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FIPS v1.2 is a program to non-destructively split DOS-partitions. You will need a defragmentation program to move your data to the beginning of the partition. FIPS is free under the GNU General Public License.
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FIPS v1.2 is a program to non-destructively split DOS-partitions. You will need a defragmentation program to move your data to the beginning of the partition. FIPS is free under the GNU General Public License.
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COPYING 17982 6544 deflated
ERRORS.TXT 8182 2582 deflated
FIPS.DOC 26038 9560 deflated
FIPS.EXE 49362 28762 deflated
FIPS.FAQ 8435 2983 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 3963 1665 deflated
README.1ST 4213 1890 deflated
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RESTORRB.EXE 13398 8445 deflated
RESTORRB.C 6538 1926 deflated
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SOURCE 0 0 stored
CALCULAT.CPP 3897 1208 deflated
CHECK.CPP 9196 2588 deflated
CMDL_ARG.CPP 4700 1608 deflated
DISK_IO.CPP 6919 1757 deflated
DISK_IO.H 4224 1436 deflated
FAT.CPP 4207 1535 deflated
FAT.H 1769 887 deflated
FDSTRUCT.H 521 249 deflated
FIPSSPEC.CPP 4702 1668 deflated
FIPSSPEC.H 2832 1122 deflated
GLOBAL.CPP 6863 2066 deflated
GLOBAL.H 2044 1023 deflated
HDSTRUCT.CPP 3572 1206 deflated
HDSTRUCT.H 6146 1782 deflated
HOST_OS.CPP 2147 807 deflated
HOST_OS.H 763 380 deflated
INPUT.CPP 5770 1910 deflated
INPUT.H 1468 788 deflated
LOGDR_ST.CPP 5088 1536 deflated
LOGDR_ST.H 5462 1769 deflated
MAIN.CPP 6518 2060 deflated
SAVE.CPP 2218 975 deflated
TYPES.H 1213 691 deflated
VERSION.H 28 28 stored
TECHINFO.TXT 8724 3068 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

This is FIPS v1.2

FIPS is a program for non-destructive splitting of harddisk partitions.

Please _carefully_ read the file FIPS.DOC for instructions on the use of
FIPS. FIPS is _not_ self documenting.

One frequent problem people encounter is that their defragmentation program
leaves unmovable sectors at the end of the partition. It is addressed in
detail in FIPS.DOC. Other frequently asked questions are answered in the
file FIPS.FAQ.

If you use OS/2, OnTrack Disk Manager or a disk compressor, please absolutely
read the relevant sections in FIPS.DOC.

The changes from the previous version are listed in the file HISTORY.TXT

FIPS has been out for one and a half years. It has been used by many
people on the Internet successfully. No serious bugs have been reported.
Nevertheless one can never be sure one hundred percent. FIPS reads and writes
the essential harddisk sectors, so an undiscovered bug may still corrupt your
harddisk. Use at your own risk!
If you want to make sure not to lose any data, make a complete backup before
using it (in this case you at least save yourself the time needed for re-
storing if it works).

However, every effort has been made to provide a maximum of safety. When
there is anything suspicious with the hard disk, the program will typically
exit with an error message, even if DOS doesn't complain.
If an error occurs, an error message is displayed together with a short
explanation. If you don't know what to make of it, read FIPS.DOC and

If you still can't resolve the problem, make a transcript of your session
using the -d switch and send it to me at [email protected].
I will usually answer within two or three days.

If you want to know how FIPS works, read the file TECHINFO.TXT. If you have
additions or corrections to make, please let me know.

FIPS is free under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL). See the file COPYING.
You may freely redistribute FIPS under the condition that you include all of
the files listed below without changes. If you modify it, you must follow
the conditions of the GPL.

I hold the copyright of FIPS. If you want to use parts of the source code in
your programs, you may do so under the conditions of the GPL. Of course I
would like to hear about it. If you want to use the code in a program that
is not covered by the GPL (shareware or commercial), I will probably agree
also, but you must ask me first.

You should have received the following files in this archive:

CALCULAT.CPP - calculation of the new root-/bootsector
CHECK.CPP - checking of the root-/bootsector
CMDL_ARG.CPP - evaluation of commandline arguments
DISK_IO.CPP - low level disk io
FAT.CPP - some operations on the FAT
GLOBAL.CPP - global procedures
HDSTRUCT.CPP - harddisk specific code
FIPSSPEC.CPP - FIPS-specific adaption of harddisk classes
INPUT.CPP - User input
LOGDR_ST.CPP - operations on logical drive
MAIN.CPP - main()
SAVE.CPP - saving root- and bootsector
HOST_OS.CPP- OS detection
DISK_IO.H - low level disk io classes
FAT.H - FAT classes
GLOBAL.H - global definitions
HDSTRUCT.H - harddisk specific classes
FIPSSPEC.H - FIPS-specific adaption of harddisk classes
INPUT.H - user input prototypes
LOGDR_ST.H - logical drive classes
TYPES.H - global type definitions
HOST_OS.H- The class host_os

RTYPES.H- type definitions for RESTORRB
RESTORRB.C - a program that restores root and boot sector

FIPS.EXE - the executable of FIPS
RESTORRB.EXE - the executable of RESTORRB
COPYING - the GNU general public license
README.1ST - this file
FIPS.DOC - the documentation of FIPS
FIPS.FAQ- some frequently asked questions with answers
TECHINFO.TXT - technical info on FIPS
ERRORS.TXT - a brief explanation of FIPS' error messages
HISTORY.TXT - the revision history

If you lack any of these files, try to get the original archive. If you can't
find it, contact me.

Arno Schaefer
[email protected]

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