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Adaptec's info on the 154xB series SCSI Controllers.
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Adaptec’s info on the 154xB series SCSI Controllers.
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Contents of the 154XCODE.DOC file

********** NOTICE: This code is not for novices!!! **********

Jan. 26, 1993

This is the document file for the following microcode (aka firmware)
and BIOS code:

154XMGIG.BIN :microcode

The code is for the AHA-1540B or AHA-1542B. It may or may not differ
from the code that was shipped with your AHA-1540B/1542B.
The code is in a binary format. The code must be programmed into a
27C128 EPROM using a PROM programmer. The code is 4000h bytes in size.
A 27128A EPROM can also be used.

The microcode and BIOS EPROMs are socketed on the AHA-1540B/1542B.
The microcode EPROM is labeled with the word 'MCODE', and is at
silkscreen position U12 on the host adapter. The BIOS EPROM is
labeled BIOS, and is at silkscreen position U13 on the host adapter.
The microcode and BIOS should only be changed together. Be sure to
watch pin 1 orientation of the EPROM, signified by a notch on the
EPROM and the EPROM socket.

This code has the following capabilities:

-support for Western Digital and IBM SCSI drives
-ability to access all capacity with drives greater than 1 gigabyte
under MS DOS 5.0. (using an alternate translation scheme). A
jumper must be installed on the AHA-1540/42B at J6, position 2 to
enable the new translation scheme. Please read the enclosed file
154X_GIG.DOC for complete details and limitations. A new
ASPI4DOS.SYS (version 3.0a) is required and is available as a free
upgrade on the Adaptec BBS using the program UPGRADE.EXE in the
UPGRADE file library.

This code is provided with no warranties expressed or implied. It may
or may not improve performance/compatibility with your SCSI host

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