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Hard disk controller reference.
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Hard disk controller reference.
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Contents of the CTLREF32.DOC file

VER. 3.2

I have tried to make this listing as accurate as possible, but I realize
that mistakes creep into any undertaking. I would appreciate hearing about
ANY mistakes that you find. Any questions, corrections, or suggestions about
this listing may be addressed to me via KADET PcBoard (315)245-3815, or
ALTERNATE ESCAPE PcBoard (315)336-1613, ROBERT FALBO. Mail can also be sent
via METROLINK Network.

To view this reference, use LIST, or a similar program. To print the full
listing, use SIDEWAYS, or a similar program, and set the parameters to NORMAL
character size, BOLD (or double-strike), and 53 lines per page. This will
produce a 6 page reference document.

A companion reference listing is also available for Hard Drives. Look for
the file "HD_REF32.ZIP" on this BBS or the above BBSs. Your feedback on these
listings would be appreciated and will go a long way in my decision on future
updates and other Listings. Also, Sysops are encouraged to make these files a
FREE DOWNLOAD in the interest of Public Service to their subscribers.

Thank You,
Robert Falbo

3.0 NOTES...

Version 3.0 has added new information fields (over V2.0)...
1. The Card SIZE was given two fields, LGN. & HGT. and removed from
the Comments section.
2. Fields were added for listing MAXimum HeaDs and CYLinderS supported.
3. Fields were added for listing on-board Bios and Co-Residence.

Additional Companies and products were added, along with additional info
on some products that were pretty thin on info in version 2.0. (some still

Version 3.2 corrected some stupid mistakes and added more info.

4.0... Will add more controllers & Companies, and include a phone directory.

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