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Keeps from booting from a non-DOS disk in drive A.
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Keeps from booting from a non-DOS disk in drive A.
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Contents of the DBFLOP.DOC file

DBFLOP = Don't Boot FLOPpy. The program is designed to rewrite the boot sector
of a formatted floppy disk in A drive so that if you attempt to boot the floppy
instead of getting the "Non-System disk or disk error..." message your machine
will instead boot the fixed disk. (If no fixed disk is installed ROM BASIC
will be loaded--should your machine have it.)

DBFLOP will not alter any data that may be on the diskette. The only part of
a floppy that it will change in any way is the boot code in the boot sector
that prints the "Non-System disk or disk error..." message. (Which will be
overwritten with new code.) Other data in the boot sector remains unaltered.

DBFLOP is hereby placed into the public domain by its author and furthermore,
the author makes no warranty neither expressed nor implied concerning its use-
fullness for any purpose whatsoever. Any user of the program bears sole
responsibility for any and all damage that might result from its use. By using
the program a user agrees to this provision.

DBFLOP is being distributed by the author with accompanying assembler source
code and this documentation.

Feedback concerning the program is welcome.

Charles Lazo III
CompuServe User ID 72210,17

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