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Displays AT BIOS parameters for Hard Drives. Shareware, U/L by author.
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Displays AT BIOS parameters for Hard Drives. Shareware, U/L by author.
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Contents of the HDLIST.DOC file

Have you ever been in the position where you were trying to find out what
your AT machine hard drive type was best suited to your drive? Even if you
take a drive out of one AT and put it into a new one (such as when you are
upgrading computers),there's no guarentee that the number from the previous
system will be the one that you need for this one! Sure some of new BIOS's
give you a pretty table to look at & pick from. But what if you are on a
system that doesn't. You could try all of the available drive types, but
chances are if you do, the one that you pick won't match EXACTLY to what you
need, and furthermore as luck will have it, you won't find out until you've
loaded ALL of your data & the next day try to boot!

Well, with this little utility, those problems should be GONE! Just match
your hard drive parameters with this program, and Compute in Good Health!!!


If you find this little gem of mine to be helpful, would you please send
$10.00 (Not much for all of the problems that it can save you,I'd say!) to:

Total Resource Specialists
P.O. Box 3632
Silver Spring, MD 20918-3632
Attn: Dean Mires

You may also contact me via my CompuServe id # [76537,1673]

Upon receipt you will become a FULLY REGISTERED USER entitling you to
updates as soon as they become available. A small handling fee (usually
around $5.00 US) may be charged, really just to cover postage.


Association of
. Professionals


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