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Small utility that backs up your HD.
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Small utility that backs up your HD.
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Contents of the SBACKUP.DOC file

SBACKUP - a backup utility
Author: Chuck Elliot (Innovative Software)

SBACKUP is a menu-driven backup program useful for backing up
and restoring files from/to a hard disk. The program is copyright
Innovative Software (the SMART System people), but is distributable
without license.

General Notes:

SBACKUP selects files to back up on the basis of the file template(s)
selected, backup date vs. limit date and archive bit in the file
attribute (if INCREMENTAL mode is selected). The path to the
source drive for each matching file is preserved on the target
drive (i.e. if I am backing up file BAR in directory \dir1\foo
from drive c: to drive a:, then \dir\foo will be created on drive
a: (if it doesn't already exist) and file BAR will be copied into
it. When the target disk fills up, the user will be prompted to
insert another disk. The archive bit will be set for all files
actually backed up.

Main Menu Options:

Options are selected by pressing the first letter of the
desired command or by using the space bar to move the highlight
to the desired command and pressing the enter key.


back up only files with date more recent than date selected


back up files to selected drive, and select for empty/nonempty
destination drive


begin backing up files


back up only files with archive bit off or back up all files


list matching files to screen or perform actual backup


list matching files to printer




sort files or take in directory order


select file template

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