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Figures out how many diskettes you need for HD backup.
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Figures out how many diskettes you need for HD backup.
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Contents of the BKUPCALC.DOC file


A backup calculation program

BKUPCALC scans the default drive and calculates the
amount of space required to perform full or modified
backups. This enables you to have the proper number of
formatted diskettes ready before starting.

The output lists the total number of files, the number of
files with the archive bit set, and the amount of disk
space occupied by the files. The numbers will not match
the figures from CHKDSK since BKUPCALC adds 128 bytes to
the file size and then rounds it up to the next 1k
boundry. The program then calculates how many double and
high density diskettes are required for a full backup and a
backup with the /M option.

There is a possibility that the number of diskettes will be
off by +/- 1 due to slight storage differences.

To use BKUPCALC, just enter the command:


This program is being distributed as Niceware (courtesy
P. L. Olympia). This program can be distributed and used
freely as long as no consideration (other than diskette
handling fee) is charged. If you use the program and find
it useful, don't send me any money or other consideration,
just do something nice for someone else. Give your
spouse/girl/boy/kids a hug, take the family somewhere
special. Now isn't that Niceware.

BKUPCALC is Copyright Glen E. Thompson 1987. All rights

Glen E. Thompson
Route 2 Box 424
Troutville, VA 24175

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