Dec 132017
Update for StacMeter for Stacker 3.0. D/l'd from Stacker BBS.
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Update for StacMeter for Stacker 3.0. D/l’d from Stacker BBS.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The file STACOMTR.EXE in this archive is intended for use by
registered Stacker 3.0 users only.

To update your Stacker 3.0 files, copy STACOMTR.EXE to the
directory where Stacker 3.0 is installed.
This is typically C:\STACKER. If you are unsure of the location
of your Stacker 3.0 files, examine your CONFIG.SYS and look
for the line that begins


where C:\STACKER is the drive and directory that Stacker 3.0
is installed in.
You may also wish to update your Stacker 3.0 distribution disk
so that any reinstallation of Stacker will install the updated
file. To do this, copy the STACOMTR.EXE file to Disk 3 of the 3.5"
disk and/or Disk 1 of the 5.25" high density disk.
If you are using the 5.25" low density disks, copy STACOMTR.EXE
to Disk 4.

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