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This is a utility to check the efficiency of your hard disk.
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This is a utility to check the efficiency of your hard disk.
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Usage: EFFIC [Options] [>ResultFile]

EFFIC measures the storage efficiency of any group of files on
any floppy or hard disk supported by MSDOS. It returns a list of
files with the number of clusters used, the number of non-contiguous
clusters and a measure of the efficiency of storage as it will affect
read/write performance. If all clusters are contiguous, the efficiency
is rated as 100%. Otherwise, the efficiency is downgraded by the
percentage of clusters that are non-contiguous.

If no options are specified, the files in the current drive and
directory are analyzed, and a report listing all files found is
written to the standard output.

-S DrivePath Start in the specified drive and directory.
-R search Recursively, down all subdirectories found.
-Q Quiet mode. Write only non-discontiguous files.
-A Automatic mode. Analyzes entire default drive quietly.
-? write this Help message.

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