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Latest specs on all Seagate drives (8-28-94, valid as of 10-01-94). Includes mfm,rll, ide, esdi, scsi, pcmc, ipi drives and controllers.
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Latest specs on all Seagate drives (8-28-94, valid as of 10-01-94). Includes mfm,rll, ide, esdi, scsi, pcmc, ipi drives and controllers.
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Contents of the WHATSNEW.TXT file

Seagate Technical Support Disc Drive Specifications


This file will be maintained starting April 1992.
8/26/94 Added ST31230N and ST32430N. Updated ST12400W and

8/17/94 Added ST3240A, ST3295A and ST3660A. Updated missing
info on ST9385A, ST9550A, ST9655A, ST3780A and ST31220A.

8/09/94 Added Medalist, Decathlon and Marathon names to
appropriate models. Added ST31220A and ST3780A

8/08/94 Corrected External Transfer Rate for ST410800W.
Added Force 1024 Cyls jumper to ST5660A. Added
External Transfer Rates to Hawk and Barracuda
drives. Corrected SPT avg for Barracuda 4 drives.

8/01/94 Updated wide Barracuda models to show J4
jumper MAY have 7 pairs.

5/31/94 Added Parity Enable to ST43401N. Updated
ST5660N specs and jumpers.

5/10/94 Corrected ST740A width. Corrected Barracuda
Family Depth (mm). Updated ST3390N average
Sector per Track value. Clarified ST3x91A
Family jumper drawing.

5/02/94 Corrected access times on ST3x91 family drives.

4/28/94 Added ST9385AG, ST9150AG, ST9240AG, ST9300AG,
ST9655AG, ST15230N, ST15230W

4/14/94 Corrected Height measurement on several 9xxxA

3/24/94 Corrected the ST410800N and W info.

3/14/94 Corrected ST31200N family drives Parity Enable
jumper reference (said Disable, sorry). Also
clarified the same jumper on ST3610N family.

2/27/94 Added ST3250A, ST3291A, ST3391A and ST3491A.
Updated ST7050P. Pulled ST11201N and ST42101N
which were never mfg'd.

2/15/94 Corrected pwa reference on Terminator Power view
for Hawk family drives.

2/11/94 Corrected specs that said "straight arm" actuator
to "rotary voice coil".

1/17/94 Reordered the J2 numbering on the ST11200 family
to match the Installation Guides.

12/17/93 Updated Baracuda differential models to show
correct buffer size.

12/15/93 Added new products which where introduce at the
Fall '93 Comdex. 34 new models (whew! )

12/14/93 Minor change to Elite drive family concerning
termination power options on Differential models.

11/09/93 Corrected ST7050P specs. Added mating cable connector
info to ST31200N

11/08/93 Added Cable Select jumper info to ST3655A, ST3550A
and ST3390A

11/04/93 Corrected number of cylinders on ST3655N to
conform to mode select page 3 sector/track

10/12/93 Added jumper drawings to ST11950W and ST12550W.
Removed T-res object from ST11900N and ST12400N
jumper drawings since these models use a T-RES
enable/disable jumper.
Corrected avg sector per track on ST11900N.
Added ST11900NC drawing to show new 80 pin I/O
Corrected ST11200N family access times to not include
controller overhead.
Added ST1950N and ST11830N (ST11200N family drives).

10/11/93 Changed model numbers:ST11951N ->ST11950W,
ST12551N ->ST12550W (new SCSI-wide designations will
use W instead of ..1N). Also fixed average sectors
per track on Baracuda drives.
Corrected Delayed Motor Start time on ST11200 family.

10/05/93 Updates specs on ST31200N. Added note to Baracuda models
about differential termination.
09/15/93 Corrected avg sectors per track on ST3390N

09/12/93 Corrected T-res info on ST4182N

08/17/93 Update specs and jumper setting for ST9235N.

08/12/93 Removed ST11700N, ST11701N, ST11750N, ST11751N and
replaced with updated versions ST11900N, ST11901N,
ST11950N and ST11951N.

08/11/93 Removed ST9295N (never produced).

07/27/93 Corrected "default" terminator power designations on
ST3283N, ST3390N and ST3550N.

06/22/93 Corrected ST9100AG power specs.
Added ST3195A, ST9140AG, ST9190AG.

05/14/93 Added ST3390N.

05/13/93 Corrected ST1480N family t-res power from bus jumper.

05/12/93 Corrected ST9100AG total sectors and changed default
translation geometry. Corrected ST3243A mtbf and power
Added ST9145AG, ST3123A, ST3145A, ST3290A, ST3390A,

03/10/93 Clarified front-to-back orientation of configuration
jumper block on ST3600A.
Corrected ST3243A board layout.
Corrected ST41601N external transfer rate.

02/09/93 Corrected ST3600A Master with Slave Present jumper

02/02/93 Added reference to old/new style SCSI ID jumper
block on ST3600, ST3610 and ST11200 families.
Correct cylinder and head specs on ST43400 Elite 3
family. Pulled drawing in ST43402 and ST11201 (should
show 68-pin wide scsi connector).

01/29/93 Added new PWA layout for ST3600A Family

12/18/92 Added all the NEW drives announced at COMDEX '92.

12/08/92 Updated ST3283N to show notch in I/O connector
plastic shroud. Corrected MTBF and power specs.
Corrected ST1980N internal transfer rate.

12/07/92 Added shock spec to ST9144 family.
Updated left side view for ST3600N family to show
early PCB layout for SCSI ID header.

12/01/92 Corrected Motor Start and Start Delay designations
on ST3600N family. They were described in reverse.

11/12/92 Corrected external transfer rate on ST41601N

11/11/92 Clarified location of configuration jumpers on ST2106E.
Noted perpendicular configuration header on ST412 members
of the ST157 family.

10/22/92 Added ST3600 family drives (ST3500 A & N, ST3600 A & N)

10/12/92 Corrected order of jumper numbers on ST11200 family
(incl ST1980N) J2 jumper block. Descriptions were OK,
number wasn't. Also corrected ST11200N family data
buffer amount.

09/28/92 ST3283 power specs and max full seek updated. Added
pin-28 SPSYNC- info to front view of ST3283A.

09/8/92 Corrected perspective on ST3283 family front view.

07/16/92 Added T-res information to ST-2125N and ST-2209N (old
94221 family Wren 5)

07/13/92 Corrected description of Motor Start and Start Delay
jumpers on ST11200 family
Identified pin-1 of J5 on ST1480N family

06/11/92 Corrected 3-pin power assignments on ST3144 family.
Added ST-9052A.

05/18/92 Added ST-42400N.
Correct spindle speeds on ST11200 family.

04/17/92 ST325N SCSI drive added.

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