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The ultimate disk space interpreter.
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The ultimate disk space interpreter.
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Contents of the DFREE30.DOC file

DFREE Version 3.0

(c) 1993 - James E. Griffin

The Ultimate Disk Space Interpeter

For a complete list of switches type DFREE /? from the command

But first...


This product is distributed AS IS. The author specifically
disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, including, but
not limitted to, implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose with respect to defects in the
diskette and documentation, and program license granted herein,
in particular, without limiting operation of the program license
with respect to any use or purpose. In no event shall the author
be liable for any loss of profit or damage including but not
limited to special, incedental, consequential or other damages.


You may use these programs and freely EVALUATE ITS USEFULNESS
for a 30-DAY TRIAL PERIOD. Should you find it useful, you MUST
RESISTER by sending the enclosed registration form and a check
or money order payable to James E. Griffin. See the end of this
document for details.

You may freely distribute UNMODIFIED copies (which include
all files listed in the 'INCLUDED FILES' section of the doc-
umentation) provided you do not include it with commercial soft-
ware, and charge nothing for the software.

Now that the hard part is out of the way, this document is
provided in order to give the user a brief description of what
DFREE 3.0 is intended to do. However, before you go using the
program, make sure that it is virus free by taking the following
(1) - Make sure that the three files DFREE.EXE, DFREE30.DOC
and FILE_ID.DIZ are present and that these are the\
only files in the archive. If they are not all there
or if more files were in the archive, other than those
listed, there is a good chance that you have a hacked
version and should not run the program. If this is
the case, please contact the author listed at the
end of this document.

(2) - Scan the executable file contained in the archive
(DFREE.EXE) with the virus-scanner of your choice.
This is a not a gaurantee that the file is clean,
but it is a very good indication.

Having taken these steps to insure a good copy of DFREE 3.0, you
are ready to use the program. DFREE 3.0 is basically a simple
program designed to help the user manage hard, or floppy, disk space.
The program will give you a number of different statistics based
on the switches given it by the user. A brief description follows:

Basic Command Line Arguments:
DFREE with no arguments will display the drive
space free (in Megs.) of the current drive,
along with the total ammount of hard disk
space free for all hard drives on your
machine. The curent directory will also be

Any drive letter listed on the command line will
cause the program to display the ammount
of space,in Megs. free for the drive listed.

/?, /H or /h - this switch will display a help
screen displaying all the posible command
line arguments.

/c or /C - this switch will cause the computer to
display the ammount of free space on the
current drive.

/d or /D - this switch will cause the program to
display the ammount of disk space consumed
on the disk following the switch.
i.e. - DFREE /dC: will display the space
used on disk C:

/r or /R - this will cause the program to display
the ammount of space consumed by the
directory, along with all of its sub-
directories, listed after the switch.
i.e. - DFREE /rC:\WINDOWS will display
the approximate amount of space in megs
taken up by the WINDOWS directory on drive
C: and all of its sub-directories.

/s or /S - this switch is the same as /R, but it
will not calculate the space consumed
by any sub-directoies, if there are any.

/t or /T - this switch will cause the program to
display the ammount of free disk space
of all Hard Drives on your system.

As a note, any combination of command line arguments, as well as
switches, may be listed on the command line. The program also supports
multiple identical (and not so identical) arguments.

Well, that's about it. As you can see, the program is pretty
straightforward and simple to use. If you have any questions, you
may contact the author by any of the means listed at the end of
this document.

If you find this program at all useful or use it after the 30-
day trial period, please register it. Registration is only $10.00
U.S. and you will receive a disk with the latest update of the
program upon registration.

To register, or contact the author for any reason, including
suggestions or bugs found with any of his software write:

James E. Griffin
41 Karcher St.
Sayreville, NJ 08872

call: (908) 254-8392

or through America Online:
e-mail me @ Jimg815860

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