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Disk Tach displays the percent of free space available on your HD in graphic format. Tells you your free disk space at a glance.
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Disk Tach displays the percent of free space available on your HD in graphic format. Tells you your free disk space at a glance.
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DISKTACH Version 1.0

DOS can tell you how many bytes are being used on any disk.
However, it's up to you to figure out whether the disk is half
full, three-quarters full, or almost completely full. DOS'
"324KB used" isn't quite as convenient as saying "This disk is
95% full", which is exactly what DISKTACH tells you.

When run, DISKTACH displays a bar graph on the screen (OK for
monochrome display adaptors). The graph instantly fills to
show the percentage of space used on any disk, be it a floppy,
fixed, or virtual. DISKTACH is a non-resident program and can
be run at any time from a DOS prompt.


To run DISKTACH, type the following at any DOS prompt:


When you enter this command without any parameters, DISKTACH
checks the percentage of full space on the default drive.


You may tell DISKTACH to check the percentage on other drives
by specifying a DOS drive parameter: i.e., enter the letter
designating the drive and a colon as A:, B:, C:, etc.
DISKTACH is smart enough to see whether the drive is fixed or
floppy and reports this information. If the drive specified
does not exit, DISKTACH also reports this and aborts

You may enter a second parameter in the command line to
specify a disk label name. For example, to check the disk
labeled Sapphire Software in Drive B, enter the following
command line:

DISKTACH B: Sapphire_Software


The qualifier /? may be entered with DISKTACH to ask for
instant help.

DISKTACH is a copyright of Sapphire Software (c) 1987.
Sapphire Software - every program's a gem.

Other Sapphire Software programs are available to customize
and personalize your computer. These programs are available
via ShareWare, or direct from Sapphire Software. If you like
this program and find it useful, give a copy to a friend.
Then show your support for low-cost quality software by
sending a check for $5.00 made out to:

Sapphire Software
4141 Ball Road
Suite 166
Cypress, CA 90630-3465

Please feel free to copy this program to other bulletin
boards, and distribute it freely to your friends and enemies.


Please note that changes or alterations to this program of any
kind are not authorized by Sapphire Software. The software
must be distributed as is. Sapphire Software makes no
warranty about this program as regards its suitability for any
purpose, or its ability to perform under conditions not set
down in the program documentation. By using this program, the
user agrees that Sapphire Software shall not be liable for any
damages in connection with or arising from use of this

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