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EGA graphical chkdsk.
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EGA graphical chkdsk.
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Contents of the NEWCHK.DOC file

DSKCHK.EXE by Brian Meier

DSKCHK is a program which graphically displays disk usage with
a 3-D bar graph and cylinder. This replaces the version of DSKCHK
which had previously been in the software library as file #8304.
This version fixes some bugs and adds some enhancements. This program
is for EGA only. An error with previous program prevented it from
working on CGA. I was not satisfied with graphics produced for CGA
after fixing the bug, so will write a separate version for use with
CGA. The following changes have been made to DSKCHK Version 1.1 :

1) Fixed problem in display for some EGAs.
2) Added option to display in monochrome with pattern fills
replacing colors.
3) Added option to wait until key pressed after entering command
before scanning disk. This will allow users of 1-drive systems
to insert new disk so that DSKCHK need not reside on every disk
to be scanned.
4) The EGA.BGI graphics driver has been linked into the exec so now
there is only one file for program (plus documentation file.)
5) Fixed problem of cursor advancing 1 space after ending program
on some systems.

This program was written with Borland International's Turbo Pascal 4.0.
This program is designed to run on EGA at 640 x 350 resolution. I have
also set up program to detect VGA and display in 640 x 350 resolution
but did not have VGA to test on so can't make any promises. Since
CGA cannot display at this resolution, I may rewrite program specific
to CGA.

Command line parameters are:

/m -- monochrome display
/w -- wait before scanning indicated drive
d: -- where d is any valid drive, (i.e. A, B, C, D, E...)
the colon (:) is not required. Note : error msg will
display for invalid drive letter, but no check is made
to see if there is actually a diskette in drive, if the
drive is valid.

Parameters may be entered in mixed case and in any order.

DSKCHK a or DSKCHK B: will display the a or b drive.
DSKCHK /m a /w will pause; display drive A stats in monochrome.

Let me know what you think of the exec at GEmail address B.MEIER
Thanks to David Zaccour for suggestions 2 & 3. I really would like to
get GEmail concerning bugs with program. Over 300 people downloaded
first version of DSKCHK, and only 1 person wrote to tell me it was
failing on CGA.

You are free to distribute this program in whatever way you choose
so long as documentation and all files are unchanged and included as
a package. This program is provided as-is and user assumes all
risks and liabilities in using this program.

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