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Compares your HD's FAT 1 to FAT 2 and allows adjustment.
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Compares your HD’s FAT 1 to FAT 2 and allows adjustment.
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Contents of the FATFIX.DOC file

FATFIX.EXE was written by Michael A. Hotz of J.M. Allen Creations. Because
working with disks at the sector level is inherently dangerous, especially
when dealing with the organizational structures, as in this case, the user
ASSUMES ALL RISKS involved with using this program. I have tried to intercept
any possible errors dealing with format type, or disk layout, however, many
people are still dealing with much older software and equipment which has
been around since before I was ever though of. The program was written in
Turbo C under dos 3.30, so if you have any doubts, try it on a floppy first.
The program will determine the disktype, and if it is known, will proceed to
read and compare FAT (file allocation table) 1 and FAT 2. It will then
tell the users how they compare. If mismatches are found, and you are sure
you can afford to lose the data on the disk, select option 2. Since DOS
normally uses copy 1 and keeps copy 2, any DOS errors will occur in the
first copy. Option 1 works, but probably would never be used. If the only
problem with the disk is in the first copy of FAT (which has happened to me
before, thus the reason for this program) then the program should work
successfully. This program is short, fast, and effective. If you have any
questions or comments, or need further help in undoing some major catastrophe
send me E-Mail, include name, number, user id, etc... as well as a description
and I will attempt to help as much as I can.

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