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Watch movement of hard disk.
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Watch movement of hard disk.
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Contents of the DISKTRAK.DOC file

| DISKTRAK Ver. 1.2 10/25/88 (C) Copyright Karl Wagner |
| San Juan, Puerto Rico. |
| (809) 755-4242 |

Release notes:

Version 1.0: 09/23/88.
First release.

Version 1.1: 09/27/88.

[TRACK:] Field wouldn't display a track over 256.
Corrected in Ver 1.1b.

Version 1.1b: 10/22/88. < BETA TEST > not released.

Command line options to selectively turn ON or OFF
the status line, clock, etc. Type DISKTRAK ? to see
the new options.

Added complete error messages to the log.

On a color monitor, when an error occurs, the status line
characters flash from white to red for visual indication of errors.

Version 1.2: 10/25/88.

The log now shows the entry values for registers AX, BX, CX,
DX and ES before interrupt 13h is executed, then on return,
the floppy disk controller registers C, H, R, N, ST0, ST1 and
ST2 are shown.

Locked the status line so that it won't scroll off the screen.
The status line will only be displayed in 80x25 text mode. In all
other modes, the status line is shut off.


Hi again folks!,

I hope you like this small utility program. It was written in C language and
some assembly language.

It is a resident monitor for all interrupt 13h activities and provides a
log in memory for all disk errors. Also it shows a status line at the top of
the screen of the activities. The buffer holds approximately 40 errors and then
wraps around to the beginning.

To install the program, copy the file DISKTRAK.EXE to your root directory
or your search path and just enter "DISKTRAK" followed by . Make this
your last resident program.

You will see the time in the upper right corner of the screen and during
your next disk I/O operation, the status line will appear on the top of the screen.

The cpu registers and the floppy disk controller status registers
in the log are shown in hex. The values in the status line are all decimal.

Please feel free to share this program with your friends but
only in it's original file name "DISKTRAK" and NO MODIFICATIONS!.

Here is a description of the error messages, they will show when
you ask for the dump of errors, "DISKTRAK d" , if any.

Status = 0: No error.
1: Illegal command to drive.
2: Address mark not found.
3: Write protect disk.
4: Requested sector not found.
5: Reset failed ( hard disk )
6: Diskette change line active.
7: Parameter act hard disk.
8: DMA overrun.
9: DMA attempt across 64k boundary.
10: Bad sector detected. ( hard disk )
11: Bad track detected. ( hard disk )
12: Invalid media.
16: CRC error on disk read.
17: data ECC corrected.
32: Controller error.
64: Seek failure.
128: Disk time out.
170: Drive not ready. ( hard disk )
187: Undefined error.

Next is a description of the commands:

Command: Reset : Reset disk system.
Status : Return status of disk system.
Read : Read sectors into memory.
Write : Write sectors into memory.
Verify : Verify sectors.
Format : Format disk track.
Ftsbsf : Format disk track and set bad sector flags.
Fdsagt : Format drive starting at given track.
Getcdp : Get current drive parameters.
Itfdbt : Initialize two fixed disk base tables.
Rdlong : Read long.
Wtlong : Write long.
Sekcyl : Seek to cylinder.
Altdrs : Alternate disk reset.
Readsb : Read sector buffer.
Writsb : Write sector buffer.
Tfdr : Test for drive ready.
Dskrec : Disk recalibrate.
Cramdi : Controller ram diagnostics.
Dddia : Drive diagnostics.
Dcondi : Disk controller diagnostics.
Getdit : Get disk type.
Chdist : Change of disk status.
Sedtip : Set disk type.
Semtff : Set media type for format.
Parkhd : Park heads.
Esdifd : ESDI fixed disk format unit.


Have fun!,
Compuserve id: 71511,2434

If you have any questions, please feel free to call or drop me a note.

AND OF COURSE, if you do like this program, and would like me to
continue developing more applications like this one, grab a pen,
pull out your checkbook, and write a check or money order for the unbelievable
amount of FIVE $5.00 dollars. Talk about cheap software!.

Or if you want a diskette with all the source code for DISKTRAK, then send
FIFTEEN $15.00 dollars. Make it payable to Karl Wagner.
I will ship it to you within 48 hours US first class mail.

send all mail to:

Radiotelephone Communicators of PR, inc.
Attn. Karl Wagner, Research manager
G.P.O. Box 3568
San Juan, PR. 00936-3568

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