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Back up HD fat to floppy disk.
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Back up HD fat to floppy disk.
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Eric Gans
French Dept. UCLA
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Because unerasing on a hard disk is a delicate procedure (the
FAT and part of the directory must be rewritten to disk), I have
written DBACK.COM, which will back up the FAT and root directory of a
(hard) disk on another (floppy) disk, and restore it in case
catastrophe strikes. DBACK makes a read-only file called DBACK.DRx
(x = backed up drive) in the root directory of the backup drive. For
extra security, run DBACK before unerasing; since the backup file
is written on another disk it won't disturb the unerase procedure.

DBACK is also useful for general disk security purposes,
especially for assembly-language programmers who are often a
keystroke or two away from trashing their disk.

Don't forget to copy DBACK.COM to a backup disk. If it is on
a different diskette than DBACK.DRx, you will be able to change
disks while running the program. Just remember that if you ever
need DBACK to restore your hard disk directory you won't be able to
find it there!
tory in file A:\DBACK.DR ...

Backup c

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