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Cram a lot of words onto on page on your Epson compatible.
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Cram a lot of words onto on page on your Epson compatible.
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TINY.COM is a printer set-up program for Epson compatible printers. It
sets the printer to condensed print and uses a combination of
sub/superscripts and reduced line spacing to cram a tremendous amount of
text of a small amount of paper. A favorite with my students for the
preparation of crib sheets for my exams (I allow a one page crib sheet).

I suggest that if you have an epson compatible printer, try running TINY.COM
and then running my Super Directory program (SD.COM) with the printer
option. For example:

TINY Runs TINY and sets the printer
SD /P Lists the current directory to printer

The resulting directory listing can easily be trimmed to fit inside a disk

NOTE: You will have to reset the printer to get it out of the state that
TINY sets up. A good excuse to try EPSONSET or you can simply switch the
printer off and back on to do it.

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