, get password, try CD-ROMs for 10 mins each via BBS)
voice: 201-080-2700
bbs: 201-808-0085

Comtek, Henry or Leif
toll-free 800-767-0668
international 405-524-0668
fax 405-525-9154

Corel Systems Corporation
1600 Carling Ave, Ottawa, Ontario K1Z 8R7
international 613-728-8200
fax 613-761-9177

DAK (contact: Bryan Eggers)
8200 Remmet Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304
toll-free 800-DAK-0800 800-325-0800
technical 800-888-9818
inquiries 800-888-7808
tdd 800-888-6703
fax 818-888-2837
corporate office 818-888-8220

Denon Corporation, Garden City, NY, 404-342-3032

Digital Audio Disc Corp, 812-466-6821

Disc Manufacturing, Inc
Shogo Karitani, Technical Sales CD-ROM Marking
4905 Moores Mill Road, Huntsville, AL 35811-1511

Discovery Systems, Dublin, OH 614-761-2000

Dr. Linda Davies, Assistant Director of Educational Technology
Dykes Library, Division of Educational Technology
University of Kansas Medical Center
2100 W. 39th St., Kansas City, Kansas 66103
(913) 588-7342
[email protected]

Ebsco Subscription Services 1-800-221-1826.

ECMA Headquarters
Rue de Rhone 114, CH-1204 Geneva, Switzerland

7434 Trade Street, San Diego, CA 92121-2410
toll-free 800-843-9497

Future Domain Corp
2801 McGraw Ave, Irvine, CA 92714

Global Engineering Documents
TEL: 714 261 1455

Hall, Bob, CDROM Echomail conference moderator
Ellis Enterprises
4205 McAuley Blvd. #385, Oklahoma City, OK 73120
toll-free 800-729-9500
international 405-749-0273
fax 405-751-5168
Fidonet 1:147/23

Helgerson Associates, Inc
510 N Washington St, Suite 401, Falls Church, VA 22046-3537

Hewlett-Packard, Bob Niland
3404 East Harmony Road, Fort Collins, CO 80525-9599
atten: Bob Niland MS66
Internet: [email protected]
UUCP: hplabs!hpfcrjn!rjn
AT&T: (303) 229-4014

Hitachi America
Los Angeles, CA
international 213-537-8383

IME Computers
1340 Soldiers Field Road, Boston, MA 02135
toll-free 800-999-1911
international 617-254-1700
fax 617-254-0392

JVC Disc America Company, 205-554-7111

Laser Magnetic Storage Intl
4425 Arrows West Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80907-3489

Meridian Data, Inc.
5615 Scotts Valley Dr., Scotts Valley, CA 95066
international 408-438-3100
fax 408-438-6816

Microsoft, Product Support Services
international 206-454-2030

NEC Technologies, Inc.
1255 Michael Drive, Wood Dale, Illinois 60191-1094
general 708-860-9500
technical support 800-FONE-NEC, 708-860-0335
bbs 508-635-6328 HST
bbs 508-635-6163 HST/V32

Nimbus Information Systems, Charlottesville, VA 804-985-1100

Online Inc
11 Tannery Lane, Weston, CT 06883
toll free 800-248-8466
fax 203-222-0122

optiC-Digest Magazine
Jeff Connors, subscriptions
Bob Hall, Editor
Dept. CDOPDM, 29200 Vasser Avenue, Suite 200, Livonia, MI 48152
international 313-477-7340

Optical Disk Mastering, 704-542-5303

Optical Media International
485 Alberto Way, Los Gatos, CA 95032
international: 408-395-4332
fax: 408-395-6544
AppleLink: OMI
Internet: [email protected]

Pemberton Press Inc
11 Tannery Lane, Weston, CT 06883
toll-free 800-248-8466

Philips, Linda Olsen
1898 Leland Ave, Marrieta, Georgia 30067 USA

Phillips/DuPont, Deleware 800-433-3472

Quanta Press
2239 Carter Avenue, St Paul, Minnesota 55108
international 612-641-0714
fax 612-644-8811 (2)

ROM1, ROM2, Rose & Crown BBS
bbs 615-892-0017 (before 9:30pm)

toll-free 800-326-6654
international 209-683-4468

E. J. (Jerry) McFaul, Chair, SIGCAT
U.S. Geological Survey
904 National Center, Reston, VA 22092-9998

George Knapp, Geological Survey, 703-648-6823
SIGLIT - Library Information Technology
Susan David, Library of Congress, 202-707-7169
SIGACE - Application of CD-ROM in Education
Sheldon Fisher, Dept of Education, 202-219-1699
CIAS - CD-ROM Index Architecture Specification
Cpt Larry Schankin, US Air Force, 617-377-2105
Mike Rubinfeld, Nat Inst of Stand & Tech, 301-975-3064

CDOWG - CD-ROM Data Origination Working Group
Maureen Prettyman, Nat Inst of Health, 301-496-1936
CD-CINC - CD-ROM Consistent Interface Committee
Susan David, Chair, SIGLIT, 202-707-7169
Fred Durr, Nat Inf Serv Corp, 301-243-0797
GIS - CD-ROM Working Group
Dan Costanzo, Army Eng Topographic Labs, 703-355-2803
SIGTEAL - To Expedite the Accommodation Law
Robert Jaquiss, Tektronix Corp, 503-627-4444
Tom Dennison, Todd Enterprises, Inc, 703-379-2842
SIGCLASS Working Group
Duane Marquis, Dept of Commerce, 301-261-8002
SIGSGML Working Group
John Oster, Oster Associates, Inc, 301-838-1908

Sony Electronic Publishing Company
Jackie, Optical Dept, 408-432-0190, 408-372-6579
Greg Smith, National Sales & Marketing Manager, 408-944-4027
Bob Hurley, Eastern Regional Sales & Marketing Manager, 603-595-4331
Keith Dalton, Manager, Systerm Marketing, 703-620-1305

Sharon Summers, RN Ph.D.
School of Nursing, University of Kansas Medical Center
39th and Rainbow, Kansas City, KS 66103
(913) 588-1664
[email protected]

Sun Microsystems, Inc (contact: Torn Wong)
fax 415-336-6015
Larry Kluger, Software Division Marketing Manager
international 415-336-4708

SUN User Group
internet [email protected]
international 617-232-0514.

Technetronics Inc, West Chester, PA 215-430-6800

Tiger Software
800 Douglas Entrance, Executive Tower, 7th Fl, Coral Gables, Fl 33134
toll-free 800-888-4437
international 305-443-8212
fax 305-443-5010

Todd Enterprises, Inc.
224-49 67th Avenue, Bayside, New York 11364
international 718-343-1040
fax 718-343-918
toll-free 800-445-TODD

Trantor Systems
5415 Randall Place, Fremont, CA 94538
international: 415-770-1400, 415-770-9910
AppleLink: Trantor
Internet: [email protected]

U.S. Geological Survey, Earth Science Information Center
507 National Center, Reston, VA 22092
international 703-648-6045
toll-free 800-USA-MAPS 800-872-6277
Daniel K. Cavanaugh, 703+648-5908

US Geological Survey Library, National Center, MS 950
Systems Section
Reston VA 22092-9998
international 703-648-7047

World Library Inc.
12894 Haster Street, Garden Grove, CA 92640

Young Minds Inc.
Tel: (714) 335-1350
Fax: (714) 798-0488
E-Mail: [email protected]


I have no association with any business entity except as a
consumer. The above was provided as information only and does not
consistute endorsement. The above information is correct to the
best of my knowledge but you should always verify yourself.

Comments, additions, corrections, and deletions to this text are
welcome. Please send them to me for preparing the next update.

No attempt will be made to list all models of CD-ROM drives nor all
CD-ROM discs available.

fidonet: Ted Tang @ 1:154/386.0
bbs: Digital Future BBS 414-964-0386
usmail: 3234 N Cambridge Ave, Apt D, Milwaukee, WI 53211 USA
telco: 414-964-8756

(1) Peter Dettelis of COSUG BBS: Colorado Springs PC User Group
(719)632-2566 (1:128/13)
(2) Trev Roydhouse of Sentry -- Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

All trademarks belong to their respected owner.

I would add the following two publications to your list,
especially since they are so heavily detailed and are sort of
'pioneers' in the field:

CD ROM The New Papyrus - Steve Lambert and Suzanne Ropiequet,
editors.Microsoft Press, 1986 - 626 pages

. Various detailed articles covering CD Systems, producing CD-ROMs, elements
. of design, project management, CD-ROM publishing, applications and
. resources.

CD ROM Volume 2: Optical Publishing - Suzanne Ropiequet with John
Einberger and Bill Zoellick, editors.
Microsoft Press, 1987 - 342 pages

. Evaluating and defining the storage and retrieval method
. Collecting and preparing text, images and sound
. Converting data formats
. Structuring and indexing data
. Logical formatting
. Premastering and mastering
. Data updating strategies
. Data protection and copyrighting, and much more

I know that you are not planning to list available discs, but the
collection of Voyager images from outer space is so unique and
economical ($120.00 for 12 discs and many thousands of images)
it might be accorded a special mention.

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