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Adaptec SCSI Micro code for 174x controller. (1/11/93).
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Adaptec SCSI Micro code for 174x controller. (1/11/93).
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Contents of the 174XCODE.DOC file

********** NOTICE: This code is not for novices!!! **********

***** The microcode included here, B7D6.BIN, is the latest available for
the AHA-1740A and AHA-1742A. This code resolves all known technical
issues, and is the 'latest and greatest'.

***** This BIOS code, DC00.BIN, allows the AHA-1740, AHA-1740A and
AHA-1742A to accessgreater than 1 gigabyte of hard disk capacity
using MS DOS 5.0.This code is not required with Novell NetWare,
any version of OS/2, any version of UNIX orXENIX.

The code is in a binary format.
The BIOS code must be programmed into a 27C128 or 27128A EPROM and the
microcode must be programmed into a 27C256 or 27256A using an EPROM

The BIOS code DC00.BIN is 4000h bytes in size, and the microcode
B7D6.BIN is 8000h bytesin size.

The BIOS EPROM and MCODE EPROM are socketed on the AHA-1740A/42A.
The BIOS EPROM is labeled BIOS. The microcode EPROM is labeled MCODE.

The ASW-C174 version 3.1, also included here, must be used in
conjunction with the EPROM code. The ASW-C174 v3.1 is also available
on the Adaptec BBS under the file name ASWC174.EXE (a self extracting

A new ASPIEDOS.SYS is not required.

This code is provided with no warranties expressed or implied. It may
or may not improve performance/compatibility with your SCSI host

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