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Allows HD boot-up with disk in drive 1.
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Allows HD boot-up with disk in drive 1.
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Contents of the INVIS.DOC file


A Disk Utility

Copyright 1986, 1987

Doctor Debug & E. E. Hrivnak

Anyon usin P wit har dis know th frustratio o
seein th followin messag whe rebootin:

Non-system disk or disk error.
Replace and strike any key when ready.

Th docto ha frequentl bee tempte t strik th
compute instea o key However ther i no a answe t
thi annoyin problem Invis-I-Dis wil alte th boo recor o
you dat disk s tha the wil automaticall caus th boo
proces t "fal through t you har disk thu renderin you
dis "invisible" N longe wil yo hav t worr abou flippin
the drive door open before rebooting.

Ther ar tw file whic ar neede t rende you disk
"invisible" INVIS.CO i th ru file an INVIS.DA i
necessar dat file The command syntax is:

INVIS [d:]

wher d i th optiona driv specifie (a o b:) INVI wil
default to the A drive if no specifier is given.


DISKETTES Whateve wa i th boo recor o thes disk wil b
gone. I suggest that you use Invis-i-disk only on data diskettes.

I yo fin Invis-I-Dis useful pleas mak donatio o
$5.00 to:

Steel City Software
1 Windsor Road B-6
Pittsburgh, Pa. 15239

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