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Format protect hard disk with sysop note and descriptive text.
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Format protect hard disk with sysop note and descriptive text.
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Contents of the WPHD.DOC file

WPHD.COM - Run this to write- and format-protect your hard disk. Useful
when letting someone else use your PC or when trying out
new BBS software. Each time it is run it
toggles the protection off or on - no need to reboot to get
rid of it. The toggle ON/OFF feature will not work if, after
running WPHD, you run another RESIDENT program that
re-vectors INT 13. In other words, run WPHD after running
other resident programs, such as Sidekick.
If the DOS FORMAT command is run when this is on, it will
appear to be formatting your hard disk, but what it is
actually doing is VERIFYing each sector, which does not
harm the disk. Your data is actually lost during a format
when DOS writes a new Directory and FAT - WPHD will prevent
that. Actually, if WPHD is not installed and you accidentally
start formatting your hard disk, you can type Ctrl-Break
to stop the formatting. The Ctrl-Break will not be
acknowledged right away, but that's ok - it will still break
you out of format before any damage is done.

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