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Up to date technical information on hard drives.
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Up to date technical information on hard drives.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

South Texas BBS systems
HDInfo File list

This is the latest list of hard drives. Thank you for taking the time
to use this listing and hope you get usefull information from it.

HD0192R4 EXE ????? 1-25-92 ??:??a Self-extracting file with the
following files....

HDINFO PRN 285??? 1-25-92 ??:??a Hard drive listing
HEADER DOC 2466 4-23-91 ??:??p Header information for HDINFO
README 1ST 1309 7-27-91 ??:??p Readme file for HDINFO
README 2ND 9709 7-27-91 ??:??p 2nd readme file for HDINFO

This list is free, but it is copyrighted. Please distribute to friends or
other BBS systems the file called HD0192R4.EXE.

You may make printed copies within your company but none to distribute outside
this restriction, this hard copy shall not be sold and the phone numbers for
the South Texas BBS systems shall not be removed.

Ray Martin
South Texas BBS systems #1 (713) 894-5636
South Texas BBS systems #2 (713) 955-0063
Fax phone (713) 894-7722

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