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Parks hard disk on XT/AT.
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Parks hard disk on XT/AT.
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Contents of the PCPARK.DOC file

(c)PCPARK 1986, version 1.0
Copyright by RainTree Computer Systems
All Rights Reserved.

A generic park program
for IBM PC/XT/AT computers
and their nearest clones.

PCPARK: Move heads to landing zone, beep, halt system.

This program is a generic park program for IBM PC/XT/AT computers
and their nearest clones. Its locates all hard disks in the system
and moves their heads to their respective parking cylinders. For
AT (286) type computers disk drives are parked in their designated
landing zones. For PC and XT (8088/8086) type computers, the drives
are parked at the inner most physical cylinder (diagnostic cylinder).
The computer system is then put into a hard system halt. For all
intents and purposes the computer is totally disabled from further
use except by powering off and back on again.

Status messages are displayed for each drive in the system. PCPARK
may be used in systems where there are no hard disks to provide a
program initiated system halt.

This program operates at the ROM BIOS level for disk io and DOS
function call level for everything else. An anomaly of the
the program and its function is that if you run the program from a
diskette drive, it parks all hard disks and halts the system before
DOS has had time to turn off the diskette motor. It stays running
until you power off. Best to run this program from a hard disk !

The following option switches apply-
/U -Unpark enables the return to DOS after parking. Without this
parameter the computer system is put into a hard system halt.

PCPARK has been tested on: IBM PC- 10MB, 15MB
IBM AT- 20MB, 30MB
Compaq Portable 286- 20MB
Compaq Portable II- 20MB

-- This program is protected by copyright --
It may be used and distributed without charge. It
may NOT be combined with software or hardware, for
sale or for rent where the charge is over 7 dollars.


PROGRAM HISTORY: VER 1.0 6/12/86 Original program code

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