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Shows percentage of HD space used.
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Shows percentage of HD space used.
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MSCON - Mass Storage CONfiguration display utility

Written by: David William Nixon
806 Hatteras Circle
Waldorf, Maryland 20601-5222
(301) 843-5767 after 7pm EST
(202) 653-5855 9:30am-6pm EST
Released into public domain on Friday, February 16, 1990.

How many of you out there work with big fat hard disks which are partitioned
into multiple logical drives? Or, how many of you work with a system with
multiple physical and/or logical drives? I do, and doing a CHKDSK on all of
them to find freespace to put new programs is a nuisance. So, I wrote this
handy little ditty to compute freespace, used space, and percentages and
display them NEATLY in tabular form.

All contiguous logical drives above and including C: are checked. If there
is a gap, e.g. C:, D:, G:, it will probably stop after D: and not recognize
further drives. Or, if you are using some weird controller, screwball driver,
or other kludge to get around the DOS 32meg drive limit, etc., it may not
locate all drives. But, for most people, it should work fine.

If you wish floppy drives to be included in the check, do MSCON /F.


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