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Word for Windows self-installing macro that grabs an address from your letter and prints an envelope on a HP Laserjet II series or Laserjet III printer.
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Word for Windows self-installing macro that grabs an address from your letter and prints an envelope on a HP Laserjet II series or Laserjet III printer.
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! 3^raaaaaaaof#8H(pppppppvB/naENVELOPER 3.0
A Word for Windows 1.0/1.1 macro
To print envelopes on LaserJet-compatible printers

If you're new to Enveloper 3.0, skim over this document first, then:

To customize and install Enveloper, double-click macrobutton install >>HERE<<

The installer makes changes to global macros.
The next time you exit Word for Windows, you'll be asked if you want to
"Save global glossary and command changes?"
Be sure you click "YES", or you'll have to re-install Enveloper!

Why Enveloper?

Enveloper 3.0 is a "kitchen sink" macro to print envelopes on LaserJet-compatible printers. I wrote Enveloper specifically because the return address always came out smudged on my LJ III, sometimes beyond recognition; I was also tired of toggling between landscape and portrait orientation in WfW. I posted the original macro, Enveloper 1.0, on CompuServe and it was downloaded more than 100 times in the first 3 days. Then came Enveloper 2.0, with its unique self-installing routine; it ran over 200 downloads in the first 10 days. To quote an expert in the field: "Cowabunga, dude!"

Dozens of people have helped make Enveloper what it is by contributing ideas, opinions, and comments. In particular, Guy Gallo's original PrintEnvelope 2.1 was my starting point. Though Enveloper has gone through a lot of twists and turns since its inception, Guy's pioneering work helped me through a bunch of tough spots. (And if you're looking for a quick, compact macro to print envelopes and don't like Enveloper's verbosity, by all means get a copy of Guy's PrintEnvelope!) Maurice Silberstein invented QwikPrint and several other improvements. Lee Zeis provided the manuals for the LJ II, IIP and IID, and lots of ideas and encouragement. Maurice, Lee, and dozens of others have sacrificed thousands of unsuspecting envelopes in pursuit of "The Cause". I would like to hear your ideas, too; my address is on Enveloper's opening screen. Don't be bashful!

This version of Enveloper has been tested on LJ II, IIP, IID, III, and IIID printers: it seems to work quite well on all of them. However, some "100%-compatibles" have problems at times. Please, if you encounter a problem no matter how major or minor let me know! Don't get discouraged, as a solution to your problem may only take a few seconds. When you get in touch, tell me exactly which printer you're using, and describe your problem as precisely as possible. That way, you'll not only get your problem solved, but you may solve many others' problems as well....

To help defray my CI$ costs, I've decided to "upgrade" Enveloper from Freeware to Shareware, effective with Version 3.0. If you use Enveloper a few times a week, just pass a copy along to a friend, smile, and don't worry about registering. If you use Enveloper a few times a day, I'd appreciate a $5 registration fee, along with your CompuServe i.d. number (if you have one), to keep you posted on updates. And I'm asking companies to register each site, with a blanket fee of $3 per user. It's all on the honor system; I'm not going to get rich printing envelopes, and I'll help anybody who asks, whether they're registered or not. But I would like to be able to pay for my support time on CompuServe. And the more time I can justify spending on Enveloper, the higher the chances I'll be able to add more interesting stuff. A nifty registration form is attached to the end of this document. Just use WfW to print page 7.

Enveloper 3.0 is Copyright 1990 by Pinecliffe International. It is distributed as "Shareware", i.e., you are encouraged to disseminate Enveloper far and wide, providing it is distributed in its entirety and without charge, except for reimbursement of media and mailing costs, if applicable. There is a small registration fee for all but casual users; your fee will help defray my costs in developing and supporting Enveloper on the CompuServe "MSAPP" and "MSWIN" fora. I expressly reserve the right to change these distribution restrictions in future versions. Enveloper 3.0 is distributed without warranty, either expressed or implied, and without guarantee as to its suitability for a particular task. But I'm sure you're gonna like it....

What's new?

Version 3.0 expands Enveloper's scope from an LJ III-specific macro to one that can accommodate the original LaserJet, the LJ II, IIP, IID, III, and IIID, and all 100%-compatible laser printers. It adds support for the HP envelope feeder or tray watch during installation for explanations that pertain to your printer. Version 3.0 also lets you print multiple copies of your envelope (thanks to Maurice Silberstein for that idea), turn QwikPrint on during installation (thanks to Lee Zeis for that'n), and change the name of the macro to something other than "Enveloper" (Lee at it again).

Ancient history: Version 2.1 corrected a bug in Version 2.0's Installation routine Enveloper would not install correctly if you had checked the "Typing Replaces Selection" box . I also took one of Guy Gallo's comments to heart and allowed for the easy disabling of "SkipLines"; Guy thinks SkipLines is a kludge (he's probably right). But I, in my slovenly way, use it all the time. So Enveloper still provides for the use of "SkipLines", but only if you specifically request it during the Installation procedure.

Version 2.0 was a watershed improvement in Enveloper, with a new, easy-to-use customizing and installation routine. (Thanks to the hacks at Microsoft and "ISV.DOC".) Version 2.0 also introduced "QwikPrint", to print an envelope with just one click (thanks again to Maurice).

Version 1.0 was a "not ready for prime time" product that delighted those on the bleeding edge.

What duzzit do?

Enveloper starts by trying to "grab" an addressee from your document. (Normally, you'll run Enveloper after you've written a letter, while the letter is still showing on your screen.) Enveloper grabs in one of three ways:

1)If you've "selected" a block of text (by highlighting it or "turning it black"), Enveloper grabs the selected text and uses it as the addressee (the selection must be > 10 characters long, and if it's very long it will be truncated to 215 characters and eight lines); otherwise,

2)If you have a defined bookmark called "NameAddress" which is a popular name in WfW templates Enveloper will grab everything in that bookmark as the addressee (again, truncated to 215 characters and eight lines); otherwise,

3)If you enabled "SkipLines" during initial installation, Enveloper will start at the top of your letter, skip a set number of lines down (to jump over your logo, address, date, whatever see "SkipLines" below), then gather the first bunch of non-blank lines that it finds and use that as an addressee (again, max eight lines, 215 characters).

Enveloper then presents your grabbed addressee for changes. You can accept the grabbed addressee or type in an entirely new addressee on-the-fly. And you can change the print font, bold, and/or italic. (If you're a Power User, familiar with Enveloper's requirements and you're happy with all the defaults you've installed you can click the "QwikPrint" box at this point, and you're done. )

Next, Enveloper asks you to specify a return address. You can select from three different return addresses ones you typed in during the installation process or you can enter a completely different return address on-the-fly. Again, you can choose fonts, bold, or italic, and you can make the first line different from the others.

Then Enveloper lets you choose from three different envelope sizes: Standard Business #10, Monarch, or the little Personal envelope #6. You can tack on a "Note" (e.g., "Foreign Airmail", "Interoffice Mail"), and specify its font. You also tell Enveloper if you want to feed your envelope manually, or use an envelope feeder, if your printer has one. Finally, you can choose to print more than one copy.

When Enveloper prints it writes directly to the printer, so it doesn't muck around with your WfW Portrait/Landscape setting, change your page format, etc.; it just non-chalantly takes complete control of the printer. To compensate for this rudeness, Enveloper returns your printer to you in something resembling a "normal" mode what HP calls the "User Default Environment" which is just the factory-set defaults, plus anything you've set on the printer's front panel. If it weren't for that crisp envelope in the output hopper, you'd hardly know Enveloper had been there at all. Work is under way to incorporate a suggestion from Dennis Williamson about making Enveloper less rude a real spooler trooper, as it were. Keep your fingers crossed.

For those fortunate enough to have a printer that supports "reverse landscape" mode (i.e., LJ III and LJ IIID owners), Enveloper takes advantage of that mode to print the return address on the leading edge of your envelope. "Normal landscape" mode which is the best you can coax out of LJ IIs positions the return address on the trailing edge. In my experience, printing the return address on the leading edge of an envelope greatly reduces the chances of smudging. By the way, I don't have my envelopes engraved (in fact, I use the cheapest envelopes I can find) just because the LJ III, Enveloper and WfW do such a nice job. Keep that in mind when you're looking at new printers.

Customizing and Installing

You customize and install Enveloper by clicking up at the top of this document. (The routine works by running macros attached to this document, and then copying your customized macro into WfW as a global macro. If you don't understand this stuff, don't worry. Just click and stand back!) You can install and re-install Enveloper to your heart's content. Each time you re-install, though, you start over from scratch; unless you specifically change Enveloper's name during installation, your old version of Enveloper is wiped out. Each time Enveloper is updated, the Install routine cleans up everything from previous incarnations. Leave the "Enveloper" name alone and Enveloper will tidy up after itself.

Enveloper adds itself to the end of your "File" pull-down menu (the one you can see right now in the upper left corner of your screen), if it isn't already there. Once installation is complete, you can run Enveloper by simply clicking on "File", then "Enveloper" (or whatever new name you might give Enveloper). That's as complicated as it gets...

A few notes on customizing:

Return Addresses: Enveloper can take up to three return addresses. Make your most-used return address the first one so you can use QwikPrint more often. You can leave one or more of the return addresses blank, if you like when you run Enveloper, choosing a blank return address will (surprise!) result in no return address being printed on the envelope.

SkipLines: Enveloper "straight out of the box" disables SkipLines (i.e., SkipLines is set OFF). You can turn SkipLines ON during installation by typing in a number between 0 and 20. If your letters always start about the same (e.g., logo, blank line, address, blank line, date), SkipLines can make your life much easier you won't have to select the addressee before running Enveloper, plant a Bookmark, or worry about your mouse missing the last number of a ZIP code! Count the number of lines you usually have at the beginning of your letters, and use this as "SkipLines". Play around until you get it right it'll save you gobs of time.

QwikPrint: New with Version 3.0 is the option to set QwikPrint "ON" during installation. Please make sure you've played around with Enveloper for awhile before turning QwikPrint "ON"; its behavior can be a bit abrupt if you're not used to it. Setting QwikPrint "ON" during installation causes the first dialog box (the one that shows you an addressee) to have QwikPrint already checked when it comes up. You can then make sure the addressee is right, click "OK", and whistle a tune while Enveloper does everything else.

Macro name: Also new with Version 3.0 is the ability to specify a macro name other than "Enveloper". If you're just a casual Enveloper user, don't mess around with the macro name. But if you're installing several versions of Enveloper (with, say, different sets of return addresses, different default fonts, or printers), this dialog box gives you the flexibility to name Enveloper anything you like. The new name will be appended to your "File" pull-down menu. Blanks are OK, but avoid punctuation marks.

I have encountered only one "run time error" to date (other than the Version 2.0 Install bug). When your return addresses (cumulatively) get too long for WfW 1.1's tastes, Enveloper will abruptly halt execution with Error 530, "Dialog Box Description Too Complex." If this should happen to you, re-install Enveloper with shorter return addresses. The error has nothing to do with the complexity of the Dialog Box WfW 1.1 just can't handle too many characters at a time in any single macro dialog. (This is the same error that has forced me to limit addressees to 215 characters.)

I'm releasing Version 3.0 with a bit of fear and trepidation. Although I've managed to assemble a fine bunch of LJ and compatible users as beta testers, I haven't deluded myself into imagining that all eventualities have been encountered, much less handled, particularly with printers that are supposedly "100% HP compatible", but aren't. Many "compatible" printers have strange ways of handling envelope feeders and trays. So, please, if you hit a snag, let me know ASAP.

I'll try to incorporate all the inevitable fixes into a single big release already called "Enveloper 3.1" and post it on CompuServe in November, 1990. In the meantime, if you use an HP, or are fortunate enough to own a printer that really is HP compatible, Enveloper should work without a hitch. And if you register for Enveloper 3.0, I'll let you know the minute 3.1 is ready (either via CompuServe or the U.S. Mail). By the way, your $5 registration fee covers all "3.x" versions of Enveloper. Such a deal!

Advanced Topics

If you're just starting with Enveloper or couldn't care less about macros and other esoterica now is the time for you to go up to the beginning of this document and start customizing and installing. You don't need to know diddly-squat about macros to install Enveloper and make it jump through all sorts of hoops, so don't worry about the rest of this stuff.

Ahahhh. Now that I have the hackers' attention....

There are several parts of Enveloper that you can change, but they get a little hairy and you need to know more than a little bit about macros. This document/template (ENVR30.DOC) has two template macros attached to it. Install goes through the customization routines, then installs Enveloper as a global macro, and adds Enveloper to the "File" menu. Enveloper30 is the template macro that is modified by Install, and eventually copied out as a global macro, named Enveloper (or with a new name if one is specified). Enveloper was a pioneer in the install-modify-template-to-global-macro arena, so there are probably much better, faster, and/or easier ways to do all of this. As they say, necessity is a mother. I'd be very interested in any comments...

If you make changes to Enveloper, and later re-install Enveloper by clicking at the top of this document, you'll wipe out any changes you've made (which may be a good thing!), unless you specify a new global macro name during installation. If you want to make your changes very permanent (i.e., you want the changes to take effect every time you re-install Enveloper), make sure you change the template macro Enveloper30, not just the global macro Enveloper. (If you haven't already figured out the difference 'twixt template and global macros, Enveloper will probably show you more than you care to know but be very careful when futzing about!)

I can think of five things a Power User might want to change, and I've tried to make them rather accessible. By all means, though, root around in the macros and change what you want, and let me know if you come up with something interesting.

Fonts: You can install as many "hard" fonts as you like; you only have to know the escape sequence your printer is looking for. Enveloper ships with 15 font choices for the LJ III and IIID: CG Times 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14; Univers 6, 8, 10, 11, 12, 14; Courier 10 and 12; and Line Printer 8.5: these are all fonts that come with the LJ III. Unfortunately, the Original LaserJet, LJ II, and IIP users only have two built-in fonts (I think) , Courier 12 point and Line Printer 8.5 point, and Enveloper only supports those two. The IID adds TmsRmn 8 and 12 and Helvetica 14 in the cart that ships with the printer (I think), so these are supported, too. But that's it. (If there's enough interest out there, though, I might add support for other fonts in Enveloper 4.0; the Microsoft "Z" cartridge and the Canon LBP-4 scalable fonts come to mind. Maybe soft fonts, too. Let me know what you'd like to see.)

To add your own "hard" fonts, go into "Macro"/"Edit" and click on the Install template macro. Look for your printer after the line that says "Select Case PrinterDlg.Printer". Change DimFonts to reflect how many fonts you want (N.B.: dimensioned variables start at zero!), then add your fonts both description and escape sequence to the end of the list. Re-install Enveloper by clicking at the top of this document, and you're done. Easy!

Notes: I've included all the "Notes" I could think of, but no doubt you'll eventually want some different ones. The procedure for changing them is similar to that for changing fonts, i.e., you should edit the Install template macro, change DimNotes, add your new notes to the end of the list, then re-install Enveloper. Since EnvelopeNotes$(0) is assumed to be the "Blank" Note, you should not change it. Any others may be changed however you like.

QwikerPrint: Real Power Users (gawd, ain't that macho...) can change Enveloper so it never shows you a screen. It's easy. Install Enveloper with QwikPrint "ON", then look in the Enveloper macro for "Dialog Addressee" and delete it (or change it into a comment). Personally, I've made this change in a new global macro I call "QwikEnveloper", and added it to my "File" menu. That way, if I'm absolutely sure the addressee grab is working right, I just load an envelope into my LJ III, click on "File" / "Qwik-Enveloper", and I'm done. My Comtrade 386/33 clone will run QwikEnveloper in less than five seconds, and print the envelope in less than ten seconds. That's Qwik! (By the way, I recommend Comtrade to all my clients... nice people, outstanding product, outrageous prices...)

Envelope registration: Enveloper's beta testers have spent days no, weeks with all sorts of envelopes, trying to get the registration (i.e., the precise location of print on the envelope) just right, placing the return address as far in the upper left corner as possible while minimizing "the smudgies." You might have a different idea of perfect registration, though, and I've made it fairly easy to adjust the appropriate variables. Keep in mind that the brand of envelope you use will affect smudging, as will humidity, temperature, etc., so your "perfect" setting today may not be perfect tomorrow. Sic transit gloria computeri.

To play with the registration, you can work with four variables near the beginning of the Enveloper global macro: TopMargin (number of "six-line-per-inch" lines to the top of the return address), LeftMarginCom10 (number of "Courier 12 pt characters" to the left of the return address on a Com-10 or Business/#10 size envelope), LeftMarginMonarch (characters to the return address on a Monarch size envelope), and LeftMarginPersonal (characters to the return address on a Personal/#6 envelope). I've been thinking about adding the ability to change margins during installation, but haven't yet decided if it will confuse more people than it will help.

If you're really serious about registration, you can search Enveloper for "Case Envelope.Size" and change two other variables: LinesToAddressee$ is the number of "six-lines-per-inch" lines from the top of the envelope to the addressee, and SecondLeftMargin$ is the number of "Courier 12 pt characters" to the left of the addressee. Don't change EnvelopeSize$, though. It's part of a command string that specifies the size of the envelope.

Six/eight lpi: I've hard-coded the return address and the addressee at six lines per inch, just because I think it looks better, but I left a variable in there so changing to eight lpi is easy. If you want your addressee in eight lpi, scan Enveloper for the line that starts "AddresseeFont$=", and change "SixLinesPerInch$" to "EightLinesPerInch$". To make the first line of the return address eight lpi, scan for "ReturnAddressFont1$=" and change "SixLinesPerInch$" to "EightLinesPerInch$"; to make the rest of the return address eight lpi, change the next line, which starts "ReturnAddressFont2$=", from "SixLinesPerInch$" to "EightLinesPerInch$".

If you find something else worth changing, or placing in the customizing routines, let me know!

European Envelopers Please Note: I am aware of a problem with printing umlauts and other "foreign" characters from Enveloper. In short, if you type in a "foreign" letter (like the "U with umlaut" to the right of the "P" on your keyboard), Word for Windows handles it just fine but Enveloper does not. Tom King, reporting from Heidelberg, has had some luck in changing the Roman-8 symbol set to the Windows symbol set. It's easy to do: install Enveloper normally; then click on "Macro" then "Edit", then double-click on Enveloper; Edit Replace All "(8U" with "(9U"; and add Esc$ + "(8U" + to the right of the equals sign in StdCharSpacing$= (or change the left margins as described above). This seems like a perfectly reasonable approach, documented in the LaserJet III Technical Reference. Unfortunately, it isn't covered in the "official" PCL command list, and I didn't have time to beta test it on other printers so I chickened out and left it for y'all on the other side of the little puddle to change. Let me know if it works for you.

If there's enough interest, I can put together a version of Enveloper specifically for you furriners, or I might be able to figure out a way to create a European version (with the Windows symbol set and metric envelope sizes) at installation time. And I'd love to have an excuse to do a Pacific-rim version.

Enveloper 3.0 ends here.
Copyright 1990 Pinecliffe International
Post Office Drawer 7337
Coal Creek Canyon
Golden, Colorado USA 80403

Have fun!
A Nifty Registration Form

Woody Leonhard, President
Pinecliffe International (E30)
Post Office Drawer 7337
Coal Creek Canyon
Golden, Colorado USA 80403

Dear Woody:

Enclosed is my registration fee for Enveloper 3.0.

I would like to register as (check one):

[ ] An individual. Fee = $5.

[ ] A company. Fee = $3 per user. Number of Enveloper users: _______

Name and Address:

Contact Person (if appropriate):

CompuServe i.d. number (if available):

I have enclosed a check made payable to "Pinecliffe International" in the amount of: _______


P.S. [ ] Yes, I used Enveloper to print an envelope for this letter......

P.P.S. Woody, when you finally decide to write another "kitchen sink" macro, I would most like to see:

[ ] a WfW macro to print labels;
[ ] a WfW address book so I can click and paste addresses into my letters;
[ ] a WfW macro to _________________

P.P.P.S. Things I would like to see in Enveloper 4.0:


Pinecliffe InternationalPage page 7

Pinecliffe InternationalPage page \* arabic1

)Woody Leonhard's Enveloper Version 3.0. Y6WA Word for Windows macro to print envelopes on LaserJets and compatible laser printers.ecCopyright 1990 by Pinecliffe International, Post Office Drawer 7337, Golden, Colorado USA 80403. jhEnveloper 3.0 is "Shareware" and may be copied at will, providing it is distributed in its entirety andhafwithout charge. I expressly reserve the right to change distribution restrictions on future versions.jhEnveloper 3.0 is distributed without warranty, either expressed or implied, and without guarantee as to %5#suitability for a particular task. c[aThis macro is part of a package embodied in a file called ENVR30.DOC, which includes an "install"YWroutine and detailed operating instructions. Read ENVR30.DOC before running Enveloper!O)Esc$j:LineFeed$jPPara$j
mQuote$j"`^**Insert here 'The Install template macro uses this as a marker -- DON'T REMOVE THIS LINE!!!!!$EightLinesPerInch$Esc$&l8D"SixLinesPerInch$Esc$&l6D'Italic$Esc$(s1S@Bold$Esc$(s3B!WStartUnderline$Esc$&d0Dx
EndUnderline$Esc$&d@RPStandard character spacing ("horizontal motion") is based on the Courier 12 font2StdCharSpacing$Esc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3TA?Standard line spacing ("vertical motion") is six lines per inch!]StdLineSpacing$Esc$&l6D~#i$TReturnAddress$iSwap$ReturnAddress$iLineFeed$Para$&iGrab Addressee
Addressee$r+<7\\LineFKDLoop through non-blank lines and accumulate a maximum of 500 charsX!r


Addressee$ r)<6\\LineK"S\ Qb
InputMessage$;Could not grab an addressee. =
InputMessage$Please type a new one:,-*Bye8

Enveloper 3.0:


0Max eight lines, or the dialog box gets confused
Addressee$indexExitloopMKPresent the gathered Addressee for confirmation or changes, and font choiceO?(g____________)3g
Enveloper 3.0&Yhl
Addressee$OS Check here to type new addresseeGetAddresseee A
f-A /
Sg'Pinecliffe International3?g'Post Office Drawer 73376sg'Golden, Colorado USA 804031g'CompuServe 74730,1734?/Addressee4AddresseeQwikPrintQwik&#Addressee!AddresseeDefaultFont&JAddressee$AddresseeDefaultBold(qAddressee%AddresseeDefaultItalicAddresseeGetAddressee,-*Bye
Enveloper 3.0^,-*>p
Addressee$$"Present choices for Return AddressO?#(g____________)Enveloper 3.0,bgReturn Address: RAddressNoi?
h&,N5-g&,J ReturnAddress$Xhv,N5xgv,J ReturnAddress$h,N1g,JReturnAddress$MS6%None of these - Let Me Type a New OneGetReturn?e TA[fA2zgE&Font - First Line Only8LE4PFontChoices$FirstFont7SEFirst Line BoldFirstBold;SEFirst Line ItalicFirstItalicA_SEFirst Line UnderlineFirstUnderline2gEFont - All Other Lines7LEPFontChoices$RestFont7SEOther Lines BoldRestBold;KSEOther Lines Italic
*?Return:,-*LReturnGetReturnk,-*Bye6Temp$Return Address:
Enveloper 3.0
,-*EReturnAddress$Swap$Temp$LineFeed$Para$ReturnAddressNo#+?-=Strips off the first line, which may have separate formattingEmIndex/ReturnAddress$ReturnAddressNoPara$IndexCEditedReturnAddress1$ReturnAddress$ReturnAddressNoEditedReturnAddress2$ XEditedReturnAddress1$lReturnAddress$ReturnAddressNoIndexfEditedReturnAddress2$mReturnAddress$ReturnAddressNoReturnAddress$ReturnAddressNoIndexTReturnAddressFont1$FontEscSequence$ReturnFirstFontSixLinesPerInch$S3ReturnAddressFont2$FontEscSequence$ReturnRestFontSixLinesPerInch$QReturnFirstBoldReturnAddressFont1$ReturnAddressFont1$Bold$UReturnFirstItalicReturnAddressFont1$ReturnAddressFont1$Italic$P#ReturnRestBoldReturnAddressFont2$ReturnAddressFont2$Bold$TrReturn
EditedReturn$ReturnAddressFont1$EditedReturnAddress1$ReturnAddressFont2$EditedReturnAddress2$20Request envelope size, Notes and fonts for NotesO? */gEnvelope Size:VRSizejii7iTLg^0Standard Business Envelope: 4 1/8 x 9 1/2 inches7 g#^(Also called #10 or Com-10)GQ g7^+Intermediate Envelope: 3 7/8 x 7 1/2 inches1 gC^(Also called Monarch)C gT^'Personal Envelope: 3 3/4 x 6 1/2 inches,!g`^(Also called #6)4!eAO!f-A n!gqZNote7!L,PEnvelopeNotes$NoteNo)!g@q
Font for Note7!L@DFontChoices$NoteFont+""ST2BoldNoteBold/Q"SdItalic
NoteItalicP"S*None of the Above - Let Me Type a New NoteGetNote#"g
Enveloper 3.0
m%,-*%EnvelopeNoteNo%%"%FeederOptionEnvelopeFeeder.%Temp$StripBlanks$EnvelopeCopies$C%IsNumberTemp$Temp$Temp$e1&CopiesTemp$G& PM& .Invalid Number of Copies. Aborting Enveloper.
Enveloper 3.0
&*Bye&&&$Blank out the "Blank" Envelope Notes&EnvelopeNotes$&K&NoteFont$FontEscSequence$EnvelopeNoteFontSixLinesPerInch$>5'EnvelopeNoteBoldNoteFont$NoteFont$Bold$Br'Envelope
NoteItalicNoteFont$NoteFont$Italic$K'EditedEnvelopeNotes$NoteFont$EnvelopeNotes$EnvelopeNoteNo'5'3Set Envelope spacing, depending on size of envelopeN/(LEnvelopeSize is a LJ control code -- it's probably best not to mess with it.~(13EnvelopeSize(3Standard Business #10(
TopMargin$kTopMargin/(FirstLeftMargin$kLeftMarginCom10)LinesToAddressee$1153)SecondLeftMargin$kLeftMarginCom10(d)3Intermediate / Monarch)
TopMargin$kTopMargin1)FirstLeftMargin$kLeftMarginMonarch)LinesToAddressee$107*SecondLeftMargin$kLeftMarginMonarch4*3Small #6E*
TopMargin$kTopMargin2{*FirstLeftMargin$kLeftMarginPersonal*LinesToAddressee$108*SecondLeftMargin$kLeftMarginPersonal*1+;+FeederOptionQwikPrintManual operationC+O?)f+g____________*+g
Enveloper 3.0r+g6Wait until nothing else is on the printer, then Click Quote$OKQuote$.#,g1"When the printer prompts you with Quote$PrinterPromptMess$ ENVELOPEQuote$,X,g=;insert your (creased) envelope in the proper slot on top ofA,gIthe paper tray, OrientationMess$Z0-ga=For best print quality, consider adjusting the print density O-gm2down to 1 or 2, and switch over to face-up output.-e2d-fd.?"./Warning4>.,-*byeR.?Warningc.,-*u.}..=lpt1#;4.#i$Copies..6Esc$EEsc$&lOrientation$o
EditedReturn$//6StdLineSpacing$ StdCharSpacing$Esc$&aLinesToAddressee$rSecondLeftMargin$LEditedAddressee$-0^/0\Reset margins (Esc 9), then send two carriage returns to move insertion point down and left06Esc$9j
StdCharSpacing$Esc$&aFirstLeftMargin$L EditedEnvelopeNotes$1_
1]Reset the printer to what HP calls the "User Default Environment" the semicolon is requiredCm1Aby IBM LaserPrinters to keep the "Form Feed" light from coming on16Esc$E( 1&i1N1(1&'s all f.f.f.f.olks.....2Bye272Swap$InputString$
OldString$-3"33Swap$Temp$B3P3IsNumberInString$n3IsNumber~3#i$InString$f3nInString$i 0nInString$i 9IsNumber3&i34StripBlanks$InString$)4#i$InString$-F4NextCharnInstring$i9k4NextChar
!ENVR30.DOC Template macro Install.Esc$j?LineFeed$jUPara$j
rQuote$j"SingleQuote$j'O?,1g_____________________6gEnveloper 3.0 Installation5#g(Which printer do you use?VR/?mi<"Original HP LaserJet or compatible9iKHP LaserJet II or compatible;iZHP LaserJet II P or compatible;2iiIBM LaserPrinter 4019 or 4019E;tixHP LaserJet II D or compatible:iHP LaserJet III or compatiblePrinterDlg4
PrinterDlg/13'Original HPLJ - envelope feeds on right?DimFonts!N/FontChoices$DimFonts%k/FontEscSequence$DimFonts+FontChoices$Courier - 12 ptLFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3T(FontChoices$Line PrinterKFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p16.67h8.5v0s0b0T`Orientation$1AuOrientationMess$(right-side-up, and the flap on the LEFT.DimFeeder$/FeederChoices$DimFeeder(/FeederEscSequence$DimFeederEFeederChoices$'Feed Envelopes Manually (one at a time)#IFeederEscSequence$3gEnvelopeFeederDefault"PrinterPromptMess$PE FEEDTopMarginLeftMarginCom10LeftMarginMonarch%LeftMarginPersonal/,3"HPLJ II - envelope feeds in center+DimFonts!:/FontChoices$DimFonts%W/FontEscSequence$DimFonts+xFontChoices$Courier - 12 ptLFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3T(FontChoices$Line PrinterKFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p16.67h8.5v0s0b0TLOrientation$1BaOrientationMess$)right-side-up, with the flap on the LEFT.DimFeeder$/FeederChoices$DimFeeder(/FeederEscSequence$DimFeederEFeederChoices$'Feed Envelopes Manually (one at a time)#6FeederEscSequence$3JTFeederChoices$,Use Envelope Tray (holds about 15 envelopes)#FeederEscSequence$1LEnvMess$) Do you normally use an Envelope Tray?Para$Para$
EnvMess$EnvMess$Note: HP SingleQuote$s Envelope Tray -- Part No. 92295F or 92297F, or similar -- replaces your paper tray and automatically feeds about 15 envelopes.A
InstallMess$,Enveloper 3.0 -- HP LaserJet II Installation7
EnvMess$InstallMess$ 0EnvelopeFeederDefaultM TEnvelopeFeederDefaultq"zPrinterPromptMess$PE FEEDTopMarginLeftMarginCom10LeftMarginMonarchLeftMarginPersonal^3THPLJ IIP - envelope feeds on right - top tray upside down, bottom tray rightside up!PDimFonts!_/FontChoices$DimFonts%|/FontEscSequence$DimFonts+FontChoices$Courier - 10 ptLFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p12.00h10.0v0s0b3T+
FontChoices$Courier - 12 ptL/
FontChoices$Line PrinterK
OrientationMess$(upside-down, with the flap on the RIGHT.2DimFeeder$B/FeederChoices$DimFeeder(b/FeederEscSequence$DimFeederEFeederChoices$'Feed Envelopes Manually (one at a time)#FeederEscSequence$3JFeederChoices$,Use Envelope Tray (holds about 20 envelopes)#)FeederEscSequence$4IGEnvMess$& Do you normally use an Envelope Tray?Para$Para$EnvMess$EnvMess$Note: HP SingleQuote$ws Envelope Tray -- Part No. 92275F or similar -- goes in the Lower Cassette and automatically feeds about 20 envelopes.CNote: IBM SingleQuote$Us Envelope Tray replaces your paper tray and automatically feeds about 15 envelopes.7EnvMess$InstallMess$ EnvelopeFeederDefault EnvelopeFeederDefault
"PrinterPromptMess$PE FEED7TopMarginGLeftMarginCom10]LeftMarginMonarchuLeftMarginPersonal13'HPLJ IID - envelope feeds in the centerCEnvMess$ Do you use the S2 Cartridge?Para$Para$EnvMess$EnvMess$fNote: The S2 Cartridge came with your printer. It includes TmsRmn 8 and 12 point fonts, plus Helv 14.CInstallMess$.Enveloper 3.0 -- HP LaserJet II D Installation7EnvMess$InstallMess$ DimFonts"/FontChoices$DimFonts&'/FontEscSequence$DimFonts+IFontChoices$Tms Rmn - 8 ptDoFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p8v0s2b5T,FontChoices$Tms Rmn - 12 ptEFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$
(s1p12v0s0b5TgeI am fudging a bit here -- any use of Helv 14 will come up bold (as only bold is in the S2 cartridge)){FontChoices$Helv - 14 ptEFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$
(s1p14v0s3b4T,FontChoices$Courier - 10 ptMFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p12.00h10.0v0s0b3T,LFontChoices$Courier - 12 ptMsFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3T)FontChoices$Line PrinterLFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p16.67h8.5v0s0b0T$ +DimFonts";/FontChoices$DimFonts&Y/FontEscSequence$DimFonts,{FontChoices$Courier - 10 ptMFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p12.00h10.0v0s0b3T,FontChoices$Courier - 12 ptMFontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3T)WFontChoices$Line PrinterL{FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p16.67h8.5v0s0b0TOrientation$1BOrientationMess$)right-side-up, with the flap on the LEFT. DimFeeder$0/FeederChoices$DimFeeder(P/FeederEscSequence$DimFeederEtFeederChoices$'Feed Envelopes Manually (one at a time)#FeederEscSequence$3JFeederChoices$,Use Envelope Tray (holds about 15 envelopes)#FeederEscSequence$1L5FeederChoices$.Use Envelope Feeder (holds about 50 envelopes)#|FeederEscSequence$6O?@g^#___________________________________Ig^,Enveloper 3.0 -- LaserJet II D Installation-@ gDo you normally:k RFeedE i-'Feed envelopes manually, one at a time.4 iEUse the Envelope Tray.6!iUse the Envelope Feeder.cB!gQrHP SingleQuote$/s Envelope Tray -- Part No. 92295F or 92297F orU!g]r8similar --replaces the upper paper tray. It holds about4!gir15 envelopes at a time.f,"grHP SingleQuote$2s Envelope Feeder -- Part No. 33457A or similar --Q"gr4attaches above the upper paper tray. It holds about4"gr50 envelopes at a time.#eJA3#?@#/Install4\#InstallFeedo#,-*Bye#?Install#,-*+#EnvelopeFeederDefaultInstallFeed"#PrinterPromptMess$PE FEED#TopMargin#LeftMarginCom10$LeftMarginMonarch,$LeftMarginPersonal1E$3'HPLJ III - envelope feeds in the centerv$DimFonts!$/FontChoices$DimFonts%$/FontEscSequence$DimFonts+$FontChoices$CG Times - 6 ptF$FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p6v0s2b4101T+*%FontChoices$CG Times - 8 ptFP%FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p8v0s2b4101T,%FontChoices$CG Times - 10 ptG%FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p10v0s0b4101T,%FontChoices$CG Times - 11 ptG&FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p11v0s0b4101T,`&FontChoices$CG Times - 12 ptG&FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p12v0s0b4101T,&FontChoices$CG Times - 14 ptG&FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p14v0s0b4101T*0'FontChoices$Univers - 6 ptFU'FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p6v0s0b4148T*'FontChoices$Univers - 8 ptF'FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p8v0s0b4148T+'FontChoices$Univers - 10 ptG (FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p10v0s0b4148T+a(FontChoices$Univers - 11 ptG(FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p11v0s0b4148T+(FontChoices$
Univers - 12 ptG(FontEscSequence$
Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p12v0s0b4148T+1)FontChoices$Univers - 14 ptGX)FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p14v0s0b4148T+)FontChoices$Courier - 10 ptL)FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p12.00h10.0v0s0b3T+*FontChoices$
Courier - 12 ptL/*FontEscSequence$
Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3T(v*FontChoices$Line PrinterK*FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p16.67h8.5v0s0b0T*Orientation$3C*OrientationMess$*right-side-up, with the flap on the RIGHT.7+DimFeeder$G+/FeederChoices$DimFeeder(g+/FeederEscSequence$DimFeederE+FeederChoices$'Feed Envelopes Manually (one at a time)#+FeederEscSequence$3J+FeederChoices$,Use Envelope Tray (holds about 15 envelopes)#.,FeederEscSequence$1LL,EnvMess$) Do you normally use an Envelope Tray?Para$Para$,EnvMess$EnvMess$Note: HP SingleQuote$s Envelope Tray -- Part No. 92295F or 92297F, or similar -- replaces your paper tray and automatically feeds about 15 envelopes.BN-InstallMess$-Enveloper 3.0 -- HP LaserJet III Installation7-EnvMess$InstallMess$ -EnvelopeFeederDefault- -EnvelopeFeederDefault.".PrinterPromptMess$PE FEED1.TopMarginA.LeftMarginCom10W.LeftMarginMonarcho.LeftMarginPersonal.3HPLJ IIID.DimFonts!./FontChoices$DimFonts%./FontEscSequence$DimFonts+.FontChoices$CG Times - 6 ptF/FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p6v0s2b4101T+O/FontChoices$CG Times - 8 ptFu/FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p8v0s2b4101T,/FontChoices$CG Times - 10 ptG/FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p10v0s0b4101T,0FontChoices$CG Times - 11 ptGD0FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p11v0s0b4101T,0FontChoices$CG Times - 12 ptG0FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p12v0s0b4101T,0FontChoices$CG Times - 14 ptG1FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p14v0s0b4101T*U1FontChoices$Univers - 6 ptFz1FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p6v0s0b4148T*1FontChoices$Univers - 8 ptF1FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p8v0s0b4148T+2FontChoices$Univers - 10 ptGE2FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p10v0s0b4148T+2FontChoices$Univers - 11 ptG2FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p11v0s0b4148T+2FontChoices$
Univers - 12 ptG3FontEscSequence$
Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p12v0s0b4148T+V3FontChoices$Univers - 14 ptG}3FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s1p14v0s0b4148T+3FontChoices$Courier - 10 ptL3FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p12.00h10.0v0s0b3T+-4FontChoices$
Courier - 12 ptLT4FontEscSequence$
Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p10.00h12.0v0s0b3T(4FontChoices$Line PrinterK4FontEscSequence$Esc$(8UEsc$(s0p16.67h8.5v0s0b0T5Orientation$3C5OrientationMess$*right-side-up, with the flap on the RIGHT.\5DimFeeder$l5/FeederChoices$DimFeeder(5/FeederEscSequence$DimFeederE5FeederChoices$'Feed Envelopes Manually (one at a time)#5FeederEscSequence$3J6FeederChoices$,Use Envelope Tray (holds about 15 envelopes)#S6FeederEscSequence$1Lq6FeederChoices$.Use Envelope Feeder (holds about 50 envelopes)#6FeederEscSequence$66O?A6g^$____________________________________J77g^-Enveloper 3.0 -- LaserJet III D Installation-~7gDo you normally:7RFeedE7i-'Feed envelopes manually, one at a time.48iEUse the Envelope Tray.6C8iUse the Envelope Feeder.c8gQrHP SingleQuote$/s Envelope Tray -- Part No. 92295F or 92297F orU8g]r8similar --replaces the upper paper tray. It holds about469gir15 envelopes at a time.fj9grHP SingleQuote$2s Envelope Feeder -- Part No. 33458A or similar --Q9gr4attaches above the upper paper tray. It holds about4!:gr50 envelopes at a time.U:eJAq:?}:/Install4:InstallFeed:,-*Bye:?Install:,-*+:EnvelopeFeederDefaultInstallFeed"
;PrinterPromptMess$PE FEED+;TopMargin;;LeftMarginCom10Q;LeftMarginMonarchi;LeftMarginPersonal;1;;DimNotes ;/EnvelopeNotes$DimNotes+;)WARNING: Don't change EnvelopeNotes$(0) !;EnvelopeNotes$(None)!Registered6EXPRESS MAIL(=EnvelopeNotes$
PRIORITY MAIL.=EnvelopeNotes$Send UPS Blue Label-=EnvelopeNotes$
Send UPS Red Label/>EnvelopeNotes$Send Federal Express#G>EnvelopeNotes$PERSONAL'h>EnvelopeNotes$CONFIDENTIAL>8>6ELine= Line being constructed to insert into Enveloper>/ELine$>Get Addressee Defaults>O?,1?g_____________________6A?gEnveloper 3.0 Installation2t?gChoices for Addressee: ?g2Font1?LAPFontChoices$!?eA@f-A$-@SdPBold$&X@SxPItalic%&@gF
QwikPrint:@RQwik Ai-OFF4Ai'ON[A?gA/AddresseeDefaults4ADimFontsAAddresseeDefaults!A AAddresseeDefaults!AAAddresseeDefaults$BAddresseeDefaults%&%BAddresseeDefaults
SkipLines$OFFKBAddresseeDefaultsQwikgB,-*ByezB?AddresseeDefaultsB,-*BKBELine$AddresseeDefaultFont= kAddresseeDefaults!KBELine$AddresseeDefaultBold= kAddresseeDefaults$M1CELine$AddresseeDefaultItalic= kAddresseeDefaults%RzCAddresseeDefaults
SkipLines$D #DELine$
SkipLines= -1D:DELine$Qwik=kAddresseeDefaultsQwikDDGet Return Address DefaultsE/ReturnAddress$QEBlankOK$C (Leave blank if you wish)oE,-*Bye^EReturnAddress$First (Normal) Return Address:Enveloper 3.0 InstallationE,-*ByebEReturnAddress$Second Return Address:BlankOK$Enveloper 3.0 InstallationVF,-*ByeaiFReturnAddress$Third Return Address:BlankOK$Enveloper 3.0 InstallationF(FELine$Dim ReturnAddress$(2)RFELine$ReturnAddress$(0)=Quote$ReturnAddress$Quote$V9GELine$ReturnAddress$(1)=Quote$ ReturnAddress$Quote$VGELine$ReturnAddress$(2)=Quote$ ReturnAddress$Quote$GGO?r1Gg_____________________6HgEnveloper 3.0 InstallationDPHg"(Choices for Return Address - First Line: Hg2Font1HLAPFontChoices$!He,
,J 2JReturnFDefaults!MJUJReturnFDefaults$oJReturnFDefaults%J,-*ByeJ?ReturnFDefaultsJ,-*JCJELine$ReturnFDefaultFont=kReturnFDefaults!HKELine$
ReturnFDefaultUnderline=kReturnFDefaults(CTKELine$ReturnFDefaultBold=kReturnFDefaults$EKELine$ReturnFDefaultItalic=kReturnFDefaults%KKO?r1Kg_____________________6,LgEnveloper 3.0 InstallationE_Lg")Choices for Return Address - Other Lines: Lg2Font1LLAPFontChoices$!Le,
AMf,#A$+MSdPBold$&VMSxPItalic%M?M/ReturnODefaults4MDimFontsMReturnODefaults!M MReturnODefaults!NNReturnODefaults$)NReturnODefaults%EN,-*ByeXN?ReturnODefaultspN,-*NCNELine$
ReturnODefaultFont=kReturnODefaults!CNELine$ReturnODefaultBold=kReturnODefaults$EOELine$ReturnODefaultItalic=kReturnODefaults%JO#LO!Get Envelope size, Notes defaultspOO? 1Og_____________________6OgEnveloper 3.0 Installation6OgChoices for Envelope Size:(PRSizeFont for Note7RL@DFontChoices$NoteFont+SST2BoldNoteBold/0SSdItalic
NoteItalicdS?pSrS/EnvelopeDefaults4SEnvelopeDefaultsSizeSEnvelopeDefaultsNoteNoSDimFonts$SEnvelopeDefaultsNoteFontT $TEnvelopeDefaultsNoteFont+T!3TEnvelopeDefaultsNoteBoldRT,-*ByeeT?EnvelopeDefaults~T,-*THTELine$EnvelopeDefaultSize=kEnvelopeDefaultsSizeLTELine$EnvelopeDefaultNoteNo=kEnvelopeDefaultsNoteNoPUELine$EnvelopeDefaultNoteFont=kEnvelopeDefaultsNoteFontPfUELine$EnvelopeDefaultNoteBold=kEnvelopeDefaultsNoteBoldTUELine$EnvelopeDefaultNoteItalic=kEnvelopeDefaults
NoteItalicIVELine$EnvelopeFeederDefault=kEnvelopeFeederDefaultEV3GV1Allow for mods to macro name, pull-down menu name{VO?_1Vg_____________________6VgEnveloper 3.0 Installation>Vg"Name for your new Enveloper macro:%9WQP2Z
En&veloperUX #[XBoxName$NameIt
MacroName$XNXLBuild Enveloper template macro, copy to clipboard, then close without savingXEnveloper30&YZ'**Insert here DY*
CrashnBurnsY7~Y4Dim FontChoices$(kDimFonts)Para$;Y4Dim FontEscSequence$(kDimFonts)Para$Y#i$DimFonts[Z4
FontChoices$(ki)=Quote$FontChoices$iQuote$Para$ceZ4FontEscSequence$(ki)=Quote$FontEscSequence$iQuote$Para$Z&i:Z4Dim FeederChoices$(kDimFeeder)Para$>[4Dim FeederEscSequence$(kDimFeeder)Para$K[#i$DimFeeder_c[4FeederChoices$(ki)=Quote$FeederChoices$iQuote$Para$g[4FeederEscSequence$(ki)=Quote$FeederEscSequence$iQuote$Para$\&iD'\4EnvelopeFeederDefault=kEnvelopeFeederDefaultPara$?n\4
Orientation$=Quote$Orientation$Quote$Para$9\4Dim EnvelopeNotes$(kDimNotes)Para$\#i$DimNotes_]4EnvelopeNotes$(ki)=Quote$EnvelopeNotes$iQuote$Para$]]&i,e]4
(_W2_>_<@_:Zap out old global macro, insert clipboard, save and closeN}_MacName$.Prints envelopes on LaserJets and compatibles._
__X``"` Assign global macro to File menu,6`MacName$&FileBoxName$s`u`3{`BoxName$
En&veloperBoxName$Enveloper`GoodMess$. Enveloper 3.0 installed successfully!Para$ #You have a new global macro called MacName$.Para$Enveloper 3.0@a*Byea
CrashnBurnabb[bBurnMess$Enveloper has been garbled . Para$" Start over with a new ENVR30.DOC.$jbBurnMess$
Enveloper 3.0bbByebbIsNumberInString$bIsNumberb#i$InString$fbnInString$i 0nInString$i 9IsNumberCc&iKcYcStripBlanks$InString${c#i$InString$-cNextCharnInstring$i9cNextChar

(_W2_>_<@_:Zap out old global m/`au}~$EIchuars|#,&'Q+R+,,,,M/N/O/X/^1_188999;1<8<<<'=1=AAAEE G"G'G)GGHHHHLLLeNN Q&QRRRUUX((NXX;XKX[[[[[____________`
!!!!!II I!I!.II I!I!II I!I!!!P37!9!-$/$&&''))-+/+N+P+,,J/L/[1]1`3b355779999;;Q;S;K>M>@@AA^E`E G"GHHLLNNQQRR`UbUUUUY!!!!@@ @!@!!
!0h!!!!!;YY[[[9[d[}[[[[[[[[[\/\B\_\a\n\p\\\\\\\?]A]T]V]X]Z]\]^]`]]]]]^^^^^ ^"^$^&^r^t^^^_O_w_y_______!`#`%`!B@!P!!mII I!I!II I!I!.II I!I!!C%`!{C/Z?SQ;Z{L!Enveloper30.Prints envelopes on LaserJets and compatibles.Install?Modifies Enveloper30 to produce a global macro called EnveloperHP LaserJet IIILPT1:HPPCL5AHP LaserJet III`FNFw@Kw5mYYY`"
Enveloper 3.0WfW LJ III Envelope Printer"WfW LJ III Envelope Print LaserJetEnvelope printer; "grabs" addressee, choice of three return addresses, multiple fonts, etc., easy customizing, self-installing, more options, QwikPrint for power users. NEW: support for HP LaserJet I, II, IIP, and IBM 4019 (but not in reverse landscape!)Woody LeonhardWoody Leonhard

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