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Hard disk sector tester - find "slow" sectors, source included.
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Hard disk sector tester – find “slow” sectors, source included.
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Contents of the DTST.DOC file

DTST - Yet another disk tester v2.0 01-May-90
============================== (C) 1990 Samuel H. Smith

DTST is a small utility that is used to check out your hard disks. It
has the special ability to report "slow" sectors. These are sectors
that read properly, but often require retries. I feel that such sectors
are on the verge of failure and should quickly be locked out before they
cause any harm.

DTST consults your FAT and reports if clusters are already marked bad.
You can use another disk utility (such as Norton's NU) to locate any
files using the questionable sectors. Copy the files to a safe place
and then use "DT" to mark the blocks as "bad". This will prevent real
trouble before it happens.

Use this at your own risk! I am including source code so you can verify
that it has not been hacked.

Samuel H. Smith
The Tool Shop
(602) 279-2673

Revision history

15-feb-88 v1.0
Initial coding and release.

21-feb-88 v1.1
Added two optional parameters to specify the first and last
sector number to test.

21-may-88 v1.2
Changed scanning direction. Consults boot record for information
needed to calculate cluster numbers.

23-may-88 v1.3
Fixed the 'slow sector' message, which was broken in the 21-may version.
Also reduced display activity during testing.

16-jun-88 v1.4
The FAT is now loaded to determine clusters which are already marked
as bad. Added READ/WRITE test. Initial SourceWare release.

26-jun-88 v1.5
Directed the non-error track by track status messages to the display
regardless of where standard output has been redirected. This removes
clutter from a logfile if you are running DTST in a batch with output
redirected to a file.

01-may-90 v2.0
Added support for DOS 4.0 and partitions over 32meg.
Added additional error messages when a disk failure is detected.

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