Printer Utilities

PRUTIL Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
!PFILE31.ZIP40698Nov 2 1991Excellent source code file printer. Prints titles, filename, file date, current date, page numbers, total line number, etc. Customize your printer in setup file. Menu Driven.
1080I2.ZIP6495May 13 1989A printer control program for the Panasonic KX-P1080i.
1124-20A.ZIP44909Oct 4 1992Utility to set Panasonic KXP1124 printer from dos prompt.
2COL49D.ZIP41125Sep 9 19932COL is a 2 column compressed print utility for dot matrix printers. It prints up to 8 pages on one side of a sheet of paper (or 16 pages using both sides of sheet).
2SIDES.ZIP128916Jan 27 1991Bothsides 1.0.0 Printer utility that allows you to print on both sides of a sheet of paper.
32K1124.ZIP1842Oct 2 1980Add a 32k buffer to your Panasonic 1124.
3X3LBR.ZIP115750Jun 20 19943x3 Labeler is an easy-to-use method of producing labels for 3 1/2" disks.
820WP51.ZIP57123Jun 6 1991This is a printer driver for Okidata 820 laser printer for Word Perfect Version 5.1 direct from Okidata.
ALABL13.ZIP72100Apr 5 1990AutoLabel (v1.3) all purpose file for making and printing lists and labels.
APLUS.ZIP138513Nov 12 1990Database and print program for envelopes. Prints Zip+4 code.
APMAD500.ZIP90523Jul 6 1994APT Mailing Assistant v5.00 , Print envelopes and labels with deliver point bar codes on any HP compatible laser or Epson compatible dot matrix.
AUDIOLBL.ZIP15815Oct 19 1990Postscipt program that will print out custimized labels for audio cassettes. User must edit the file, however it is self documented and easy to use.
AUTO-ADD.ZIP39705May 12 1992AUTO-ADD is a usefull envelope and label addresser for 24 pin Dot Matrix printers and Daisy Wheel printers. It has been tested successfully on the Panasonic KX-P1124i DM printer and the Tandy DWP 230 Daisy Wheel.
AVERY.ZIP66399Jun 20 1989Various printing utilites for printing on Avery labels.
BARCD101.ZIP50812Feb 1 1994MS Windows postal service barcode envelope/label printer.
BARCODE.ZIP12164Apr 21 1987Barcode Label Program for Dot Matrix Printers.
BAR_T141.ZIP122115Mar 7 1990Bar Tender v1.41 TSR bar code printing utility.
BCTEXT.ZIP34127Jun 24 1992Text basic bar code program works on all printers.
BOTH35.ZIP77133Jan 14 1991Print on both sides of paper.
BOTH350.ZIP23124Aug 15 1989Prints on Both Sides of Paper.
BRAD2.ZIP134806Mar 19 1988Bradford printer font prog version 2. better, more versitile.
BRCODE30.ZIP26527Oct 12 1989Will print Bar Codes on Epson or other dot matrix printer. Includes complete TP3.0+ source code.
BULKPRN.ZIP12581Aug 24 1986Prints multiple copies of text.
CASSLAB2.ZIP18769Jul 24 1988Easy to use cassette label maker (for audio cassettes).
CIP.ZIP3424Mar 30 1991Print PCX files on Panasonic Thermal Color Printer with C Source.
CITIZEN.ZIP3857Feb 23 1987Control codes for the Citizens MSP-10 printer.
CITOH.ZIP27224Jun 23 1986TSR set-ups for C. Itoh (applewriter) printer.
CM.ZIP2160Apr 22 1988Universal COM port/printer control utility.
CODE39.ZIP8708May 6 1988Demonstrates the CODE 39 barcode symbology and will print CODE 39 barcodes on Epson/IBM Graphic printers as well as the HP LaserJet.
COHORT1.ZIP32686Jan 2 1986TSR Printer Util. Customize for any printer, favorite setup,etc.
COLPR21.ZIP38113Jun 26 1994ColPrint v2.1 - Shareware printer utility which prints newspaper style columns of text. Supports up to three columns of text per page. Works with many dot matrix, DeskJet, and laser printers. Includes word wrap program. Re
COLUMN.ZIP33001Jan 8 1988Formats data records into columns for printing.
COPYHEAD.ZIP7266May 2 1992Add file name, date, time & size to hard copy.
COUNTPGS.ZIP12807Jun 26 1988COUNTPGS will analyze your text files and tell you how many pages it will take when printed, how long the lines are, and how many lines on each page.
CPRINT44.ZIP29500Sep 24 1986Simple ASCII text file printer. Prints text files fully formatted.
CRAM-V21.ZIP18774Dec 31 1990Format text files into multiple columns and tiny print, etc.
CRAMIT.ZIP19821Aug 28 1988Crams up to 6pages of text onto 1 printed page. Great for listings, and works with any Epson printer.
CTLABEL.ZIP22678Jun 5 1988Good program for creating audio cassette labels with printer.
D5W31V5.ZIP666786Aug 24 1994HP printer drivers for 500/500c deskjets, plus others.
DBLPAGE.ZIP11639Sep 24 1987Print both sides of paper.
DESKJETZ.ZIP1846May 24 1988Various setup programs for the DeskJet Printer. Emulate a line printer.
DI01.ZIP39491Apr 3 1991DiskInsert 0.1 - Prints a floppy disks directory out on a PostScript printer. Printout can be cut out and inserted in the disk sleeve.
DI03.ZIP37515Aug 1 1992DiskInsert v0.3, prints a disk's dir on a PostScript printer so that it can be cut out and inserted in the disk's sleeve.
DIRP.ZIP1290Feb 25 1987Prints filenames and extensions in the current directory in condensed mode narrow enough to affix to a 3.5" Disk.
DJ-CS.ZIP5082Jan 6 1991Listing of all files related to the HP Deskjet on the HP Compuserve forum, plus press release info on the Deskjet 500.
DJ-CS2.ZIP8401Jan 8 1991More files from Compuserve related to the HP Deskjet, +, and 500.
DJ-INK2.ZIP7735Nov 18 1990More information on re-inking HP Deskjet cartridges.
DJ-REINK.ZIP18684Jan 6 1991Information about re-inking the HP Deskjet series of ink cartridges.
DJ500.ZIP14115Oct 31 1990Printer control program for the HP Deskjet 500.
DJ500C-1.ZIP1085013Mar 11 1992HP Deskjet 500C color demo program, also works well with the HP-550C.
DJ500C-2.ZIP1092923Mar 11 1992HP color demo program disk 2 of 2.
DJLL.ZIP22220Nov 1 1989This utility allows you to print files in "landscape" mode using a highly readable compressed font on your HP DeskJet printer -- without requiring a Landscape cartridge.
DJPM10.ZIP32101Apr 29 1990DeskJet Print Magic prints 2,3,4, or 6 pages per physical page on a Deskjet. Very good shareware limited to 22k files before registration.
DJSQUASH.ZIP7749Apr 6 1989Compresses data going to a HP Datajet. Good filter example with source.
DJTOOLS.ZIP56386Oct 27 1989Download LaserJet fonts to DeskJet.
DJWIN3.ZIP142753Oct 29 1990Latest Windows 3 driver for the Hewlett Packard Deskjet, +, and 500.
DL47.ZIP89484Jan 22 1993DaLabeler makes it quick and easy to prepare printed labels for diskettes.
DMP205.ZIP52701Feb 10 1991This is the latest version of the best and most versatile print spooler around. Latest revision adds a hot key to flush print buffers, prior added greater printer control.
DOCPRINT.ZIP10104Jan 1 1980Print text files to screen or printer. TP 5.0+ source included.
DOCPRN.ZIP72058Jan 26 1991DocPRINT is a program the formats and prints *.DOC files you get with ShareWare Programs. Saves paper.
DOCSM332.ZIP73704Sep 15 1990DocSmash V3.32 prints 4 pages in one with ability to configure for many other printers than default Epson including HP Laser.
DOSGRAPH.ZIP1303Jan 22 1991Use DOS 4.01's GRAPHICS.COM on DOS 3.30 machines to get EGA & VGA screen dumps. Text file explains how to PATCH 4.01's GRAPHICS.COM using DEBUG.
DSII405.ZIP142037Aug 28 1992August 1992 version of popular print spooler.
DSKJTSET.ZIP1846May 24 1988Send printer codes to HP Deskjet.
EGASCN.ZIP11599Jul 27 1986EGA print screen routines. TSR allows you to print EGA graphics to Epson and Tandy DMP printers. ASM source included.
ENVELOP.ZIP59775Nov 15 1990Envelope Maker 3.1 is an easy to use, full feature envelope printing application that makes the job of printing envelopes a breeze.
ENVMKR34.ZIP66027Sep 30 1992ENVELOPE MAKER V3.4 - Fully featured application that makes the job of printing envelopes a breeze. It runs on all IBM PS2, PC, PC/XT, AT and compatable computers. Supports EPSON or IBM compatable dot matrix + HPLJ.
EPLQFNTS.ZIP118996Mar 31 1988Incredible assorment of fonts for Epson LQ Printers.
EU.ZIP15384Jan 17 1987Epson Printer Utilities.
FAN-FX.ZIP26961Nov 17 1989Epson FX printer utility, will allow you to easily set your Epson to ANY type of print. Will send over 50 commands!.
FAXCOV20.ZIP35151Feb 15 1990Faxcover is a simple, fast, easy-to-use program that will print out snappy-looking personalized facsimile cover sheets for you on any Epson-compatible dot matrix printer, or Epson's GQ-3500 laser printer.
FAXTOP.ZIP39413Mar 13 1989Quickly create a cover sheet for fax.
FF.ZIP553Feb 23 1987Very useful, send form feed to printer.
FFDOS.ZIP681May 10 1990Send an FF (form-feed) to the printer from DOS. Handy for printing multiple fies in a batch file. Includes ASM source code.
FILL100A.ZIP65789Nov 12 1990FillIt! is a software package that enables the user to fill specific forms using a printer.
FNP20.ZIP43153Jun 25 1992Printer utility - format and print documents, quite nice.
FNTEMPL.ZIP41439Nov 26 1987Function Key template generator and printer for 101 key enhanced keyboards.
FONTED.ZIP89780May 29 1990Font Editor lets you create and alter fonts for EPSON and EPSON-compatible 24 dot matrix LQ-printers.
FORMFEED.ZIP1289Oct 31 1988TSR - Send Formfeed to Printer.
FRMFIT30.ZIP116748Feb 19 1988Formfit! allows you to quickly fill out preprinted forms using your computer's printer.
FSLABL22.ZIP40905May 16 1991FSlabeler is a Deskjet/Laserjet disk label printer. Will read and print the disk directory.
FXMAST33.ZIP16963Jul 17 1988Good routine to setup your Epson FX series printer.
GIF2EPSN.ZIP13377Sep 7 1988Allows .GIF format files to be dumped to any Epson printer.
GIFTOPS.ZIP30724Aug 5 1990Prints GIFs on a PostScript printer, or converts to EPS.
GOTHIC.ZIP8711Sep 3 1985Lets your printer print in Gothic.
GRAB6-1.ZIP245587Mar 18 1991Grab Plus Version 6. TSR which grabs address off the screen and prints an envelope, including return address. Now includes style sheets for ease in changing configurations, and WinGrab which works within Windows 3.0.
GRAB6-2.ZIP161643Mar 18 1991Grab Plus Version 6. Part 2 of 2.
HARDCOPY.ZIP11590Jan 13 1988Prints selected pages from ASCII file with borders and fonts.
HP4PAGE.ZIP5723Feb 15 1990Allows user to print four pages on a single page using the Deskjet printer. Includes TP 4.0+ source code.
HPGL2PS.ZIP88696Mar 6 1991Utility for printing HPGL plotter files on a Postscript Printer. Includes C source code.
HPPRINT.ZIP8875Sep 17 1987Source code print program for hp thinkjet.
IBM4201.ZIP9676Mar 28 1987IBM4201 is a program for the IBM 4201 Proprinter that demonstrates the capability to change the print mode, the page size, the character set, the typefont, and other items.
IMGPRT15.ZIP81857Aug 3 1988LQ printing for Epson FX series printers.
IMPRT4A.ZIP189621Oct 31 1990IMAGEPRINT allows you to produce high quality printing on your standard IBM or Epson or compatible dot matrix printer. Part 1 of 2.
IMPRT4B.ZIP188452Oct 31 1990ImagePrint Version 4.0. Part 2 of 2.
INKJET13.ZIP65736Nov 14 1992Shows how to refill the ink cartridge used in HP Deskjet Printers.
INKJET20.ZIP149127May 1 1993HP Inkjet tools. Collection of useful programs.
KWIKLBL6.ZIP85605Aug 24 1992KWIKLBL V2.4A. A very nice label maker.
KXP.ZIP28582Jul 29 1991KXP Version 1.0 - Controller program for Panasonic KXP-1124 printers.
LBL410.ZIP29892May 15 1989Prints label w/title line/diskette contents.
LBL532.ZIP52786Sep 25 1993LABELER v5.32 - An easy way to quickly print diskette labels. Supports Laser/DeskJet Printers.
LDV10A.ZIP53377Jan 24 1992LabelDisk V1.0a By Anthony K. Hedrick, Great little Disk Label Printing Program. Supports both printers with 1/72" increments and 1/60" increments.
LP.ZIP2480Feb 11 1989SET, not SWAP printer assignments. Great for use in batch files.
LPRINT30.ZIP14589Jan 30 1992Takes ASCII files and prints to a PostScript printer. Has options to change font, orientation, and scale.
LPT2DSK.ZIP7011Oct 3 1986Redirect printer output to a file.
LPTBUF.ZIP4192Mar 29 1993Utility to add buffer to LPT port.
LPTX700.ZIP30628Oct 19 1987Good Printer Redirection to a file.
LPTX800.ZIP11158Sep 27 1990Re-route LPT1: to a file.
LPTX80A.ZIP11132Jun 22 1992Re-route LPT1: to a file. Same as LPTx800 except this file has 40K buffer.
LPTZ.ZIP17076Mar 3 1990Sharware Program to Redirect LPT to Disk File.
LQ235.ZIP202516Dec 15 1990Get 24 "Letter Quality" fonts from your Epson dot-matrix. Slow, but looks great. Version 2.35.
LQ800A.ZIP29789Aug 14 1986Menu control for EPSON LQ800 printer.
LQCHR122.ZIP16213Oct 3 1989Font Editor for Epson LQ compatable printers.
LQFONT.ZIP101259Aug 20 1986Several fonts for the Epson LQ & NEC P5/6/7 printers. Also create own.
LQMATRIX.ZIP136978Feb 24 1990LQMATRIX is a matrix program that permits you design user created characters, store them in a file, and download them to the Epson LQ family of 24 dot matrix printers.
LTRSW.ZIP11205Nov 15 1987Use to address envelopes with epson printer.
MCRTXT30.ZIP66813Jun 19 1989Prints two to four pages on one sheet using a HP Laser Jet. Great, saves lots of paper.
MICROPRT.ZIP5114Mar 12 1986Makes your printer print very, very small. Neat!.
MICROTXT.ZIP95423Jun 28 1992MicroText 4.5. Prints four pages on each sheet of paper. For Laserjet, Epson, etc. DOS. Direct from Ososoft (author's board).
MODESW.ZIP5227Nov 13 1985Modesw.arc - redirect LPT1--> LPT2 and/or COM1-->COM2 W/SOURCE(ASSY).
MP30.ZIP20380Oct 9 1986Excellent printer font selecter.
MPM-PR22.ZIP67743Jul 29 1987All 240 IBM Char. on an Epson - no V/H line breaks - good prog.
MPP.ZIP25259Nov 5 1987Multiple Pass Printer (MPP) is a program which allows you to create documents with darker than normal print.
MPRINT30.ZIP35066Jun 16 1988General printer utility.
MRLABEL5.ZIP110448Jul 20 1990MR. LABEL is a dedicated labeling program that's loaded with features. It works with all dot-matrix and laser printers.
MRPRINT2.ZIP49154Aug 7 1988Turbo Pascal Memory Resident Printer Utility - Any Dot Matrix Printer.
MSPOOL2.ZIP4278Dec 28 1985Great multiple printer spooler.
MTXT49.ZIP88791Mar 21 1990Microtext 4.0. Squeezes 4 pages of text onto 1 page. Works with 9-pin, 24-pin, and laser printers. Includes graphics page preview.
NECP5.ZIP1596Sep 27 1986Control Epson LQ1500 or NEC Pinwriter priters by menu.
NECSW2DR.ZIP2412Sep 20 1990Windows 3.0 drivers for NEC Silentwriter2 printers.
NERN4.ZIP15027Apr 9 1988"The Worlds Best" TSR EPSON printer control program. Or so it says.
NEUTECH.ZIP12975Dec 21 1985Nice printer font generator for epsons and compat. invisable to programs.
NOPRTSC.ZIP2927Jan 10 1986Disable Print Screen button.
NPRT_V23.ZIP39385Feb 9 1992NPRINT - Line Printer Utility - Great Line Printer Utility With Over 30 Options.
NUEPSON.ZIP8956Jan 22 1986NU-EPSON is a TSR printer controller that pop's up for you any time you need to set your Epson printer.
NX-1000.ZIP15782Jun 24 1989Star NX-1000 multi-font printer control program.
OKIDATA.ZIP2726Aug 25 1987Printer control for an oki.
OKILASDR.ZIP16806Sep 20 1990Updated Windows 3.0 driver for Okidata Laser printers 820 and 840.
ONSID103.ZIP101893Feb 17 1990Onside version 1.03. Very nice sideways printing program with fonts.
P270.ZIP41090Feb 6 1988Super Print Utility v2.70.
P4PS11.ZIP53320Jun 1 1991PostScript Print Utility to list multiple pages on one including booklet.
PACK_V10.ZIP25685May 14 1992PACKET - This program will allow the user to make 5.25 and 3.5 jackets for their disks. There are a lot of features & options - A Must Have.
PAGEIT.ZIP15173Aug 6 1990PageIt is used when text files must be printed in "booklet" form. This program is a "pre-processor" to the printing process.
PAN.ZIP13305Aug 28 1990Panasonic printer setup menu with many options.
PANASON4.ZIP24030Mar 26 1988Printer commands for Panasonic Printers.
PANEMUL.ZIP6868Dec 30 1989PanEmul is a short menu-driven program that sends printer mode (emulation) codes to Panasonic KX-P1x9x printers.
PANP1124.ZIP37575Mar 2 1989Panasonic KX-P1124 control programs w/doc.
PANSET.ZIP12213Aug 12 1989Very nice printer setup utility for a Panasonic KX-P1124. Full Turbo Pascal 5.0+ source code is included.
PARALLEL.ZIP4371Sep 2 1986This document details the RS232 parallel printer ports of the IBM-PC. Also includes C source that returns parrallel port status.
PC2PS11.ZIP35652May 17 1991Convert IBM character set text files to postscript printer files.
PCP.ZIP12012Jan 26 1989TSR printer control program - allows setting of Bold, Underline, etc.
PCP1.ZIP11984Jul 19 1990Simple program that will configure printer from DOS. Includes C source code, and sample configuration file.
PCPS533.ZIP23372Nov 8 1991A utility to print text files from a PC onto a Postscript laser printer.
PCTOCT.ZIP6361Jun 13 1989Print screen routine that will print both text and graphics to your local printer. With ASM and C source.
PDSW.ZIP4640Jul 15 1987Public domain Sideways with Assembly source.
PERFSKIP.ZIP1122Oct 12 1984Utility that will skip the perforation when printing.
PF20A.ZIP20870Jun 27 1992PrintFile 2.0. Major upgrade to the small, free file printer. Added over a dozen new options. Now it's the BEST file printer. Try it and see.
PICLET.ZIP67959Aug 23 1991PICLET was designed to create booklet style catalogues of all your .EPS (encapsulated PostScript) art files.
PMENU332.ZIP22408Mar 26 1988Epson printer pop-up. Includes NLQ.
POST21.ZIP27225Apr 12 1989POST allows users of PC's to print ASCII files directly to PostScript printers from DOS.
POSTNT.ZIP11845Feb 23 1991Program to print Postal barcodes on envelopes. Also includes an excellent description of how the barcodes are generated.
POWCIT15.ZIP43313May 5 1991Citizen 200Gx Printer setup program with disk labels and many features.
POWPAN20.ZIP133210Jan 10 1992Power Printer 2.0 for the KX-P1124 Panasonic printer. A unique utility designed to access thousands of font possibilities, print address labels, floppy labels envelopes and more. IBM and Epson versions. Supports mouse.
PP17A.ZIP12820Mar 17 1987Page Printer V 1.7A.
PPKXPI20.ZIP139012Jan 11 1992Power Printer for the KXP1124i Panasonic printer. Takes advantage of thousands of font and size possibilities. Prints address & floppy labels. Addresses envelopes & more! Supports mouse. Easy menu system.
PPP.ZIP21070Jul 20 1988Programmable Printer Popup.
PPRINT55.ZIP100795Nov 22 1991Patriquin's PRINT version 5.5. Excellent printer utility.
PRBGI097.ZIP333144Dec 15 1992BGI driver for dot matrix and laser printers.
PRCONF13.ZIP60098Feb 16 1990Generic printer configurator version 1.3. Can run from command line or batch files. Customizable for all printers.
PREPRINT.ZIP11354Sep 30 1987When run before printing a text file, it reports the number of pages and time required to print. It will also recommend a pitch setting.
PREPS111.ZIP18407Jan 8 1993Send ANY commands to Epson compatible printers via the command line. 70+ built-in commands, plus the ability to create and store your own.
PRGL124.ZIP103231Apr 26 1992PrintGL prints an HP-GL (Hewlett-Packard Graphics Language - HP 7475 subset) plotfile on a dot-matrix printer, or laser printer.
PRIN30.ZIP18742Jun 18 1991Reformats text in memory as it prints. Wraps lines, numbers pages, filters out embedded formfeeds, prints user specified lines per page, line length, margin, & more.
PRINDIR9.ZIP29084Oct 12 1993Version 9.0 of PRINDIR. A TSR printer re-direction system. Re-direct printer output to a COM or LPT port, or the screen. Supports conventional, expanded, and extended memory.
PRINT109.ZIP48128Jul 6 1990Updated Text File Printer and Formatter. Now has font download ability and output redirection.
PRINTC.ZIP24687Feb 16 1992Prints program source code with user defined tab settings. Ensures printer is attached and online before printing. Allows printing subprograms from project files & can be used to print multiple ASCII docs.
PRINTDIR.ZIP34210Jul 11 1991Prints sorted listing of any directory.
PRINTSCR.ZIP2507Jun 14 1988This program lets you print any part of the screen.
PRINT_IT.ZIP66657Feb 3 19882 printer utils.-for.char.sets & remote cntrl.
PRISMSET.ZIP36163Mar 3 1993Set up PRISM 80 and 132 printers.
PRMASTER.ZIP4392Apr 19 1989Small TSR pop-up control menu for sending printer control codes.
PRN2FILE.ZIP13259Nov 16 1987Re-route printer output to file. Good for screen dump & print progs.
PRN2FL.ZIP2608Jul 22 1989Redirects printer output to a file. Handy for those without printers.
PRNCHK.ZIP4979Sep 12 1989Utility to check if your printer is online. With C source.
PRNGL126.ZIP106588Sep 21 1992Use dot-matrix printer to emulate an HP plotter.
PRNLAB.ZIP11641Aug 15 1985Program to print diskette labels on a 3.5 inch disk label.
PRNPL691.ZIP68220Feb 10 1994PRINTPLUS V6.91. Tag and print, copy, move, delete files. View files. Pull down menus. Option to save paper. Print select pages. Adjustable margins. Preview # of pages. Now adds laser support.
PRNTIT61.ZIP46131May 12 1992Print It Version 6.1 - specifically designed to print ASCII files without printing over the perforation strip.
PRNTST11.ZIP5919Sep 18 1991Print Test v1.1. Tests the status of your parallel port. Performs direct hardware interrogations, and works regardless of device redirection (i.e., mapped network device). Includes MASM source.
PROFONTS.ZIP28938Jun 12 1986Download Fonts to ProPrinter (Italics etc).
PROLBL.ZIP80744Feb 25 1989Label printing program-v.good.
PROPR111.ZIP17773Jan 8 1993Send ANY commands to IBM Proprinter compatibles via the command line. 50+ built-in commands, plus the ability to create and store your own.
PROSET35.ZIP24581Mar 24 1988Proprinter setup program.
PROTEXT.ZIP3961Jan 1 1980A Good Proportional Spacer Program for Juki 6000 Printers (a rarity).
PRSETUP.ZIP34387Jul 4 1992Printer setup programs for Panasonic P1180, NEC P2200XE, & Laserjet II. Turbo Pascal source code included.
PRSWAP.ZIP1053Apr 20 1987Substitutes printable characters for graphics characters to printer.
PRT256.ZIP2310Jan 1 1987Allows you to print all graaphics characters on Epson.
PRTFSET.ZIP3530Oct 27 1987Set printer escape codes for any computer.
PRTGF112.ZIP218759May 31 1994View/print .GIF pictures - supports many video cards & printers.
PRTLABEL.ZIP70380Mar 30 1989Creates all kinds of labels.
PRTSET42.ZIP42879Nov 24 1989Creates a COM file that will send printer control codes directly to a printer. Makes changing settings easy.
PRTSTAT.ZIP1135Mar 15 1988Check printer status from BAT file.
PSFONTS.ZIP1144Dec 14 1992Postscript file to show all fonts in printer.
PSJACK20.ZIP44413Sep 20 1992PS Jacket v2.0 - print disk jackets using New Printshop graphics.
PSP24.ZIP12291Nov 1 1992PSPrint v2.4, prints text file on a PostScript printer from the DOS command line. Print up to 220 lines per page. Shareware from Bob's Software.
PSPOOL.ZIP20486Mar 8 1985IBM compatible 64k spooler small but nice.
PSPS10.ZIP4490Feb 13 1992PSPS Version 1.0 - A PostScript PrintScreen Utility.
PSPVDO.ZIP10970Oct 25 1992Extract ASCII text from PostScript file.
PSTEXT.ZIP9478Nov 13 1992Convert an ASCII file to Postscript. Allows you to change font size, print two pages of text on one printed page, print landscape and more. A shar file.
PSX200.ZIP67545Apr 24 1991PSX is a PostScript Soft Font Downloader that supports PostScript Type 1, Type 3, and Bitstream QEM formats.
PS_MAGIC.ZIP489756Oct 7 1990A shareware postscript interpreter. PostScript Magic version 2.0.
PTALK305.ZIP12963Jul 22 1988Terminate-Stay-Resident Epson Printer Control Program.
PWRPRN15.ZIP43085May 5 1991Power Printer Epson LQ version with disk labels and other features.
PWRPRT15.ZIP43085May 5 1991Power Printer for Epson LQ850/950/1050 and other Epson LQs with disk labels and many other features.
QDLBL13.ZIP45071Nov 20 1990Quick Diskette Label 1.3. Prints disk labels on your printer.
QLABEL.ZIP18217Oct 21 1991A program that prints 1 across labels. This does not do unique mailing labels, but it is good for printing recurring labels (like shipper numbers or anything else that does not change from label to label). Includes TP so
QP.ZIP9369Jan 18 1988Background printing program.
QP11.ZIP33080Oct 3 1988Print 4 pages on one 8 x 11 page.
QP275.ZIP37751Nov 3 1991QuickPrint 2.75. An ASCII text print and view utility. Adds formfeeds as needed to unformatted documents. Prints multiple documents. Great for printing source code.
QPRINT.ZIP22282Sep 2 1993QPrint is a Windows 3.1 app that allows you to quickly and easily print ASCII text files. Fast, efficient, drag & drop support, and configurable.
REPRINT.ZIP6693Oct 29 1986Redirects printer output to a file. Execellent.
RESBAROM.ZIP1851Nov 5 1990Postscript printer resolution tester.
ROD-FX.ZIP13546Aug 29 1987NEW Pop-Up FX printer controller..
SCR2FILE.ZIP9356May 19 1990Save a tree, print screen dump to a disk file. Memory resident.
SCRNDUMP.ZIP3725Aug 12 1986A replacement for GRAPHICS.COM for EGA/CGA/Hercules screen dumps to Epson/ Prowriter/Okidata dot matrix printers.
SETMSP.ZIP1595Jan 1 2001NERN3 TSR print utility-modified for Citizen MSP printers.
SETNLQ.ZIP3213Dec 15 1987TSR util to set NLQ 324c color printers from Printers Plus.
SETPRN.ZIP5824Mar 10 1991SETPRN provides an easy method of setting printer parameters from the DOS command level or a batch file.
SETUP.ZIP1423Jun 26 1986Send Printer Control from popup.
SIDEPRNT.ZIP12365Jul 5 1986A sideways clone, prints printer output sideways.
SIDESCRN.ZIP2905Aug 10 1986Tsr - Print a Screen Sideways.
SIDEWAYG.ZIP12707Nov 24 1985PD Sideways print program with patch to include graphics characters.
SKIP106.ZIP167338May 12 1994SKIP v1.06 Label Utility by ETS. Address Label Program. Print (Laser) labels, postcards, and business cards.
SMALLDOC.ZIP43350Mar 13 1987Allows Printing of ASCII file in 5x8 format on your D/M Printer.
SPOOL.ZIP3555Dec 4 1986Simple but effective print spooler; unbusies your comp while you print.
SPOOLER3.ZIP1688Apr 20 1986Great variable printer spooler.
SPS20.ZIP7498May 2 1987Selective Print Screen version 2.0 - selectively print lines on screen.
STAR1000.ZIP6513Feb 13 1990Star 1000 is a memory resident set-up utility for the Star NX-1000 printer.
STARFIX1.ZIP3846Apr 25 1986Fixes Star Line Spacing to IBM Graphics.
STIKME10.ZIP46546Nov 13 1987Very nice printed labels program. Prints on labels of any type.
STRIPPRT.ZIP38965Aug 20 1994TSR Removes text strings from printer output stream.
SWAPLPTS.ZIP610Oct 25 1985Swaps LPT ports (From LPT1 To LPT2 or back).
TESTGRAP.ZIP920Nov 19 1985Test compatibility w/ IBM graphics printer.
TEXT2PS.ZIP20369Feb 20 1989Convert text files to Postscript for printing. Includes C source code.
TINY.ZIP880Aug 19 1987Cram a lot of words onto on page on your Epson compatible.
TINYLST.ZIP13491Jul 4 1987Print 150 lines per page.
TOSHIBA.ZIP15105Jul 9 1985Control the printer settings of your P351 Toshiba printer and comp.
TPRINT.ZIP160186Oct 30 1991Tempra Print Pro demo from Mathematica.
TWOSIDE.ZIP9321Nov 3 1985Prog to Print on BOTH sides of Paper.
TYPE14.ZIP24801Jun 15 1987Turn your printer into typewriter.
UBAR.ZIP27217Apr 26 1993UnderBar v2.2 : a TSR (memory-resident) program which prints an 11-digit Delivery Point Bar Code under any address which ends in a ZIP+4 code. Epson, LaserJet & IBM ProPrinter.
VARIPRNT.ZIP2507Jun 14 1988Print what you want, works great.
VGAPRN.ZIP51565Jun 12 1988Converts ANY viewable 320x200x256 color VGA pic or VGACAD pic to 7 dithering shades for EPSON and IBM compatible printers, and prints graphic image with corrected aspect ratios.
VGAPRTSC.ZIP4644Feb 24 1989Print your VGA (640x480) screen to printer.
VPRINT5.ZIP14402Mar 23 1988VPRINT implements a "virtual printer" by capturing output normally sent to your printer or COM port and redirecting it to a file of your chosing.
VPRNT500.ZIP14402Mar 23 1988Virtual printer - print to file.
VSPOOL.ZIP13134Mar 12 1989Excellent print spooler that will service up to three printers at once.
WUNBAR41.ZIP27857Feb 10 1993A program which lets you print POSTNET bar codes wherever you want them: mailing labels, letters, envelopes, etc.
XPRT.ZIP28965May 8 1987Printer spooler.
XPS12.ZIP7331Mar 29 1988Extended print screen utility.
YNPRTSCR.ZIP4024Jul 1 1989A TSR that prompts user BEFORE doing a Print Screen.